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Sending a promotion letter is a very important part of the way an organization functions. This letter is generated to make employees aware of their new post, assign responsibilities and congratulate them for this achievement.

Here are the tips and samples of promotion announcement letter to send the employee; you can also inform your employee about increased salary.

Promotion Letter Download Template (Doc and PDF)

Promotion Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format

The details of the current job and the new position are included.

This letter should inspire the employee who receives it.

It should have a formal and professional tone.

Promotion Letter Sample Promotion Letter

to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.

____________ (Name and address of the recipient)

________________ (Date on which the letter was written

Subject: Promotion to the Post of ____________ (new post)

Dear Mr/Ms. _______ (name of the recipient)

It is my pleasure to inform you that you have been chosen to perform the duties of the ______________( new post), starting _____________(date of assuming new post). This decision was in response to you application to the post sent on ______________ (date of application)

The board has considered you suitable for this post following your commendable performance in the interview. You will be handing over the responsibilities of your current position to ______________( name of per son taking over) before ___________ (date)

With this new position, your CTC has been increased to Rs. __________(new CTC per annum) . The HR department will be able to give you a break up of this CTC.

Please understand that this is a position that you have earned based on your merit and your contribution to our organization. We have complete faith in your abilities to execute the responsibilities as the ___________ (new post).

Congratulations on this achievement and we wish you all success in the following years.

Subject: Promotion to the Post of Senior Editor

It is my pleasure to inform you that you have been chosen to perform the duties of the Senior Editor, starting September 1st 2013. This decision was in response to you application to the post sent on 12th July 2013.

The board has considered you suitable for this post following your commendable performance in the interview. You will be handing over the responsibilities of your current position to Mr. Chandran before 31st August 2013.

With this new position, your CTC has been increased to R. 4,50,000 p.a. The HR department will be able to give you a break up of this CTC.

Please understand that this is a position that you have earned based on your merit and your contribution to our organization. We have complete faith in your abilities to execute the responsibilities as the Senior Editor, Congratulations on this achievement and we wish you all success in the following years.

A Promotion is something that every employee thrives for and works towards. But it is NOT something that is every employees right. It comes only to those considered deserving by the employer. The organization hierarchical structure is explained to an employee when s/he joins the organization. This is a mandate governed by HR to show the growth path to an employee that s/he can achieve in the organization.

This is in continuation to your application for the internal job posting for the post of ______________ (designation) and your subsequent interview with our Board of Directors.

We are extremely pleased to inform you that the Board has considered you suitable for the post. You have therefore been promoted to ____________ (new designation) with effect from______________ (date).

You are requested to please hand over charge of ______________ (previous designation) to Ms/Mr _____________ (name of person taking over) latest by ___________ (date).

By becoming the ______________ (new designation) your CTC will now be Rs.____________ (per annum). Please contact the HR department for a break up of the CTC.

Congratulations on your achievement and we wish you all the very best in the coming years.

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Theyre pushing for new legislation to require better monitoring into health problems related to burn pit exposure.

Are your electronic medical records secure? DoD IG says not necessarily.

How, and where, you can get schooled up while in service.

What education benefits you can use, what you can transfer, and how the process works.

Whats covered, whats changed, and how you can move from plan to plan.

Prime? Select? Overseas? Whatever your coverage needs, get up to speed.

Get up to speed with this popular benefits, available to veterans and active-duty members.

More than 1.5 million service members can make a major change to their retirement plan before the end of 2018.

Get up to speed on BAH before making your next move.

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PACOM gets a new name, an attack in Kabul and 82nd Airborne shows its might in todays Military Times Minute.

This is how the 82nd Airborne gets down to business

Why does the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan believe they should still be there?

