We design, print and manufacture your packaging.

We conduct final assembling and co-packing.

We hold stocks of your products and components in our customs bonded warehouse until needed.

Ship your packed product anywhere in the world, under your own brand.

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We provide Co-Packing services in China.Fully owned facility in Shenzen Export Processing Zone, Customs Bonded Area

Eco-creative 3R policy Reduce, Re-use, RecycleWe design a pack that matches your Distribution parameters

IN HOUSE Customized BlistersPackaging Consistency: Asiapack manages the whole printing process

Our factory is certified with ISO 9001:2008We perform Quality Control: IQC, IPQC, OQC

Reducing your inventory, lead-times & risksWe act as your own logistics platform in Asia

Assembled and pre-loaded promotional displays, ready for worldwide distribution & great sales!

Reducing inventory & increasing flexibility!

Create kits by assembling products from different suppliers, even from different countries

FREE consolidation of your packed products,

3rd floor, Nb.2 Jinsheng 4th Rd, Lanzhu Rd North side.

3rd floor, Nb.2 Jinsheng 4th Rd, Lanzhu Rd North side, Pingshan, Shenzhen