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I ordered flowers online (easy, I thought) until the receipt came back with a problem: the order was to be delivered in a month, not the same day. The website said to click here to change order. I did, was informed my order could not be changed online (even though the delivery date was a month out). So I called, waited 5 minutes to get through to a live person, who listened and then said they couldnt hear me, and hung up. I called back, got another rep who wanted to spend 15 minutes telling me it was probably my fault; websites could be so confusing. I kept repeating dont talk anymore: just cancel the order and refund. (Enough already) Asked repeatedly for a supervisor. 90 minutes later got one; same questions! He FINALLY did as I asked and just canceled the order. Thank goodness. Too much of a hassle to go through when theres a problem with the order. Should be simpler.

The first time I ordered from was for a sick co-worker. They never received the flowers that were ordered so I had to contact them again to verify and they sent the flowers the following day. I told myself this could have been a one time issue. I decided to order again for my sisters 50th birthday. That first big milestone birthday that everyone celebrates.

I ordered a fruit bouquet, balloon and some chocolate covered cherries for same day delivery. I received my order confirmation and nothing else. I emailed customer service to ask if there were any issues and if I should use another company and of course, never received a response. Well lets just say, the order was not delivered and I was not notified that there was an issue.

The following morning, I called customer service and was informed that they didnt have a florist in the area that could deliver the order. WHY is that not something that could not have been shared with me the same day. They did tell me that they could get it delivered from their company via FedEx but of course that wouldnt be for a couple days. UUUHHHH NO! The birthday has already passed. So I cancel the order.

Why do you tell me that you will cancel the order for the full amount (I would hope so) and youll give me a $20 savings pass for my next order? THERE WILL BE NO NEXT ORDER. Ive given them multiple opportunities to get it right and they have not done that once! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE!

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Well, looks like I shouldve done my research before ordering from this company. As you can see from the attached pictures, the flowers delivered were not even close to what I ordered. The only pros I can think of for this company compared to the other reviews, and why they got two stars instead of one, is that the flowers werent dead and arrived on the day I asked. Victory, I guess?

I requested a delivery for my dad for Fathers Day on 6/15/18. This was to be delivered on 6/16/18… I called my dad on Fathers Day 6/17/18 at 2 pm… They never delivered the flowers!!! I called 1-800-Flowers… After speaking with 4 different agents who kept putting me on hold for 10-20 minutes at a time and then dropping my calls… I finally requested a supervisor who told me that they could deliver tomorrow for free… Are you kidding me!!! Fathers Day is over!!!

Then she said that one of the agents wrote down that I accepted this!!! I NEVER APPROVED THIS! She finally said she would refund me in full… $54 dollars. I told her the total was $57.97… She said she needs approval from her supervisors… She promised by end of business today this would be resolved… She never called back! I called PayPal and my account was charged $57.97… The same amount as invoice. I am now on the phone with… Yet another agent. I was told even if I receive the refund it wont show up for 30 business days!!

I ordered flowers for my daughters birthday. I paid an extra fee for same day delivery. I placed the order the night before so the florist could assemble and deliver first thing. Delivery was attempted at lunch time when the whole office was out to lunch and then a call was made to my daughters cell phone. She does not answer her cell unless she recognizes the number. The delivery person did not leave a message. Flowers were delivered LATE the next day. Emailed customer service. Got back a standard reply. I wanted names of supervisors – got back a form letter from the owner saying sorry. This company does not honor their 100% guarantee and could care less about their customers.

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I received an email that my flowers were being shipped, meanwhile I NEVER ORDERED any flowers! I didnt see a charge on my account but was confused as to how an order could be shipped without a charge and assumed I would be getting charged very shortly. So I called the company to make sure they would not charge me and explained I did not order these flowers and the rep told me she would have someone in the florist shop call me to rectify the situation. The rep never called and 2 days later the flowers were delivered to the recipient and I received an email confirming they were delivered. So I called back and told them I was never called by the florist and ask them why this was happening. They said they could not tell me but would have someone from the florist office contact me.

When I told her I had already been told that 2 days ago, she told me there was nothing she could do but message the florist and I should wait until they contacted me. When I asked a phone number where I could call them at, she told me they dont have a phone number. I asked if there was any other way I could contact them without having to wait so I could rectify this situation immediately, I was told there was absolutely no way for me to contact them and that I had to wait to be contacted. So I asked to speak to her supervisor who then proceeded to tell me the same thing.

