Star Invasions Compendium 1

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This ebook contains adult material and sexual situations and is not suitable for minors. I know you are busy–were all busy! Consequently for your convenience this is a shorter version of Star Invasions split into three parts at a cost savings, Compendium-1, Compendium-2, and Compendium 2n. Many worlds have mysteries about their origins, this world is no different. In the beginning a crash destroys the alien crews spaceship of 675–the mere 50 that survive must learn to adapt to primitive levels or perish on this strange forsaken planet. The leader that emerges develops a rational, less emotional demeanor that must lead his marooned people under life-threatening circumstances. The obvious genre to put Star Invasions in would be Sci-Fi; yet, Star Invasions is so much more. Its…A cunningly crafted plot with characters that leap right off the page as fully formed personalities. Even its: An edgy, mysterious Sci-Fi adventure with non-stop action… –DOES NOT do it justice… The actual story narrative crosses into many genres, including Political Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance, Suspense, Mystery, that might morph into a trilogy. It deals with five essential fledgling nations and potentially two hundred years of their history as depicted by individual characters with parallels to a certain planet–except for a nation of aliens, including a reversal of a famous Civil War. Star Invasions inspired one anonymous reader to evaluate this new literary work in this fashion: Mysterious, captivating and suspenseful. I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. Wonderful and magical story! A series of preliminary geo-political map outlines of this world are uploaded at the Page Star Invasions Maps on Facebook; organized into a photo album, along with book cover pics, and planet landscape vistas.

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Creator of New Worlds. That Ignite Your Imagination While Painting Colorful Images in Books That Are Fun to Read and Hard to Put Down. The Author: Jos Anastasis lives in Southern California; and graduated from one of the excellent State Universities in the region. He finished college with a degree in Political Science, with an emphasis on International Relations, and a degree in Business. The accumulative and the distributive aspects of our society.

This is a fascinating novel with a multi-path storyline that makes for a really enjoyable read. The story brings life to an interesting race of people from another world. The main characters are well-written and the relationships between the characters are set out clearly from the beginning with romantic entanglements throughout. Overall I found this book an interesting detour from the lighter Sci-Fi I am used to reading, and full of highly original concepts.

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