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The Newseum defends its sales of MAGA and fake news t-shirts, saying that it champions both a free press and free speech

If youre looking to stock up on the famous red hats that bear Donald Trumps favorite slogan, look no further than the Newseums gift shop.

The Exhibits Honor Journalism; the Gift Shop Sells Fake News

Just in: @Newseum spokesperson defends Fake News t shirt, tells me Fake news is a word that is in our popular culture now and this is intended to be a satirical rebuke and appears in our store with T-shirts that include a variety of other tounge-in-cheek sayings….

People Are Furious at the Newseum for Selling Fake News T-Shirts. The Newseums Defense Is Making Things Even Worse.

Newseum Starts Selling MAGA Hats, Fake News Merch, Drawing Outrage: Disturbing

A You Are Fake News t-shirt costs $19.97, at an institution that is literally exists to to increase public understanding of the importance of a free press and the First Amendment. /AcgrriHTwK

I dont want to give money to the Newseum but I kind of want one of those shirts

So *youre saying that a building that has the First Amendment etched in stone outside the building should not be selling T-Shirts with certain kinds of speech on them?

Given that the @Newseum screened a fraudulent documentary about Sergei Magnitsky, introduced by newest 9/11 Truther Sy Hersh, Id say the satire was at its own expense.

I wonder if @Newseum will ever exhibit the shovel used to dig this hole

D.C.s Journalism Museum Is Selling Fake News T-Shirts

This t-shirt doesnt belong anywhere. It particularly doesnt belong at the @Newseum, a place that celebrates journalism and has the First Amendment etched in stone outside its building.

[email protected] has a memorial to journalists killed while reporting. So why are they selling fake news shirts? Its one thing to sell political paraphernalia … its another to promote a phrase authoritarian regimes around the world use to stop a free press

All the merchandise in our store goes through a vetting process. Of course, were well aware of the political temperature in the country, but we will continue to be a non-partisan organization that champions the rights of all to free speech.

Well, thanks for the support there, @Newseum

Worse than embarrassing. Calling real journalism fake news is not some harmless joke; it is a deeply serious effort to undermine the value of truth and facts and replace them with mere loyalty to leaders.

Problematically, they have no other political merchandise according to story. Makes it feel like they endorse a candidate or political party. Also wonder if they have really thought this through in terms of mission. Disappointing to me. Antithesis of what they claim to stand for

The Newseum comes under fire for selling MAGA and fake news merch

Im baffled why the Newseum would sell political merchandise, but Im infuriated that it, of all places, would sell fake news shirts.

Selling MAGA hats is in line with pretty much every gift shop in D.C. today, but youd think a museum dedicated to the free press wouldnt sell You are very fake news shirts that mimic the logo font of a network the president regularly attacks

If theres a better stand-in for this era of newspaper strangulation through debt, mismanagement and utter tone deafness than the Newseum, I havent found it yet

Danielle Alberti /@daniellealberti:

What the hell, Newseum. Your Journalists Memorial takes on a very different tone when your gift shop sells merchandise that promotes violence against journalists.

Federal judge orders intelligence agencies to answer BuzzFeed questions about the Steele dossier, rules BuzzFeed seeks already publicly discussed information

A federal judge on Friday ordered intelligence agencies to formally respond to a BuzzFeed subpoena seeking details about their awareness

Comey Must Testify About Handling of Steele Dossier for Reason You May Not Have Expected

In court filing, NRA says it may be forced to close NRATV since its been unable to get media liability insurance due to pressure from Cuomo on insurance firms

The National Rifle Association typically portrays itself as an indomitable force. But an ongoing court case has the gun group taking inventory of its wounds.

The Daily BeastMother JonesRolling StoneFortuneThe HillThe IndependentMother JonesTalking Points MemoThe IndependentNew York PostSplinterThe WeekandMediaite

Did Alleged Russian Spy Maria Butina Cause a Leadership Shake-up at the NRA?

The NRA Says Its in Deep Financial Trouble, May Be Unable to Exist

NRA Claims Deep Financial Trouble May Soon Put It Out of Business

NRA alleges financial difficulties in New York lawsuit

NRA has major financial issues – but could it really collapse?