So I asked who was over her in the chain of command because I absolutely was not going to wait for my card to be charged for these flowers I never ordered. She said she was the boss. I said, Theres no one above you? And she said, I am the boss. She kept repeating it. So I asked her if she was the owner of 1-800-Flowers and she just kept saying, I am the boss. Like what kind of response is that?!

My card is about to be charged almost $100 and theres nothing I can do and youre telling me theres absolutely no way to fix this immediately?! Thats crazy!! And she just kept saying she was sorry, but obviously youre not. There has to be someone with a phone in the florist office otherwise they wouldnt be calling me from it!!! Honestly I WILL ABSOLUTELY NEVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN!!! Garbage customer service! Horrible communication! Zero concern for their customers! Wish I could give 0 stars. Theyre not worth 1 star.

I will never use them again. I ordered a large bouquet to be delivered to the hospital for my aunt. The bouquet was not like the phone and had a lot less flowers in the one they delivered. I tried calling and then using the chat feature. I was told if they deliver a new bouquet then the florist will ask for the old one. Oh my gosh what the heck. So I said, Forget it. and will never order from them again. And not that it matters, but I just found my family after 48 years recently and this is not how I want her to remember her post-surgery.

I received flowers for Mothers Day that died in 3 days. Supposed to be guaranteed for 7 days. Was on phone with customer service with a rep who could barely speak or understand English. He was in Manila. After an hour he chose a plant as a replacement. Was supposed to process one for my mother in law as well who had same experience of flowers dying after 3 days. She never received hers and I received a little plant with delicate leaves that were crushed by styrofoam beads being smothered on top of it. Branches were broken and leaves broken off. (Small bonsai azalea plant) Very delicate. When I called back to report this and asked for plant to be picked up they said they would give me and my mother in law a credit for $40-60 dollars and gave me a reference number for both.

When I called back today and gave the reference number, there was no credit and was told they dont issue credit to the recipient. Even though that was what I was told on the previous call. Each call was over an hour with constantly being put on hold. I asked supervisor to pull last call and see exactly what was said. Lets see if I ever get a call back on this! I highly doubt it! They are a scam, they have no idea what they are doing! Totally frustrating experience. I have dealt with ProFlowers before and what a difference! If you want poor quality flowers, frustration and a waste of time make sure to deal with 1-800-Flowers! They dont care about their customers.

Flowers came with 2/3 of the branches broken. I called into customer service because I want to give them information and a chance to deliver better quality products and was told there is nothing they can do. The rep keeps saying that she is following policy… Odd that their policy is to sell broken bouquets.

I purchased flowers for my daughter on Mothers day. I will let the photos do most of the talking. When writing to the company, I was given a $20 credit (keep in mind the delivery charge eats most of that up) and when I gracefully declined because I wouldnt use it, someone else offered me one. I wouldnt recommend them to anyone, not even someone I didnt like.

I was shopping for flowers for Mothers Day. Found a lovely arrangement priced at $49. Unfortunately the website wont give you a total amount due until you enter all the delivery information including your credit card info. At that point most sites give you a prompt with the total amount due, the delivery date and asking if you want to confirm the order. Instead it said thank you for your order. The amount due was over $80 and delivery was scheduled for the day AFTER Mothers Day. I decided to cancel since I was merely checking my options and did not intend to actually place the order. I was told by customer service that the order was noncancellable. I explained the situation and was told there was nothing they could do.

I asked to speak with a supervisor and was placed on hold for over 45 minutes then the call dropped. I called back and while on hold received a call from customer service. They had left a message giving a name and number of someone who was trying to assist me. I called back asking to speak with this person and was told they did not have a direct extension and since my account was being worked on by someone else the person I was speaking with could not assist me. I was told the rep who was handling my account would call me in the next 24 hours. No one called me back.

When my mother had not received any delivery at the end of the scheduled day I assumed it had been resolved. Two days after Mothers Day, my mother called to thank me for the flowers and sent a picture of the flowers. It was nothing even close to what I had ordered and two days late. Also the blooms were wide open and would only last a couple of days. Over $80 for the wrong arrangement, that the blooms are already about dead and two days late. I have ordered flowers online many times and this is the worst experience I have ever had. Actually, its the worst experience I have had with any online order ever! I will NEVER use this company again.

