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The sportsbook(which is the same company/site as is currently the 2nd most popular sportsbook (in the US) and of course has good deposit and signup bonuses.  In the last few years I noticed that they frequently change their bonus/promo codes.  The bonuses seem to change with the start of every new sports season, major events (like the Super Bowl) and usually with playoffs.  I have noticed that the bonus is always bigger (usually 50% to $2500 instead of the standard 25% to $1000 bonus) at the start of football season..  Of course this isnt too important since everybody gets a 50% bonus on all their re-deposits, so the changing bonus only affects your initial deposit.

UPDATE:Unfortunately on May 18 2018, BetOnline reduced its max bonus from $2,500 to $1,000.  While $1,000 is still a much bigger bonus thenmost sportsbooks, 15x rollover is ridiculously high.Bovada bonus is only 5x rollover!The good news is this 15x rollover is only for the signup bonus.  The lifetime bonus stillONLY HAS A 6X BONUS!

BOL1000 50% up to $1,000 on FIRST deposit in July and then use the BOL1000 promo code on all additionally deposits forever.15x Rollover

LIFEBONUS 25% up to $1,000. This code is only used for all re-deposits, use the LIFEBONUS bonus code for your first deposit.6x Rollover

CRYPTOBET 50% up to $500 on your FIRST bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, DASH or Litecoin deposit and then use the CRYPTOBET code on all additionally deposits forever.14x Rollover

This BOL1000 promotional code will only work on FIRST deposits.  Both of the promo codes listed above have a $50 minimum deposit required.

Get a Lifetime BonusBonus Terms The Dirty Details

Read these very carefully sincemost sportsbook bonusescan be VERY strict.

There is now a 15x rollover requirement (was 10x before 5/18/18).

Rollover amount is [deposit + fees + bonus] multiplied by [required rollover]

Free play only works in the sportsbook

NO withdraws can be made for 30 days of receiving your bonus!

So the amount required to bet (rollover) will be 15x your bonus to keep your bonus money.  Lets run through some examples

Bonus Example 2  Maxing it Out

$45,000 in total betting is required

Check the BetOnline review pagefor the current details and our opinion of this popular Sportsbook.

Our Verdict of the Bonus

I really dislike the 10x rollover requirement on the first deposit when they have those occasional special 50% bonuses.  I guess it is relative The bigger the bonus, the harder it is to get it.  Smaller bonuses are easier and have less of a rollover but they are smaller!

The regular BetOnline first deposit bonus is usually a 25% bonus with a 6x rollover, then they increase their bonus to 50% and quietly increase the rollover to 10x and add a 30 day rule to earn the bonus. .  Seems a little sneaky, but overall the bonus is a really good option if you are going to be placing a good amount of bets at  Either way the BetOnline rollovers are a tad higher than most books, but so are their bonuses.  It will work if you are placing good size bets or want to use BOL as your main sportsbook.

The Best News All redeposit bonuses will earn a 25% bonus, withONLY A 6x ROLLOVERrequirement.  Only a few sportsbooks offer re-deposit bonuses (Youwager has the best reload bonus 15% bonus with only a 4.5x rollover).

What is the rollover amount for the bitcoin bonus?

Same deal: no withdrawls for 30 days after getting this bonus.

PLUS you must use any existing freeplays that you already have BEFORE claiming the bitcoin bonus

Can you withdrawl after 30 days without meeting the rollover requirements?

Yes, but you wont be able to withdraw the bonus amount (since you did not earn it by meeting the rollover requirements).

The best thing to do is not take a bonus. I never do. If you take two bonuses then the roll over requirment is stacked on top of the previous one. They want you to do the bonuses because it ensures that you will keep playing and leave the money in the account. Also, I am 95% sure that playing poker will not count towards the roll over so if poker is your game then stay away from the bonuses.

I used to do the bonuses, took a break from playing for a while and then when i decided to deposit again I talked with them before I did and said I dont want to deposit unless they took away my current roll over requirments and they did.

Im pretty sure you also have the second example wrong as well. $6000 in total betting is not the right answer for a 6x rollover.

4000 deposit + 1000 bonus = 5000 x6 rollover = $30,000 before a withdrawal can occur

You are absolutely correct sir. Page updated Thanks!

How much bonus will i get if i make a $200 deposit to play poker. I am new and do not know much about it Id like to know more about betonline poker before making any deposits

Your description of the ROLLOVER BONUS requirement is MISLEADING and INACCURATE

Minimum rollover requirement is defined as [deposit + fees + bonus] multiplied by [required rollover].

Example $500+$150=$625 the ROLLOVER requirement is 6x=$3750 not $750 as you state!

Yore 100% correct. I mistyped and missed that damn 3!

Page Updated and thanks for pointing out my error 🙂

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