NRA Says It Could Soon Go Broke in New Court Filing

Nicole Lafond /Talking Points Memo:

NRA In Financial Jeopardy, May Soon Be Unable To Exist

NRA is in deep financial trouble and may soon be unable to exist

NRA says its broke and on the verge of collapse

NRA Claims Its in Grave Financial Trouble, Could Soon Be Unable to Exist In Current Form

The NRA will be unable to exist due to financial losses, group argues in legal filing

NRA Claims it Might Soon Be Unable to Exist Due to Financial Trouble

Nielsen study: US adults now average almost six hours per day consuming video via live and time-shifted TV, apps or mobile sites, game consoles, and more

If youve been wondering why every major media platform has been doubling down on its video efforts in recent months, Nielsens new report has the answer.

nScreenMediaNielsen NewswirenScreenMediaBroadband TV NewsPCMagStreaming Media MagazineTvTechnologyVideoNuze AnalysisandMediaPost

Half US populations video lives not dominated by live TV

Time Flies: U.S. Adults Now Spend Nearly Half a Day Interacting with Media

CandW discuss live TVs non-dominance, Amazon on Comcast X1

Nielsen: nine out of 10 US adults use linear

Americans Spend Over 11 Hours Per Day Consuming Media

Troy Dreier /Streaming Media Magazine:

Americans Now Spend Nearly 6 Hours Per Day With Video: Nielsen

Linear TV Dominates Time Spent Watching Video: Nielsen

VideoNuze Podcast 430: Setting the Record Straight on Linear Viewing; Comcast Integrates Amazon Prime Video

Millennials Consumed By Media, But Boomers Even More

Good Media Group confirms it laid off more than 30 people from Upworthy/Good, citing an increasingly challenging media environment

Media layoffs pile up Viral news website Upworthy has laid off a significant chunk of its staff. More than 30 people

Upworthy just laid off 31 people. The question remains why.

Upworthy Slashes 31 Staffers, Editor in Chief and President Resign

In 2012, GOOD magazine infamously laid off most of its editorial staff for no reason: 2017, GOOD merged with Upworthy: week, GOOD laid off most of its editorial staff (again):

Upworthy editor steps down as owner Good Media Group culls 31 staff across titles in US

You Can Probably Believe What Happened Next After Viral Site Upworthy Laid Off Chunk Of Staff

Thank you for your leadership and support, @charlie_wilkie. ( Our CEO, who also resigned)

And some news from me. Please LMK if youre looking to hire some of these great, talented people. /wYvEkffyPU

Upworthys EIC, President Resign As Staff Is Cut

Upworthy/Good lays off almost entire editorial staff; EIC Liz Heron resigns, and cofounder Eli Pariser has resigned from board, plans to part ways with company

Im lucky to have worked with our EIC @lheron and will miss @kaludiasays, @ParkerMolloy @robbie_couch, @clareamurphy, @denisehlong, @missamandapell, @amyharvard_ , @MotherhoodnMore, @melissa_gilkey, and @AllyHirschlag so much. All of us are awesome and looking for work! Hire us!

I am one of them. After 3+ years, today was my last day at Upworthy. Please send positive vibes (and cool job opportunities!) my way.

Today at @upworthy and @good, many wonderful writers, editors, product/data, and growth experts were laid off, myself included. In my 2 years, we published systemic, solutions journalism driven by human compassion + connection. The work affected real change in the world.

SO MANY good people here, including Friend of the Pod @ParkerMolloy give them work if you have it!

A look at Bleacher Report-owned House of Highlights, a sports page on Instagram with 10M+ followers, as it tries to recreate its success on YouTube and Twitter

House of Highlights has steadily grown a strong community around young NBA fans to the tune of 10 million Instagram followers

Source: Hearst Chief Content Officer Joanna Coles to leave by the end of next week amid executive tensions

Joanna Coles, the chief content officer for publishing giant Hearst, is leaving the company, The Post has learned. Coles gave Hearst President and CEO Steve Swartz her resignation

Report: Joanna Coles to Leave Hearst

Hearst Chief Content Officer Joanna Coles Reported To Exit Publisher

Q&A with The Informations director of growth, Dan Krenitsyn, on his role, subscription models, and using Jessica Lessins Twitter account for promoted tweets

Dan started his career in finance and startups before he moved on to be the Director of Newsletters and Messaging at Buzzfeed.