Poland eyes American armored division and 26th MEU troubles

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Marketing Strategy Research Paper Stter

One of the ways that an organization can improve its return on investment for marketing is to base its marketing activities on a well-considered, empirically-based strategy for its unique situation. Among the factors that should be considered in the development of this strategy are the assets and skills possessed by the organization, the drivers of the particular market, the nature of the competition, the stage of the life cycle of the industry or market, and any strategic windows that affect the organizations ability to successfully compete in the marketplace. Marketing strategies tend to focus on providing lower cost products or services than or differentiating their offerings from those of their competition, or by focusing on a market niche. Two examples of industries that have had to change their marketing strategies in response to the changing demands of the marketplace include the automotive industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

Build a better mousetrap, the saying goes, and the world will beat a path to your door. However, as all too many established businesses with new products, entrepreneurs with better mousetraps, and Internet hopefuls have found through bitter experience, if the world does not know that the new mousetrap is, indeed, better or that it is available, it is unlikely that a path will be beaten to ones door. Further, marketing is much more than getting the world out. Both our snail mail and e-mail boxes tend to overflow with advertisements for products we may or may not want, most of which are unsolicited. To send out a flyer announcing ones better mousetrap is unlikely to bring one the success desired. In addition, different types of products require different marketing strategies. For example, an advertisement for a new walker is much more likely to yield positive results if placed in the AARP Magazine (which has a target audience of people 50 years of age and older) than in Seventeen Magazine. Similarly, readers of Sports Illustrated are more likely to pay attention to an advertisement for sporting goods than are readers of Ladies Home Journal. In each of these examples, the cited marketing effort is probably doomed to failure because it is not reaching potential buyers. Further, many businesses find that a single approach to marketing is insufficient for attracting customers. Even if an advertisement is placed in an appropriate magazine, for example, it is unlikely to reach other potential customers who do not read that magazine. Part of successfully marketing a product is to determine the target market that one wishes to reach and then determine the right marketing mix to get the target market to purchase ones goods or services.

To improve the return on investment that an organization receives from its marketing efforts, it needs to develop a marketing strategy. This is a plan of action to help the organization reach its goals and objectives. A good business strategy is based on the rigorous analysis of empirical data, including market needs and trends, competitor capabilities and offerings, and the organizations resources and abilities.

Each organization needs to develop its own marketing plan based on a number of factors. Although there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy, there are a number of factors that should impact the development of a unique strategy for an organization or product line and the development of a concomitant strategic marketing plan (see Figure 1).

First, one needs to consider the assets and skills that the organization already possesses or that it can readily acquire. For example, if an organization has a significant engineering department, it would be feasible for it to work on new projects that require engineering skills. However, if these personnel are already involved in other work and are not free to work on a new engineering project and the organization cannot afford to hire additional engineers, starting a new hardware line would be inadvisable at best.

In addition, one needs to consider the market drivers when developing a marketing strategy. These are the various political, economic, sociocultural, and technological forces that may influence the wants and needs of the consumer base. For example, a technological force that has influenced the way that many people do business in recent years is information technology. Advances in this area have led to the need for businesses to be able to handle increasing volumes of information and data and the widespread use of information technology in many industries.

In addition to market drivers, another external factor that one must also take into account is the nature of the competition in the marketplace so as to determine whether or not a marketing effort will be successful. Even businesses that start as innovators in their field soon find themselves with competition. For example, when buying a computer, one may choose between a Mac and a PC. Similarly, most soft drinks on the market are manufactured by one of two companies that offer very similar products. There are also a variety of choices available when deciding where to fill up ones car, yet most of the fuels available at the pump are virtually the same. Each of the businesses within these industries has its own market position and strives to keep its market share through marketing efforts. Part of their strategic marketing efforts is to decide how best to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Another external factor that impacts how a business can best position oneself in the marketplace is the stage of the market or the industry life cycle. Some organizations excel as innovators, for example, being the first on the market with an innovation or new product. Other organizations excel at taking the innovation and adapting it to the needs of the marketplace (e.g., lower price, different features).