I ordered flowers for my sisters birthday and Mothers day on April 30, 2018 for delivery on May 10, 2018. I tried to call 1-800-Flowers all night on May 10 and all day on May 11 to find out where the flowers were. Not only did no one answer the phone but after 4 hours of being on hold I was disconnected. I tried 10 times on the lets chat online. No one responded. On May 15, 2018, I relayed this information to the customer service person on 1-800-Flowers and she said they were delivered… I told her the wrong day. They were late. After arguing that they were not responsible…I asked who is. She said I can call FedEx. Why would I do that. I did not hire them. You did I said. She said she would refund the money. BUT I received my credit card bill and it was invoiced. Mary, at 1-800-Flowers lied.

In calling, again on June 2, 2018…not only was I told they would not refund the money but there was no evidence of me calling at all on May 15, 2018. They were delivered and I could call FedEx. In escalating this to Margie (no last name or extension). She just stuck with policy. I asked her so if I asked 1-800-Flowers to send a funeral arrangement and they were late what would happen?? She said nothing. Its so nice to know that 1-800-Flowers does not care about their customers, they dont even admit when they are wrong. No wonder James McCann (Chairman) Chris McCann (CEO) got to be so rich. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF INSTILLING THIS IN YOUR EMPLOYEES. Hope everyone calls ProFlowers when you passed away.

I placed an order for my Moms Memorial Service. This was in April of 2018. I called on the Monday prior to her memorial service that was on Saturday. I told them I needed the flowers delivered to the Church by that Friday afternoon, the day before the memorial service, no later than 4:30 p.m. I was told by the customer service representative, that was fine. The time came and my Father spoke to his church and they said the flowers werent delivered, that it would need to be the day of the service. The next day, we arrived at the church, No flowers. I called prior to the service starting, and while I was on the phone, upset over my Moms passing away, I handed the phone to my husband to take care of the problem. Finally the flowers arrived. No one that we talked to, seemed like they cared what had happened. I will never use this company again.

My flowers arrived wilted. Looking old. I wont buy from this site again. Very disappointed for the money I was charged. They should be ashamed of the quality.

My experience with 1-800-Flowers has been spotty, at best. Half the time, what you order isnt exactly what the recipient gets. One Thanksgiving, I reordered a table arrangement that was depicted with two candles; it arrived with one candle in it. The so-called discount coupons arent much of a bargain, due to unjustifiably high delivery and service charges that often cancel out the savings.

Years ago, my husband and I ordered a bouquet for a memorial service; all the peonies in it were wilted! How embarrassing! They would not give me a refund, but only offered to send out a substitute bouquet to the widows house. By then, the memorial was over. I once got a coupon from them for a free order to compensate me for an order they previously goofed up that no local florist would honor, so neither would they. So they tacked on an extra surprise fee to make up the difference. When I asked for a refund for the order they goofed up, they still wouldnt honor their original offer of a free bouquet, nor would they give me a refund.

I ordered flowers for Mothers Day on the Monday before Mothers Day and I got an email stating they were on the truck Tuesday for delivery on Thursday. When they arrived they were half dead and there was hardly any flowers on the plant. I write to and received 2 emails with 15% off coupons. If I wasnt satisfied the first time, what makes them think I would make another purchase. I called them and was told they were resending her plant, and to watch my email for confirmation. Which neither one happened. I will never purchase from this company again. I am very unhappy, was lied to and my mother did not get a nice flower arrangement. In fact by the 2nd day it was entirely dead. I am attaching a picture of what she got.

When the flowers were received they were not what was pictured. The candy and cookie baskets were great though and they were much better than expected. They had a great variety in them as well.

Purchased a dozen roses for a lady on Valentines and honestly I could have done better, both aesthetically and financially if I would have purchased them from the grocery store down the road.

I ordered flowers for Mothers Day, and they have not been delivered. After following up with every avenue they have for customer service (calling, emailing, contact form on their site), I have heard nothing from them. Its impossible to speak with a representative. I was put on hold for 15 minutes and then asked to leave a message. Do not order from this company, period.

Delivered to the wrong place at bedtime after the special day was over and the wrong flowers came. Not even half of the flowers… This is not the first time that my order was messed up.

What was received was not what I paid for, it was subpar, not even close to the picture, late for delivery and a refund had to be required due to the fact delivery was late.