Jonathan Randles /Wall Street Journal:

Judge rules Gawker Medias liquidation plan is limited to creditors, and defamation case against Deadspin freelancer can continue

Liability releases crafted during Gawker Medias bankruptcy wont shield author of 2016 Deadspin article A component of Gawker Medias liquidation plan

Paul Resnikoff /Digital Music News:

Paris-based music streaming company Deezer has raised $185M at a $1B+ valuation, bringing the total raised to $531M

Deezer has long lagged behind Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazons Music Unlimited offering, but maybe theres room for more. The Paris-based company announced today

BillboardArab NewsNew York TimesandVariety,

Deezer Raises $185M, Enters Partnership With Saudi Arabia-Based Rotana

Prince Alwaleed announces SR1bn deal with music streaming service Deezer

Freed From a Gilded Cage, a Famed Saudi Investor Returns to the Markets

Music Streaming Service Deezer Raises $185 Million

Group of Financial Times journalists email editorial staff to call on chief executive John Ridding to pay back part of his 2017 2.6M salary

A group of Financial Times journalists have called on chief executive John Ridding to hand back some of his 2.6m salary to reward all staff

Some FT reporters call on CEO Ridding to give back part of $3.4 million pay

Some FT reporters have complained about the CEOs pay

The top five online TV services in the US are owned by big corporations like Google and AT&T that can afford to lose money as they try to reach profitability

YouTube TV reportedly has 800,000 subscribers, but by paying $9 more for programming costs than the $40 it charges subscribers every month, it loses money.

Cord-cutter wars: Why Sling TV is losing steam as DirecTV Now gains

Mediagazer presents the days must-read media news on a single page.

The media business is in tumult: from the production side to the distribution side, new technologies are upending the industry. Keeping up with these changes is time-consuming, as essential media coverage is scattered across numerous web sites at any given moment.

Mediagazer simplifies this task by organizing the key coverage in one place. Weve combined sophisticated automated aggregation technologies with direct editorial input from knowledgeable human editors to present the one indispensable narrative of an industry in transition.

6hoursagoJonathan Randles / Wall Street Journal:

12hoursagoAlexandra Steigrad / New York Post:

12hoursagoPaul Resnikoff / Digital Music News:

Extend timeline13hoursagoCharlotte Tobitt / Press Gazette:

16hoursagoJordan Valinsky / CNNMoney:

19hoursagoJason Burke / The Guardian:

20hoursagoKeith J. Kelly / New York Post:

21hoursagoChristine Schmidt / Nieman Lab:

California Today Correspondent, SF

National Political Writer, DC

Healthcare Business Reporter, DC

Deputy Editor, WSJ Pro AI, NY

Digital Product Manager, CA

Policy Reporter – Canada, VA

AI and Robotics Reporter, MA

Equities Editor – Singapore

Trafficking & Slavery Editor, London

Technology Reporter: Social Media, SF/NJ

Business Reporter/Staff Writer, SF

Tech Editor, NY (preferred)

General Correspondent, London

Finance & Economics Writer, TX

Senior Editor – National Security, DC

Mediagazer River: reverse chronological MediagazerMediagazer Leaderboard: Mediagazers top sources

Stingray Digital Group of Canada announces bid to buy rival Music Choice, which has multiple owners including Comcast, Charter, Cox, and WarnerMedia, for $120M+Discussion:BillboardDiscussion:Marc Schneider /Billboard:Stingray Sends Music Choice a $120 Million Offer>

Todd Spangler /Variety:

Dish warns that the Univision blackout that began on June 30 may become permanent as the two companies fail to come to terms on a contract renewal+Discussion:Radio & Television Discussion:Adam Jacobson /Radio & Television Business Report:DISH Shares Soar As Q2 Results Beat StreetChuck Ross m:Dish Warns That Blackout of Broadcaster Could Become Permanent>

Jason Burke /The Guardian:

Zimbabwean riot police disperse journalists at defeated opposition leader Nelson Chamisas press conference; President Mnangagwa criticizes police action+Discussion:@ PressDiscussion:The Voice of America /@voanews:VIDEO: Chamisas lawyer at scene as riot police break up press conference Zimbabwe Police Try to Stop Opposition From Criticizing Vote @dwnews:Zimbabwean riot police have broken up a press conference held by opposition leader Nelson Chamisa. He refuses to accept the countrys election results. Heres how Zimbabwes elections spiraled into violence: Gabriele Steinhauser /@gksteinhauser:Police in riot gear just stormed into our hotel, where opposition leader Chamisa was about to do a press conference. zimbabwe Susan Njanji /@susannjanji:Zimbabwe riot police surround journalists who are preparing for a press conference by the opposition leader Chamisa, hours after the incumbent Mnangagwa was declared winner of hotly contested elections Jason Burke /@burke_jason:Extraordinary. Zimbabwe riot police forcefully disperse journalists waiting for defeated opposition candidate in hotel garden in central Harare. What a way to convince the world that the government is committed to reform. of Zimbabwe /@edmnangagwa:The scenes today at the Bronte Hotel have no place in our society and we are urgently investigating the matter to understand exactly what happened. Over the past nine months we have protected freedom of speech, of assembly and the right to criticise the government. (1/2)Associated Press:The Latest: Zimbabwe leader criticizes riot police action>

