New Superstar Member Mix-n-Match Badge Solitaire Gardens

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New Superstar Member Mix-n-Match Badge Solitaire Gardens

New Superstar Member Mix-n-Match Badge Solitaire Gardens

Pogo is offering a special to select Superstar Member accounts. It is offered via a pop-up that displays over your current Club Pogo page. Players have reported getting it upon logging in, while visiting the Clue episode store, while viewing Mix-n-Match badges, and other places. It offers youearly access to a Mix-n-Match badge:

If you are shown the pop-up, click on the green button to purchase it for 16 Gems. Thelast Mix-n-Match badge that was offered to Superstar Membersin April still hasnt become available to the general public.

Heres the badge and challenge:

Solitaire Gardens Master Gardener Badge

Unlock 151 Dirt Pile Cards (Dirt Pile cards start showing up Level 11 Part 1.)

At this point, its still unknown what requirements Pogo is using to determine Superstar Members.

Unfortunately, if your account isnt eligible by whatever standard Pogo has chosen for these types of promotions, you wont even see the offer (well, except you get to see it here), but since this is for early access to the badge,its likely the badge will be available to the general public eventually.

Did you get this offer? Let us know in a comment below.

Thanks to Blysse for sending in the news and the screenshot and Cheryl for sending in the requirements!

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Requirements for the badge are: Unlock 151 Dirt Pile Cards-Dirt Pile cards start showing up Level 11 Part 1.

Thanks, Cheryl, for posting that. I got the offer, but without knowing what the requirements were I didnt click the auto-purchase button.

got the offer this morning and yes purchased the badge. I never had a special offer before. The badge popped up when I went to my home page.

This is also the first time I have been offered a Superstar badge. In the past, despite having 10+ years in Club Pogo, nearly 3,000 badges, and what is probably $100s of dollars spent on gems, I never received an offer. I recently completed all of the Solitaire Gardens levels for both the English and Japanese gardens. Thus, I wonder if I received this offer because of having completed all of the levels. I am not ranked-out in any games, and I havent completed all the levels in most games, so perhaps that is why I never received a Superstar offer before now. It would be interesting to hear if others who have completed all four parts of Solitaire Gardens did or did not receive this latest offer.

I got the offer, but I always have, so I may not be the one that can answer this for you. But I have not started the Japanese garden, and wont until they fix the problem with the seeds. I am done with all 3 parts of the English garden though.

We all would love to know what the criteria is, but I dont think that Pogo will ever tell us.

I was wondering, did you recently pass up another criteria? Such as ranking out in so many games, achieving so many badges or completing so many albums?

I got it bt it will be a low going one for me.. i am doing level 11 over and over.. unless you win hand you do not get credit

It popped up on my screen this morning also

I was lucky to get it too and I agree, it will be along onebut I like the game!

Level 11 only has 4 cards. Does anyone know it another level has more then 4 I have not done a lot so proabaly need one thats not to far along. Thank You

I got the offer, still trying to decide if Im going to get the badge. Probably should since I know it will be a challenge of some sort pretty soon. Congrats to who ever got the offer, so sorry to who ever didnt. Happy Badge Day. Have a good week yall. Take care & God bless, Jst ღ(ˆ◡ˆ)ღ

It popped up for me but I didnt get it yet. There are 6 days and so many hours to claim so I might decide later in the week.

i didnt claim it the other day bc I had to re-up on my gems & also saw that I had 6days to claim itI bought more gems & now cant seem to get the pop up offer to buy it??? Ive logged in & outta pogo, used different im just like ughhhh, where is this offer??? I want this badge but guess I could wait til its released, just hate not jumping on the superstar offers thats allso if any1 knows where I can cash in on this offer, please let me knowgoing to ck the badge area but have a feeling it wont be in there.thanx!

The only way to claim it is when you get the pop up again. I got it again a couple of hours ago, so it will pop up again in time for you to get it.

Surprise, surprise another offer I havent received. So far I have not received a single Superstar Member promotion. I wish Pogo would let us know what qualifies you to being a superstar member. I guess 9 years on this name and another name 3 years before that and over 5,000 badges isnt enough.

I dont know about others that havent received these offers but it makes me feel very undervalued as a member, like being left out or penalised. I used to buy every single badge and album as soon as they were available, it is only in the last 6 months since losing my job that I have had to cut back on that, but I still purchase badges when I can afford to.

Im with you feeling unloved and unappreciated. Ive been a Club Member for 9 years, I never miss a weekly challenge, I spend moocho $$$$$ on gems to buy mini stuff, and I play on the site EVERY DAY. But Ive never once received any of those special gifts for Super Members. I really wish Pogo would tell us what qualifies one to be Super. They are truly hurting my feelings.

Same with me 12 year member have not been a superstar yet either.

Ditto Pogo is ignoring me too. I am switching my deodorant. 🙂

LOLOL love this you gave me a belly laugh! SS you didnt get it!

I got the offer when I first came online to Pogo. I went ahead and got the badge. I figured I would buy it sooner or later so might as well get it now. Now, getting it done is another story!

i went and got mine when i frist signed in with glad i had gems to get it can,t wait for the hot sales this friday glad to be a super star:)

As Im sure many of you know, Pogo currently has a glitch whereby if you earn some seeds and then close the game without spending the seeds you earned, the next time you open this game, yours beggining seeds will

1.__Start with a negative balance; or

2.__Revert back to your previous seed balance.

