Physio Famil

Our mission is to offer unique

services for all ages, in private clinics, retirement homes and through home care services.

As experienced health professionals in community care,

we value the promotion of health, while ensuring that our care is adapted to the age and needs of the client. Our

approaches are integrated to help you take control of your health problem.

We are trained and equipped to treat your pain and prevent a future injury.

We have different effective tools in place to improve your condition and promote self-management of your symptoms.

We are experts in treating many problems related to pregnancy or after child birth.

We assess and treat your child with care in order to prepare treatment plans and home exercise programs.

We have cumulative specialized skills and knowledge in addressing the needs and care of your baby.

Laurianne and Jose are experienced physiotherapists in community care. They developed and integrated new approaches that are unique, modern and personalized.

Amazing! I am finally on the road to recovery and doing the things I enjoy again. Thanks Jose.

A service unlike any other! I had been to several other physiotherapy clinics and I didnt see any improvements. The physiotherapist took the time to really understand my postpartum back problem and helped me a lot!

We currently have been using the Shawville location for our daughter (5 years old) since November 2016. We couldnt be more pleased with our exercises & results.

Always available when I need services. Ive been seeing them for nearly 6 years due to severe back issues, thanks to hard work and perseverance, I am now able to have most days pain free.

Medical Clinic Le Lotus – Shawville

745 Aylmer Road B-204 Gatineau (QC) J9H 0B8

204 Aylmer Road B-302 Gatineau (QC) J9J 1A1

394 Centre Street Shawville (QC) J0X 2Y0


745 chemin dAylmer B-204 Gatineau (QC) J9H 0B8

204 chemin dAylmer B-302 Gatineau (QC) J9J 1A1

394 rue Centre Shawville (QC) J0X 2Y0