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Numbuh One, also known as Nigel Uno, is the bald, British leader of the Kids Next Door. His own father was once the KNDs greatest agent, Numbuh Zero, and now Numbuh One spends his time devising elaborate plans for world domination that are just too cool not to try.

Hoagie P. Gilligan Jr may have some nerdy hobbies (like collecting cards) and a massive appetite, but hes smart enough to be the creator of the KNDs wacky flying vehicles and weapons – including Sector Vs tree-house.

Kuki Sanban is a cute, happy-go-lucky girl who will do anything to help the KNDs cause… just as long as she can remember what that thing is! She also has a great love for and extensive knowledge about Rainbow Monkeys.

Numbuh Four, real name Wallabee Beetles, is always the first to rush into things and the first to ruin them. Hes also easily fooled – ending up with him volunteering by mistake for the most dangerous KND missions!

Abigail Abby Lincoln only speaks when theres something important to say, and always keeps her cool. Shes one of the few Kids Next Door who has any common sense.

Five heroic 10-year-olds have formed a secret team called the Kids Next Door with one dedicated mission: to free all children from adult tyranny!

Kids Next Door are a team of secret agents who want to rule the world! Dont we all? KND are led by Numbuh One, otherwise known as Nigel Uno, whose father was once the greatest KND agent. The other KND team members are the nerdy Numbuh Two, AKA Hoagie P. Gilligan Jr, cute and cheerful Numbuh Three, AKA Kuki Sanban, dim and daring Numbuh Four, AKA Wallabee Beetles and cool and collected Numbuh Five, AKA Abigail Abby Lincoln. Together, these forceful five characters make up the Kids Next Door team, using their super skills to overcome a horde of baddies and make sure all is right in the world.