I purchased this M-n-M and at the beginning I had 19,629 seeds. When I stopped playing, I was at 104 of 151 dirt cards unlocked and I had earned 1,568 seeds. Before I exited the game, I spent 1,500 seeds which means my new seeds balance was 19,697 [ 19,629 + 68 ]. I closed the game and immediately re-opened it and my seed balance had reverted back to 19,629. My point being, if you are experiencing this glitch, please spend as many of the seeds you won as you can. Otherwise, you risk losing the seeds you won. BTW, please be advised this issue is being discussed and addressed by Pogos Answers HQ.

In closing, as posted above, English garden 1, level 11 is really easy in terms of earning this badge.

Luckily I did spend all the seeds I earned for a couple of days to perfect my English Garden. But when I logged in to start working on the Japanese Garden, my balance was -4,690 seeds. I dont intend to play to earn 4,690 seeds to get my balance back to zero, so that I can then make my garden. All I can say is that they better remove that negative number! (but frankly I dont know how they can adjust each and every players balance to make them correct).

I wish they would let us know what the challenge is when they present the gift. Im not sure I would have purchased it if I had known what it was. Just dont care for the game that much.

I got the offer and passed on it. Theres nothing special to me about buying a badge just to have it before some other players. If Pogo want to make me feel special, discount a badge or give a free mini, etc. Then I will feel special. 🙂

Amen! to you, Karen. You exactly expressed my sentiments. Because were deemed special we get to spend our money sooner, rather than later?

I sound silly, but this is the first time Ive ever been offered a Super Star offer so I got a little excited. Aside from that, I went ahead and purchased the badge because Solitaire Gardens is one of my favorite games. 🙂

Cool! I was finally able to get one of these.

Its offered me it on logging in, i didnt have enough gems at the time so needed to add gems, now i have where do i claim it as ive looked everywhere. Its a bit dumb to me sayiing 6 days 23 hours to claim it and not being possible, guess ive lost out.

You should get the pop up again tomorrow at some point. You can purchase it then.

Thanks Suz i sure hope youre right, what i shouldve done is open a second window added gems then proceeded with hindsight and will do in future if this happens again. I got the first super star badge but didnt know that it still hasnt been released over 3 months later.

Glad to know it will pop up again tomorrow.

Its the first one thats popped up for me.

This is the first time I wasnt given the Superstar offer. I havent been purchasing as many gems, so I dont know if that has anything to do with it. I probably would have purchased the badge since I like the game.

I am back in the Superstar Club. I did purchase a 1000 gem package last month and spent 1000 gems 🙁 And I need to buy another gem package for this weekends Member Appreciation sales. I did buy the badge, I did not want to get kicked out again for not taking their offer. I think Pogo has all the member names on ping pong balls in a bingo machine and it randomly spits out names.

Jay, you are just too funny!!!! 🙂 Im a Super Star again this time, and bought the badge, now I have play that game that I love so much! 🙂

i am not Superstar Club for this promotion. oh well lol

Well after feeling left out in the past, I finally got my first Superstar Member offer. Unfortunately I really dont care for this game and I have a ton of other badges to work on, so I will get this after it is released and goes on sale.

Was offered all the superstar offers in the past but wasnt offered todays.

I was offered and purchased this badge but the thing I am wondering is whether or not this badge and the Sweet Tooth badge from April will ever be released as a Mix and Magic badge at the deal of 8 or even 6 gems. Not sure if paying full price early is a Super Star deal.

Since it says early release Pogo will have to release it to all at some point. If they dont they will have some very unhappy members, myself included. I dont buy the early release badges, and I have received both offers.

I dont know what they will do with the Mix Magic, but it will probably work like any Scrabble or Sherlock Holmes MM. Those that cant play all 3 badges offered shouldnt play that day.

With that it mind, it probably was not a good purchase for you. Sorry!

Shocked to finally be a Superstar member first time. Passed on it as I only buy badges on sale and I dont like the game. Have done nothing different to finally get to be a Superstar I think it must be random as stated above. I still feel the same way this is a bad way to reward people, by making other people feel bad.

This Superstar Member deal is a bad, bad, bad idea on Pogos part. Having been a successful business owner in the past the idea is to keep your ENTIRE client base happy. When you start ignoring half of them it is a horrible business decision. Listening Pogo?

the biggest mistake I made was that I purchased this badge! I get 2 dig cards and only get credit for one!!

Japenese Garden Part 1 level 15 has 2-3 dig cards

English Garden, Part 1, Level 11 has 4 Dig Cards, you only get about 50 stars for completing the level, but it is an easy badge to finish. You can earn award badges if you spend the stars as soon as you go over 500.

The more cards in a level the more stars you earn. If you dont complete the level you still get a couple of stars. They add up.

I have lost stars, changing levels and gardens, and pogo can not or will not replace them and I stupidly purchased an additional weekly badge I didnt need and a bundle when it was lit up also, and did not receive compensation for them. I did however learn my lesson of hording when I lost millions of coins in Peggle Slots.

Have so much invested in Pogo, but it is my only vise. No more casinos or bingo, dont drink, and I havent smoked in 20 yrs, and sure cant afford to be a cougar. Also not a fan of these new apps like Pokemon. I can play at home when ever I feel well enough to.

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