is the fifth studio album by Englishrockbandthe Beatlesand the soundtrack from their film. It was released on 6 August 1965. Produced byGeorge Martin, it was the fifth UK album release by the band, and contains fourteen songs in its original British form. Seven of these, including the singlesHelp!andTicket to Ride, appeared in the film and took up the first side of the vinyl album. The second side contained seven other releases including the most-coveredsong ever written,Yesterday.

The American release was a true soundtrack album, mixing the first seven songs with instrumental material from the film. Of the other seven songs that were on the British release, two were released on the US version of the next Beatles album,Rubber Soul, two were back-to-back on the next US single and then appeared onYesterday and Today, and three had already been onBeatles VI.

In 2012,Help!was voted 331st onRolling Stonemagazines list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.[5]In September 2013, after theBritish Phonographic Industrychanged their sales award rules, the album was declared as having goneplatinum.[6]

The album includesPaul McCartneyYesterday, arranged for guitar and string quartet and recorded without the other group members.John LennonYouve Got to Hide Your Love Awayindicates the influence ofBob Dylanand includes flutes. McCartneysIve Just Seen a Facehad a country flavour.[7]

Ticket to Ride, also released as a single, was felt by Lennon to be heavy in its sound compared to the groups previous output[8]and daring in its reference to a boy and girl living together. McCartney called the arrangement quite radical.

George HarrisoncontributedI Need YouandYou Like Me Too Much, his first compositions to be included on a Beatles album sinceDont Bother Meon 1963sWith the Beatles.

The record contained two cover versions and a few tracks more closely related to the groups previous pop output, but still marked a decisive step forward. The record sleeve-note shows that Lennon and McCartney made more extensive and prominent use of keyboards, previously played unobtrusively by Martin. Four-track overdubbing technology encouraged this. Lennon, for his part, made much greater use of acoustic guitar, forsaking his famousRickenbacker.

The original LPs format of featuring songs from the soundtrack on side one and non-soundtrack songs on side two follows the format ofA Hard Days Night.

When Help! came out in 65, I was actually crying out for help. Most people think its just a fast rock-n-roll song. I didnt realize it at the time; I just wrote the song because I was commissioned to write it for the movie It was my fatElvisperiod.

In later years, Lennon stated that the albums title track was a sincere cry for help; he regretted changing it from a downbeat, piano-driven ballad to an uptempo pop song, which was done only as a result of commercial pressures.[10]

Help!was the bands final British album (aside from the late 1966 compilationA Collection of Beatles Oldies) to feature any cover songs until 1970sLet It Be(which included a performance of the traditional folk songMaggie Mae). In 1966, Capitol would releaseAct Naturally, already on the BritishHelp!album, onYesterday and Today.Bad BoyandDizzy Miss Lizzy(both written byLarry Williamsand recorded on 10 May 1965, Williams birthday) were both aimed at the American market and originally not intended to appear onHelp!, but Dizzy Miss Lizzy ultimately did.[11]Both songs appeared onBeatles VI, released in the US in June 1965. Bad Boy was not released in the UK untilA Collection of Beatles Oldies, and was that albums only cover song.[12]

A few songs that were recorded and intended for the film were not used because of the Beatles suggestions. Lennon and McCartney wroteIf Youve Got TroubleforRingo Starrto sing, but the song was rejected and Starr sang Act Naturally (which is not in the film but is about being in the movies) instead.[13]That Means a Lotwas written for the film, but the Beatles were not satisfied with their performance of the song and they gave it toP.J. Proby, who released it as a single.[14]Lennon saidYes It Iswas me trying a rewrite ofThis Boy, but it didnt work;[15]it was released as the B-side ofTicket to Rideand was also onBeatles VI.You Like Me Too MuchandTell Me What You Seewere rejected for use in the film by its director,Richard Lester, though they did appear on the album (and also onBeatles VI).[citation needed]

Much later, in June 1965, the songWaitwas recorded for the album. However, Wait (with some newly added overdubs) ended up onRubber Soulwhen another song was needed to complete that album.

The album cover shows the Beatles with their arms positioned to spell out a word inflag semaphore. According to cover photographerRobert Freeman, I had the idea of semaphore spelling out the letters HELP. But when we came to do the shot, the arrangement of the arms with those letters didnt look good. So we decided to improvise and ended up with the best graphic positioning of the arms.[16]

On the UK Parlophone release, the letters formed by the Beatles appear to be NUJV, whilst the slightly re-arranged US release on Capitol Records appeared to indicate the letters NVUJ, with McCartneys left hand pointing to the Capitol logo.[17]The Capitol LP was issued in a deluxegatefoldsleeve with several photos from the film and was priced $1 more than standard Capitol releases at the time.