Further, there are often various strategic windows that can affect an organizations ability to successfully compete in the marketplace. These are limited time periods during which there is an optimal fit between the needs of the marketplace and the competencies of the organization. For example, advances in computer technology have been accompanied by advances in data storage methods; although cassette tapes for data backup were innovative in their time, that time has passed. A new type of tape backup for home computers would be unlikely to meet success because the strategic window for that type of device (and type of home computer) has passed.

Once goals and objectives have been set, most businesses develop a competitive strategy to help them meet these goals and to increase competitive advantage. The three basic approaches for developing a competitive strategy are to focus on:

Although there are generic approaches to developing marketing strategies, in order to be successful, a businesss strategy needs to revolve around the nature of competition in the marketplace, stage of the market or industry life cycle, impact of market drivers, assets and skills that the organization possesses or can readily acquire, opening and closing of strategic windows, as well as other factors regarding the nature of the product or service being marketed. For example, if two companies are competing in the marketplace to sell virtually identical items, they will more than likely need different competitive strategies. One of the companies may have a longer track record for the excellence of its products or customer service while the other company may offer the product at a substantially lower price. Each marketing strategy, therefore, would be…

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What objectives should a marketing plan…

Your marketing plan should include both strategic objectives and more immediate implementation strategies. A strategic objective is a long term goal, such as increasing your share of the United…

What role does a Marketing Information System (MIS) and market research play in a companys…

Marketing Information System (M.I.S) is a term that refers to the technology tools and infrastructure an organization has in place that assist in making informed marketing decisions. Such marketing…

What are some of the ways a product/service could be marketed using push/pull strategies?

The type of brand positioning or how a product or service is marketed and sold is entirely depending on the features of that particular product or service. Included in the marketing mix for a…

How would a marketing manager for a corporate brand apply the four functions of the marketing…

The marketing process consists of the strategy of segmenting, targeting, positioning and differentiating the product, service or brand. The function of the marketing manager in this process…

The use of a SWOT analysis is a common method of comparing internal and external factors that…

The SWOT acronym stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. It consists of internal factors (strengths and weaknesses) and external factors (threats and opportunities) that may…

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Army Pay and Promotions

The Army Pay and Promotions section helps you understand military compensation as well as promotion opportunities.

The Army either provides lodging or by paying Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for those residing in civilian quarters.

Basic Allowance for Subsistence – BAS rates 2013

Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) offsets the cost of meals for soldiers (not for family members). Learn about BAS and current BAS rates for 2013.

Army Enlisted Ranks and Promotion Requirements

The Army tends to promote enlisted soldiers faster (sometimes much faster) than the other military services. Learn about Army enlisted ranks and promotion requirements here.

Army Advanced Enlistment / Early Enlisted Promotions

Many individuals joining the Army qualify to enter service at a higher rank immediately. Learn how you can qualify for early promotion here.

Army Officer Ranks and Promotion Requirements

Learn about the Army Officer ranks and promotion requirements here. Officer promotions do not vary significantly between the services.

Army Warrant Officer Ranks and Promotion Timeline

Warrant Officers are the tactical and technical experts in the Army. Learn their roles and responsibilities as well as the warrant officer promotion timeline.

Check back often as we frequently add high quality content. m was newly established in late August of 2010 so were just getting started!

US Army eyeing fake diplomas

Search the list of diploma-mill buyersreleased by the U.S. Department of Justice.

The U.S. Army is investigating soldiers who bought degrees from an illegal diploma mill that was based in Spokane and resulted in prison time for its operators.

Its also warning soldiers to be wary of phony diploma schemes when they sign up for education and tuition assistance.

The Armys Human Resources Command is using a list of customers of the diploma mill operated by Dixie and Steve Randock obtained and posted online last summer by The Spokesman-Review.

Were doing an inquiry into all of our records, Lt. Col. Richard McNorton, public affairs officer for the Human Resources Command headquarters in Alexandria, Va., said Friday. Its a very laborious process.

