Marketing Strategy Statement

A marketing strategy statement is a document which puts down the basic plan of how to meet the marketing goals of a company in terms of sale of products and expansion of business. Thus it should be created with acumen and sound technical resources so that a reasonable and acceptable marketing plan can be secured conforming to the marketing norms.

Marketing Strategy Statement for Sun Shades Promotion Project

Name of the company: Sun Birla Group

Marketing strategy statement powered by: Allie Askew, Marketing Department

Marketing strategy statement submitted on: 9thJuly, 2011

Marketing strategy statement written for: This blueprint will be at disposal of all the employees involved with the project so that the steps provided here can be referred to whenever there is an encumbrance.

Benefits: The statement will aid in a speedy process of execution of marketing actions which will benefit the company in achieving its target within the deadline.

Strategy statement 1: The marketing channels and franchises have to be informed beforehand about the launch of the new line of shades so that the retailing outlets can plan their sale strategies accordingly.

Strategy statement 2: Billboards and placards holding the advertisement of the product range has to be created and put up one week before the launch in order to raise awareness about the product in the market.

Strategy statement 3: A promotional event has to be planned on a convenient date and at a convenient location where a celebrity has to be invited to endorse the product and increase its appeal among the target customers.

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