Keith J. Kelly /New York Post:

New York Daily News lays off five more staffers, bringing the total number of employees let go since July 23 to 98Earlier Picks:>


Time and the Texas Tribune form a three-month editorial partnership to cover the US-Mexico border starting August 3+Discussion:The Texas TribuneDiscussion:Emily Ramshaw /The Texas Tribune:T-Squared: Were partnering with TIME to cover the family separation crisis>

Christine Schmidt /Nieman Lab:

Q&A with researchers Fiona Morgan and Jay Hamilton on information needs of low-income communities, newspaper consolidation, and shrinking local news+Discussion:@anlabDiscussion:@adrienneleigh:This is the sort of thing we mean when we talk about how algorithms amplify existing structures of oppression. Shan Wang /@shansquared:The search engine results that a woman who has served time in jail and is from a low-income community will see, while hunting for jobs, will be vastly different than those found by a graduating college senior who is on LinkedIn (real scenarios below) @niemanlab:There is no Wirecutter for low-income individuals. Fiona Morgan and Jay Hamilton talk about their research into information ecosystems and the media market: >

John Haltiwanger /Business Insider:

In response to a question from CNNs Jim Acosta, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders refuses to say the press is not the enemy of the people+Discussion:The FederalistSWashington [email protected]:Rachel Stoltzfoos /The Federalist:WaPo Fact Check Excuses Vicious Harassment Of Sarah Huckabee SandersJennifer Kang /Splinter:Heres a Fox News Anchor Telling a White House Aide to Go on Offense Against the MediaKen Meyer /Mediaite:Matt Schlapp Gets Skewered on Twitter For Bogus Comparison of Trump-Obama Media OutrageMatt Schlapp /@mschlapp:Dear WH press corps where was the outrage when Obama had James Rosen monitored? Or when he said leading cable news station not real news?Susan Glasser /@sbg1:Still cannot believe this is the White House press secretary saying this. Been a professional journalist since 1990. Aside from DC the only other place I have lived is Russia, which is where the enemy of the people phrase comes from. It doesnt belong in the USA. Aaron Blake /Washington Post:Sarah Huckabee Sanders indicts the media on bogus, Trumped-up chargesSam Stein /@samstein:Was in the WH press corps during this and there was tremendous outrage Andrew Kaczynski /@kfile:There was widespread outrage among the press. The Obama administration never attempted to delegitimize the entire media and call them enemies of the country. Jay Rosen /@jayrosen_nyu:I think it would be smart for our journalists to try harder at believing it. Its kind of late in the game for astonished paralysis. The president and his aides are leading a hate movement against the press. You can say youre not at war, youre at work, but the movement is real. Connie Schultz /@connieschultz:I understand @sbg1s response, and agree with @jayrosen_nyus assessment. May the repeated jolts of astonishment keep us ever-vigilant, and energized for this First Amendment fight we did not start, but must surely win. Norm Eisen /@normeisen:I dont think the journalists in Russia, Hungary, Turkey and other democracies gone bad would agree with you David. @Acosta did the right thing. Aaron Blake /@aaronblake:In last 2 days, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has said media: -ruined bin Laden surveillance -called for her to be harassed -called for her to be choked -tasked Michelle Wolf with ridiculing her All of these are exaggerations or inventions. …Matt Schlapp /@mschlapp:Aaron I watched her answer. What I heard is she said CNN had people on who advocated those terrible things. And the WHCD was a disgrace.

Facebook says it is testing its dating product internally; sign-up screenshots show the feature calls for a separate profile as described at F8 in May

Q&A with Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney about why the Android version of Fortnite will be available exclusively on, bypassing the Google Play Store

Google in talks with Tencent, Inspur, and other local companies to offer Google cloud services in mainland China

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