So far, the investigation has turned up about 25 soldiers in the Army, National Guard or Army Reserve who face discipline because they bought fake degrees, and in some cases fake transcripts, and used them to secure promotions, McNorton said. Others have been found who have fake degrees in their files but have since retired.

Retirees might face some administrative action, although the Armys authority is limited after a person retires, he said.

The investigation was triggered by a series of stories by a Huntsville, Ala., television station about diploma mill customers who worked at a local military base and weapons arsenal. Reporter Wendy Halloran of station WHNT asked the Human Resources Command about some Huntsville soldiers, and the office opened an investigation using the customer database compiled by the U.S. Justice Department in the case against the Randocks, McNorton said.

They also used The Spokesman-Reviews online version of the database, which lists customers alphabetically and by some e-mail addresses, including military e-mail addresses that end in .mil. But those were the low-hanging fruit, McNorton said, and the Human Resources Command quickly moved on to the full list.

The Armys investigation turned up one soldier who purchased eight degrees or certificates from the Randocks. Thurman Towry, a former guardsman and Army Reserve officer who submitted degrees to obtain promotions, faced administrative action short of a court-martial and opted to retire, McNorton said.

Obviously, with something like this, your career is completely over, he said.

The Army now is concentrating on anyone who obtained a degree from one of several fake institutions, including St. Regis University, which the Randocks created. That fake school prompted a civil suit against the Randocks when Regis University, a Jesuit-run institution in Denver, sued them for damaging the real schools reputation.

Regis University is accredited by the Army and is listed in a drop down box on a form that education officers fill out when a soldier is reporting a degree. Some soldiers who bought St. Regis degrees may have told the education officer that it was the same school as Regis and the form was filled out accordingly, McNorton said.

A college degree is not a requirement for promotion within the enlisted ranks, but it can be the factor that leads to advancements when two soldiers are equal in all other categories. It is a requirement for promotion in the officer ranks.

Each case will be investigated by the soldiers commanding unit to see what action is warranted. Some soldiers may have purchased a degree without completing any course work and submitted it to gain a promotion, knowing it was fake, McNorton said. Others may have supplied the diploma mill with transcripts from several other schools, along with a work history, and legitimately thought they were earning a degree. Not everybody is corrupt. Some may have just been dumb, he said.

The Human Resources Command is also concerned about soldiers, and the taxpayers, being swindled by diploma mills. The military pays soldiers to get more education but requires the education to be from accredited schools or the costs wont be reimbursed.

They could lose hundreds of dollars of their own money, McNorton said.

This week, the Army posted a buyer beware admonition about diploma mills on the Web site that helps soldiers sign up for education and tuition assistance. It advises soldiers to make sure a school is accredited and warns about punishment for entering a fraudulent degrees into personnel records.

Dont get caught with a bogus degree, advises Thursdays Tip of the Day from the Armys education Web site.

Staff writer Jim Camden can be reached at (509) 459-5461 or by e-mail .

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Starbucks bathroom policy could set unrealistic standard for small businesses

As Starbucks adopts an open bathroom policy, some local businesses may find it hard to meet growing expectations

Suspect identified in connection with Lewis and Clark High School threats; nearly 1,000 students stay home Wednesday

Ormsby pleads guilty to reckless driving in rollover crash

Tacomas population growing faster than Spokanes; Spokane Valley nearing 100,000

Post Street Bridges historic arches will remain amid construction

One hospitalized in Seattle following apartment fire on Spokanes lower South Hill

Felony charges expected against student accused of threatening to shoot up Lewis and Clark High Scho

Suspect identified in connection with Lewis and Clark High School threats; nearly 1,000 students sta

Driver arrested after running red light, causing three-car crash in north Spokane

Washington State outlines plan to balance athletics budget, reach $200,000 surplus by fiscal year 20

North Idaho College professor faces charges of felony video voyeurism

Health Promotion Operations

Periodic Publications and Surveillance Reports

Clinical Public Health & Epidemiology

Environmental Health Sciences and Engineering (EHSE)

Veterinary Service and Public Health Sanitation

The mission ofHealth Promotion Operationsis toassure the Community Health Promotion Council enhances Health of the Force through a community-driven public health planning process to enhance the quality of life for all Soldiers, Family Members, Retirees, and civilians.