Reuse this service. So happy with them. When I personally received a bad group of flowers, they were replace without question. Never had a complaint from anyone I ordered for.

I ordered flowers for Mothers Day (May 13) well in advance of that date, to be delivered the Friday before. About a week prior, I get a call saying that (with no explanation) the flowers could not be delivered that day and I would have to choose a different day. After responding to the call and suggesting a different delivery date, I expected that everything was fine. Until Mothers Day comes around and I have gotten no confirmation that flowers were shipped or delivered, which prompted me to contact customer service to find out what the situation was.

They informed me not to worry, the flowers would be delivered on… wait for it… May 22. Thats a full NINE days AFTER Mothers Day and ELEVEN days after the original delivery date! The flowers were indeed delivered on that date in fine condition, but I was very unhappy with the experience. Apparently the best they could do to make it up to me was offer the same $20 savings credit they offer everyone else… which does me no good because I have precisely ZERO interest in using 1-800-Flowers ever again.

The flowers were delivered on time, they were as described in the website, but the downside is that the flowers died within 3 days; I felt they were not worth the money – for that short of time span – flowers should last a week at least.

My son has been stationed overseas for 5 years and this has been the best company to do deliveries. Very happy with them. Have told friends and families about this company.

I attempted to send a basket of assorted chocolates from Simply Chocolates, a division of 1-800-Flowers to my chocolate loving father for his birthday. As it was his 91st birthday, I was hoping to send him something nice! The package did not arrive! I waited several days before I called. The person that I spoke with told me there was nobody available to help me and to call back in half an hour. I was unable to call back then and called a few days later. Only to be told Im sorry! The package never left the warehouse. We will send you a $20 discount on your next order! How absurd!

When I said this was not acceptable, and that I would like to speak with a supervisor, I was told to leave my line open and that someone would be calling me back. Have you heard from the supervisor, because I certainly havent? Then I received a form letter email that said What can I say? Im sorry. And it said that I could not reply to that email! There is something seriously flawed with this company! DO NOT EVER, EVER USE ! I WOULD GIVE THEM ZERO STARS, but this form would not allow for that.

Great selection of arrangements for any occasion. The buying experience and fast delivery are very convenient for a last minute gift. The delivery fee is high but they have coupons online that help reduce the price.

Ive used 1-800-Flowers for the past several years and havent been disappointed yet! There was one time when a funeral delivery was either misdelivered or taken from the residence location. I contacted 1-800-Flowers and told them and they replaced it immediately! I was happy and very impressed! I would recommend them to anyone who will listen! 🙂

I ordered a $60 arrangement for an event and it took over an hour on the phone because the website wouldnt work and didnt accept my order. I received a picture of the flowers I ordered from the recipient and they looked nothing like the ones I ordered. Type, color, vase and amount of flowers. When I called to complain, they said sorry and they would resend another arrangement. It never came. If I had read all these bad reviews, I would have never used them. Its like they are stealing our money by not sending what they advertise. Never again.

Ordered flowers for my sisters birthdays… Same arrangements but different colors. Both were really pretty. But one was put in a real cheap vase. I paid over $75.00 dollars and get cheap vase. Left message and complaint. NO contact from 1800flowers. I will take my business elsewhere new time.

In business since 1976, 1-800-Flowers sells a wide variety of gifts, including gift baskets, keepsakes and bouquets. The company offers standard bouquets and bouquets with fair-trade flowers that can be scheduled for same-day delivery or delivery at a later time.

Same-day delivery:1-800-Flowers offers a same-day service. Consumers enter the recipients zip code to see all the available bouquets.

Seasonal arrangements:For home or the office, seasonal decorations are a must. Expect to see spring blooms, pumpkins, evergreens and more as the seasons turn.

Shop by occasion:Unless you are a floral enthusiast, it can be difficult to tell what bouquet is suitable for which occasion. 1-800-Flowers takes away all the guesswork by breaking down its arrangements into convenient categories.

Personalize gifts:Sending flowers can feel a little impersonal, but not when they come with an engraved candle holder or embroidered teddy bear.

Go beyond flowers:While it has tons of lovely arrangements, it also offers a selection of keepsake gifts, from wine sets to picture frames.

Best for:significant others, friends, adult children and companies.

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Join our community to stay up-to-date with the latest reviews, recall notices, and brand recommendations.Our community members are happier with their purchases than consumers who didnt research before buying. To see why, sign up below!

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