Robert Martin, the Tuskegee Airman who flew 63 and a half combat missions, dies aged 99

Martin, known as Fox, grew up in Iowa and became entranced by airplanes when he attended an air show as a 13-year-old Boy Scout

Trump acknowledges and defends a 2016 meeting between his wonderful son and a Kremlin-aligned lawyer

This was a meeting to get information on an opponent, totally legal and done all the time in politics and it went nowhere, he tweeted

A pivotal time: Boston set to install William Gross as its first black police commissioner

Black leaders say they hope Gross will prioritize building a more diverse police force and providing closure for families of homicide victims in communities of colour

Strong earthquake hits Indonesias Lombok tourist island, leaving at least 82 dead

The quake, coming just one week after another on Lombok killed 16, triggered a brief tsunami warning

As Croatia celebrates a key 1995 war victory, Serbia compares the offensive to Nazi policy

The comments by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic have whipped up tensions between the two Balkan rivals

Vintage Ju-52 propeller plane crashes in the Swiss Alps, killing all 20 people on board

This was an attempt to kill me: Six arrested after drones carrying explosives launched at Venezuelas Maduro

In hell with Hitler: Romanian police investigate anti-Semitic graffiti on Nobel Laureate Eli Wiesels house

The most bizarre thing Ive ever been a part of; Trump panel found no voter fraud, ex-member says

In contrast, the voter-integrity panel was marked by obfuscation, secrecy and confusion related to the work the panel was engaged in

The Newseum is selling fake news shirts. Journalists are not amused

Jailed Luiz da Sliva named as presidential nominee by Brazil Workers Party

Ohio judge sued by three mothers for refusing to OK the new names of transgender teens

Weinsteins accuser told him I love you and asked to meet up in warm emails cited by defence

We are Q: Who are the shadowy deep state conspiracy theorists turning up at Trump rallies?

NASA unveils the astronauts who will relaunch human space flights from U.S. soil

The crews would fly on spacecraft developed not by NASA but by two corporations, SpaceX and Boeing

With sweltering heat but little AC, North Korea calls high temperatures an unprecedented natural disaster

Seoul-based DailyNK published an article claiming that the heat wave may take a deadly toll on North Koreans, as air conditioning is rare, partly due to limited and inconsistent electrical …

A horde of 100 goats was unleashed in Idaho and they ate everything in sight

Its not clear where the goats came from or how they got loose

President Trump denies he was late to meet Queen Elizabeth. Brits arent convinced

Oh dear, she just looked at her watch. The Queen does NOT like tardiness

Third week of Mexico-U.S. NAFTA talks planned, but unclear if Canada will be there

They will likely deal in part with a red-line issue for Canada the U.S. demand for a sunset clause that would require NAFTA to be re-approved every five years

American and Canadian scientists racing against time to save killer whale knocking on deaths door

Las Vegas police end investigation into massacre without definitively determining motive

A man with Down syndrome was holding a toy gun. Swedish police shot and killed him

A radar blip, a flash of light: How UFOs exploded into public view

In the spring of 1952, though, numerous mysterious sightings had captured the Air Forces attention. It created Project Blue Book that March the longest investigative government project of its …

Trump-Erdogan feud over detained pastor deters diplomatic relations, paves away for more sanctions on Turkey

Trump began to make Brunsons detainment a priority in April, when he first tweeted about the pastor after helping secure the release of three Americans who had been held in …

Scientists use whale call recordings to coax male orca out of Comox, B.C. harbour

Officials said the transient killer whale known as T73B immediately responded to the recorded underwater calls of whales likely familiar to him and left the harbour and was last seen …

Never give up: Chinese relatives of MH 370 missing passengers demand search be restarted

The report said there is no evidence of abnormal behaviour or stress that could lead the pilots to hijack the plane. However, it also did not rule out unlawful interference …

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