Health Promotion OperationsDivision Strategic Mission

of theCommunity Health Promotion Council (CHPC) process through standardized evaluation.

on the CHPC process to installations without CHPC facilitators.

Support the Armys R2 strategy and AR 600-63.

CHPC Facilitators working with the installation Community Health Promotion Councils are dedicated toward thefull integration and execution of Army Regulation (AR) 600-63, Army Health Promotion, and R2 capabilities per HQDA OPERATION ORDER – ENDURING PERSONAL READINESS AND RESILIENCE, DTG 010421Z Dec 16 as a macro-level process that fosters organizational transformation across the enterprise.

Community Resource GuideThe Community Resource Guide provides contact information for a variety of health, wellness and quality of life services. It is a comprehensive inventory at the installation level.

Health Promotion Operations (HPO)Division ensures that the standards and the best practices learned by APHC at the local and organizational level are integrated across the enterprise. The Program Manager also ensures communication and information flow to and from APHC, IMCOM, FORSCOM and MEDCOM so that the local communities receive the benefit of evidence based public health practices and epidemiological assessment to ensure health promotion and wellness issues are scientifically addressed. This will optimize the operational readiness and success of our troops. The HPODivision provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to improvement of the health and resiliency of communities on all Army installations which is not only a good business practice, but a win-win for APHC and the total Army.

Manage Community Health Promotion Councils (CHPC) Chaired by Senior Commander, facilitated by the CHPC facilitator

Identify and assess community health and wellness needs for Command

Assess the strength and weakness of those programs

Develop Community Resource Guides by identifying existing resources

Develop health promotion programs and marketing plans

Evaluate programs using outcome based metrics resulting inevidenced based programming and allocation of resources.

Community Health Promotion Councils

The CHPC supports the health and resiliency of our Soldiers, Family Members and Civilians in the installation and tactical environments. Further, the CHPC facilitates and shapes the standardization of programs and processes to ensure that resource utilization is focused on improving the resiliency of the Total Army.

CHPCs elevate and prioritize public health status, targets and standards, ensure strategic integration of R2, and shift the paradigm from reaction to prevention.

CHPCs assure resources are clearly aligned to strategic goals, provide consistency in approach and accountability, and integrate health promotion into the operational environment.

The CHPC enhances organizational effectiveness and capacity to meet mission requirements through integration and coordination of health and wellness activities on Army installations. Strategic planning and coordinated approaches to problem solving ensure that goals, objectives and action plans are developed to address disparities in risks at the installation level.

The CHPC integratesactivities and disciplines that result in

Implementation of the full scope of AR 600-63 in the community

A multidisciplinary umbrella for the Suicide Prevention Task Force

A platform in which to address Sexual Assault Prevention

Coordinated interdisciplinary efforts throughout the entire Deployment Cycle Continuum

Programs addressing the Total Army including Soldiers, Family Members, DA Civilians, and Retirees.

Integration of service and programs in the Community Resource Guide

Family Member programs that support the Family Readiness Groups

Installation Data Analysis and evaluation that result in recommendations for resource allocation

The ability tointegrate Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness

A format to develop action plans for community specific health and wellness concerns

Provision of a standardized implementation plan as a blueprint to facilitate implementation

A framework in which to implement directives from the Ready and Resilient Campaign (R2C)

AR 600-63, Army Health Promotion Components

Suicide Prevention and Surveillance

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program

SHARP Sexual Harassment Assault Response and Prevention

Mailing Address:Army Public Health Center

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21010-5403

Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health.

