Promotion and Transition Examinas

The New York State Department of Civil Service offers the opportunity to apply for these examinations on line. You may also apply for these examinations usingNYS-APP.

Continuous Recruitment Promotion Examinations

Applications for Continuous Recruitment examinations are accepted continuously, with no application deadline. Examinations are conducted for positions where there is an almost constant need for qualified individuals.

Tentative schedule of upcoming examinations.

NonRefundable ProcessingFee (Waiversavailable)

Archives & Records Management Specialist 3

Archives & Records Management Specialist 4

Archives & Records Management Specialist 5

Community Correction Representative 3

Construction Specifications Writer 2 (Architectural)

Developmental Disabilities Program Specialist 4

Environmental Conservation, Dept of

Public Health Specialist 3 (Environment)

Public Health Specialist 4 (Environment)

Standards Compliance Analyst 3 (Developmental Disabilities)

Supervising Offender Rehabilitation Coordinator

Corrections and Community Supervision, Dept of

Supervising Offender Rehabilitation Coordinator (ASAT)

Corrections and Community Supervision, Dept of

Utility Engineering Specialist 2 (Gas Pipeline Safety)

Utility Engineering Specialist 3 (Gas Pipeline Safety)

*Fee may cover applications for multiple examinations. See examination announcement for details.

This is to advise you of a change that the Department of Civil Service will be implementing with respect to the application filing period for State civil service examinations beginning in Fall 2012. The application filing period will be 30 days for all promotion, transition, and open-competitive examinations.

This change to the application filing period, along with on-line posting of examination announcements and automatic e-mail notification of newly issued examination announcements, allows the Department to maintain a timely, high quality application review and to improve the efficiency of its test production schedule, while ensuring candidates have a sufficient and reasonable time in which to file an application for an examination.

Applications must be submitted on-line or postmarked no later than the date indicated in theLast Date to Applycolumn.

You may obtain printed copies of our current announcements and applications (NYS-APP) fromNYS Civil Service Outreach & Information Centers.

Special test arrangements will be made for Saturday religious observers and persons with a disability. Our announcements are subject to amendment or cancellation without notice.

Do not copy them or post them to any other site, but link to the announcement or to this page instead.