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The world of advertising is moving fast and changing faster. Especially in the number one marketing media resource ofpromotional products. After three decades, we fully understand the challenges our distributor partners and their customers face day-in, day-out business. Whether its event marketing display table covers to outdoor advertising flags, tents and banners or restaurant and medical uniforms including logo apparel aprons, you name it-at the end of the day, you need aUSA manufactureryou can trust. Someone who can make your life easier by deliveringquality products, competitive pricing, knowledgeable service, and on-time delivery.

Aprons Etc.has developed its newFast and Free product lineto satisfy several important and growing demands from our distributor partners…

Quick in-hands customer delivery time without costly freight/shipping fees.

Through principles of LeanManufacturing(J.I.T), new streamline production methods provide better delivery schedules, lower costs and improved product quality.

For Products in theFast & Free lineYoull know when your order will arrive, the total billing costs (including FREE shipping) with a high quality event display item to your customer!

FAST-(5) business days IN-HANDS from ordering to customer delivery! Shipping to one location anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

FREE-Shipping / Freight charges to any (1) U.S. or Canada location. (Inquire for pricing to delivery locations in other countries.)

ASI PPAI SAGEPromotional ProductDistributorsplease Click Here to log-in directly through your customer portal for secure access

If your company is not connected with a promotional products distributor partner Click to Search your area and ask for the Aprons Etc. supplier line under ASI 36558 / PPAI 110868.

Aprons, Etc. will connect you with our Ad Specialty Consultants to assist you with all of your promotional product needs if required please request help to:

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