Information on stress control, sexual assault, social work, suicide prevention and workplace violence.

Descriptions and updates on community resources, training and continuing education for health promotion coordinators and healthcare and fitness professionals involved in health promotion.

Oral fitness is essential for unit readiness. The best way to maintain oral fitness is to prevent dental disease from developing in the first place.

Information on the sleep, nutrition, and activity topics covered under the Performance Triad Campaign.

Explanation of how sleep is integral to good health, readiness and resiliency as part of the Performance Triad.

APHC headquarters company holds change of command ceremony

Science exchange encourages collaboration

Relaxation and recreation at Organization Day at U.S. Army Public Health Center

This Web site provides an introduction to the Army Public Health Center, a U.S. Army Medical Department organization. It is intended for interested members of the public, news media, and Army Medical Department professionals and beneficiaries.

How to Enable Messages on IMVU

Hackers can post inaccurate information on your business page.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

IMVU is a free online community where you can create your own avatar and homepage to chat and interact with your IMVU friends. Messaging is a feature that allows other IMVU members to leave you text notes from your IMVU homepage. If your messages are not enabled, you can change the messaging privileges from the Account Settings page at any time. IMVU also allows you to specify who can send you messages when you enable the feature.

Log in to your account on the IMVU webpage.

Click the Account Settings link in the top toolbar to navigate to your IMVU account settings.

Scroll down the Account Settings page to the Panel Visibility Settings section.

Select an option from the Leave Messages drop-down menu. If you want to allow everyone to write messages, select Everyone. You can also choose to only allow your friends or only members with an Access Pass account to leave messages.

Click the Update Preferences button to enable your new message settings.

Erin McManaway holds a B.A. in professional writing from Francis Marion University, where she earned the Richard B. Larsen Memorial Award for Business and Technical Writing. She has worked in materials development, media and information technology in the nonprofit sector since 2006. McManaway has also been a writer and editor since 2008.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

McManaway, Erin. How to Enable Messages on IMVU.

McManaway, Erin. (n.d.). How to Enable Messages on IMVU.

McManaway, Erin. How to Enable Messages on IMVU accessed May 31, 2018.

Note: Depending on which text editor youre pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.

The Best Ways to Send Message to Facebook Friends

How to Hide Your Name From Facebook Chat

How to Clear Facebook Chat on iPhone

How to Receive Online SMS Messages From a Phone

How to Troubleshoot iPhone SMS Problems

How to Remove a Google Chrome Tab Startup

How to Block Undesired Skype Messages

How to Check Voice Mail on Comcast Business

How to Change Facebook Messenger Settings

Sample Letter of Recommendation for an Internal Promotion

SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and TipsSample Letter of Recommendation for an Internal Promotion

Beyond helping someone get an initial hire, recommendation letters can also go a long way toward assistingsomeone with an internal promotion.Ifthe promotion involves moving into a position of leadership, then a great rec letter from a supervisor or colleague can be useful in showing that the candidates ready to move up.

In thissample reference, a supervisor recommends that a Customer Experience Advisor at a glasses company move into theposition of Team Lead. Read onto seehow the supervisor frames her letter.

Its my pleasure to provide this recommendation for Alex as she pursues the Customer Experience Team Lead position with Lark Lenses. As her supervisor on the customer service team for the past three years, Ive worked closely with Alex on a day-to-day basis. Im confident that Alex is ready to transition into a leadership position. Please allow me to give three examples of Alexs qualifications for this promotion.

First, Alex embodies our customer-centric philosophy and delivers an extraordinary shopping and ownership experience to our clients. She has impressed me with her warmth, wisdom, and kindness online, over the phone, and in person. A few months ago, for example, she spent an hour consoling a woman who was going through a tough time. The customer has since bought several glasses from us and referred friends and family members who have done the same. Alex builds strong relationships with customers and strengthens our business in the long term. Outstanding support is a cornerstone of our business model, and Alex consistently provides that service as a Customer Experience Advisor.

Second, Alex has an in-depth knowledge of our products and operating procedures. After three years on the support team, shes dealt with a variety of issues and understands the day-to-day operations and big picture aims of our business. She can solve problems fast and has introduced several new initiatives for improvement. Recently, she began working on a new framework to facilitate communication between the support team and the product team. Alex is improving the delivery of case notes from support representatives to product designers. She uses her in-depth knowledge to drive innovation.

Third, Alex has shown leadership skills throughout her time with Lark Lenses. Her colleagues recognize her as an expert in all things support, and they often go to her with questions. In the past year, shes helped with the onboarding of several new employees, assisting with training and checking in weekly to discuss their progress. Since new employee onboarding will be a large part of her role as Customer Experience Team Lead, Alex has already proven her capability in this arena. I know that she has her colleagues support in stepping into the role of team leader.

Alex has proven her expertise in customer relations time and time again, and she is ready to move into a position of team leadership. She is capable, confident, and committed to our mission of extraordinary support. I look forward to seeing her in the position of Customer Experience Team Lead with Lark Lenses. Thank you very much. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions.

Based onthis letter, Alex sounds like the kind of warm, understanding person who wouldnt judge you if you were shopping for eyeglasses for yourdog.

While you may write a letter for someone seeking external employment, you mightalso get tasked with producing a letter in support of an employee seeking an internal promotion. In this case, you should focus onwhy the candidate is the right person to move up in the company.How has she proven her capabilities in terms of both her professional skills and connections with her coworkers?

In this letter, Lucie Warby expresses her support for Alexs promotion from Customer Experience Adviser to Customer Experience Team Lead. Shefocuses on three main strengths:Alexs customer service, her knowledge and innovative ideas, and her leadership skills among her colleagues. Lucie discusses Alexs success as a support representative and the reasons shes ready to move into a position of leadership.

To give a few specifics, Lucie mentions Alexs supportive conversation with a distraught customer. She also talks about her project to deliver case notes from the support team to the design team. Finally,shementionshow Alex has helped train new employees, a responsibility that would be a large part of her job as team lead. From Lucies portrayal, its clear that Alex hasalready started to move beyond the parameters of her current job and take on a leadership role.

As a supervisor within the same company, Lucies high opinion of Alexs work would hold a lot of weight. She knows the company andcan speak realistically to Alexs fit with the new position.By stating that Alex already has the support of her team, Lucie further proves that Alex could be the right choice for Customer Experience Team Lead. This letter uses strong, positive language and specific examples to support Alex as she applies for an internal promotion with Lark Lenses.

Ready for another sample?Check out thisletter written by a supervisor for a student intern!

Are you looking for even more samples of recommendation letters for jobs?Head over to our main article foreight more samples and tips on how to write great referenceletters.

Rebecca graduated with her Masters in Adolescent Counseling from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has years of teaching and college counseling experience and is passionate about helping students achieve their goals and improve their well-being. She graduated magna cum laude from Tufts University and scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT.

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Army Promotion Quotes

Thank you! Dont forget to confirm subscription in your email.

The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office.

Agriculture is not crop production as popular belief holds – its the production of food and fiber from the worlds land and waters. Without agriculture it is not possible to have a city, stock market, banks, university, church or army. Agriculture is the foundation of civilization and any stable economy.

I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.

Oddly, the military world is one of great sameness. There is an orderly quality to life on an army base, and even the children of the military are brought up with that sense of order and sameness.

The true basis of morality is utility; that is, the adaptation of our actions to the promotion of the general welfare and happiness; the endeavour so to rule our lives that we may serve and bless mankind.

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Letters of promotion are a kind ofAcknowledgment Letterand are very useful to a HR department, as they require such letters very frequently along with Appointment Letters, given how people are constantly moving among the company ranks after joining it. These templates need only be slightly altered and they become ready for sending out to the concerned party, thereby saving the department a lot of time and making it more efficient.

This sample announcement letter of employee promotion would be great for you when you are about to send a letter to an employee announcing the news of his promotion to a senior position in your company.

This job promotion letter would be helpful for you when you are about to inform an employee regarding his promotion to a senior position in your office on the basis of his application for internal job posting.

This sample announce promotion letter offers you the right choice of wording and letter format when you are going to notify an employee about his latest promotion in your company.

If you are looking to appeal to your companys MD regarding a hike in salary & promotion based on your continuous dedicated service and recent appraisal from your team head, this template would be your guide.

If you are looking for a right sample promotion letter that will offer you the most professional format to announce the news of promotion of an employee in your office, this template would be great for you.

The word promotion holds great significance in marketing and businesses often offer promotional gifts to target niche for an effective advertisement of their brand. While announcing the promotional offers, many companies and stores often come up with a promotional letter where they officially notify the customers about their latest discounts. Such promotional letters are often launched as mark of special celebrations by the company- say, 10th anniversary.

A promotional letter is a formal affair and hence you have to be really flawless with promotion letter word format- whether you are writing it for your hiring manager or boss or your employee or your customers. If you are writing such a letter for the first time, its natural that you would be on the lookout of ideas and this is where the promotion letter templates come up as a handy aide. You get readymade promotion letters here with professional layout and wording. These are editable pieces and you would simply have to download and customize them with your specific data. Thanks to these templates, you wont need to write up the entire thing from scratch.

Whether its the Vice-President being asked to take over as President, or a Manager being promoted to Senior Manager, there are templates bearing the layouts of letters covering a range of promotions. However, the letters can also be changed easily, for the full satisfaction of the user. Changes include grammatical modifications in the language, structural alterations to the body of the letter, etc. You can alsoappointment letters.

A promotion in the career is what every employee looks forward to. Do you think you have an opportunity of a splendid promotion in your office lately? Well, then, dont miss the chance and make the most of the opportunity with a professional promotion letter.

Promotional letters can be of various types. The first one is where an employee finds an opportunity of promotion and being confident of his skills & experiences writes a letter of promotion to the hiring manager. It could be that your company has offered an ad for that senior post or the person holding the post has just retired or left the company, as per your knowledge.

Another promotion letter iscongratulatory letterof promotion where the company authority notifies and congratulates the particular employee chosen for the promotion. Then, you have a different type of promotion letter where the employee just promoted writes a letter thanking his boss for the great opportunity. Such a letter also mentions that he would be committed to the new responsibilities bestowed upon him.

Customize fonts as per the users requirements.

Include additional data in the form of graphs and tables.

Alter the subject and address at will. Even the body of the letter, if need be.

Download for free from the internet as samples that can be easily stored and from which extra copies can be made.

A true professional promotion letter would have the main message of the letter in the first paragraph only- whether you are applying for promotion or congratulating an employee who has recently been promoted.

While applying for a promotion, you must put forward your achievements confidently & succinctly. Back your data with specifics & explain how your committed efforts have benefited the company. For example, you can write since my joining I have raised your sales by 50%.

If you are writing a promotionacceptance letterthanking your boss for the high, you should mention that you are grateful for being considered for such an esteemed position- and that you would religiously strive to meet up the duties and expectations with complete dedication & loyalty.

Its good to follow a fun & friendly tone while your store is announcing promotional offers through a letter to the customers.

The promotional offers must convey a rounded figure, like 15% or 20%

Make sure you are eligible enough for the senior post while requesting a promotion

Never brag about yourself in your promotion application

No grammar mistakes or misspelled words

If you are looking for the best and most professional promotion letters that can help with graceful promotion announcement wording, come to us at .

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