There have been four CD releases ofHelp!The first was on 30 April 1987, using the 14-song UK track line-up. Having been available only as an import in the US in the past, the original 14-track UK version replaced the original US version with its release on LP and cassette as well on 21 July 1987. As with the CD release of the 1965Rubber Soulalbum, theHelp!CD featured a contemporary stereo digital remix of the album prepared by Martin in 1986. Martin had expressed concern to EMI over the original 1965 stereo remix, claiming it sounded very woolly, and not at all what I thought should be a good issue. Martin went back to the original four-track tapes and remixed them for stereo.[18]One of the most notable changes is the echo added to Dizzy Miss Lizzy, something that was not evident on the original mix of the LP.

When the album was originally released on CD in Canada, pressings were imported from other countries, and used the 1987 remix. However, when the Disque Amric and Cinram plants in Canada started pressing the album, the original 1965 stereo mix was used by mistake. This was the only source for the 1965 stereo mix in its entirety until the release of themono box setin 2009.[19]

The 2009 remasteredstereo CDwas released on 9 September. It was created from the original stereo digital master tapes from Martins CD mixes made in 1986.[20]The original 1965 stereo mix was included as a bonus on the mono CD contained inThe Beatles in Monoboxed set.

The 1965 stereo mix was reissued again on theHelp!CD contained in the Beatles collectionThe Japan Boxreleased in 2014.

Writing inThe Rolling Stone Album Guide,Rob Sheffieldsaid that the US version ofHelp!was utterly ruined through the replacement of the Beatles songs with the soundtrack music, and that, as a result, the album remained relatively overlooked. He described the full album as a big step forward and the first chapter in the astounding creative takeoff the Beatles were just beginning.[31]

Mark KempofPasteconsiders it to be the equal ofA Hard Days Nightand cites Help!, Ticket to Ride and Act Naturally as highlights, along with Harrisons return as a songwriter. Kemp identifies Yesterday as the albums masterpiece and a song that set the stage for one of the most groundbreaking and innovative periods in The Beatles career, not to mention pop music in general.[28]Neil McCormickofThe Daily Telegraphsays that the album evokes a band in transition, shifting slightly uncomfortably from the pop thrills of Beatlemania to something more mature, with Lennons writing increasingly autobiographical and the groups sound growing more sophisticated. McCormick concludes:Help!may not be their greatest album, but it contains some of their greatest early songs.[25]

In 2012,Help!was voted 331st onRolling Stonemagazines list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.[5]

All tracks written byLennonMcCartney, except where noted.

The North American version, the bands eighthCapitol Recordsalbum and tenth overall, includes the songs in the film plus selections from the films orchestral score composed and conducted byKen Thorne, which contains one of the first uses of the Indiansitaron a rock/pop album. Ticket to Ride is the only song on the American release induophonicstereo (also known as fake stereo) reprocessed from the mono mix.Help!is available on CD as part ofThe Capitol Albums, Volume 2box set. This CD contains both the stereo and mono versions of the American release. A second CD release of this album, which contains the seven songs in true mono was issued in 2014 individually and as part of the BeatlesThe U.S. Albumsboxed set.

All of the non-movie tracks from Side 2 of the British album were spread out through three American albums. Three were already issued on the previously releasedBeatles VI: You Like Me Too Much, Tell Me What You See, and Dizzy Miss Lizzy. Ive Just Seen A Face and Its Only Love were placed onRubber Soulwith its follow-up albumYesterday and Todayreceiving the remaining two tracks: Yesterday and Act Naturally.

The American version ofHelp!reached the number one spot on theBillboardalbum charts for nine weeks starting on 11 September 1965.

All tracks written byLennonMcCartney, except where noted.

(preceded by an uncredited instrumental intro based onThe James Bond Theme)

(LennonMcCartney; arranged by Thorne)

(LennonMcCartney; arranged by Thorne)

(Ken Thorne/LennonMcCartney; arranged by Thorne)

In the US, the album sold 1,314,457 copies by 31 December 1965 and 1,594,032 copies by the end of the decade.[50]

^shipments figures based on certification alone


BPI certification awarded only for sales since 1994.[53]

^shipments figures based on certification alone

According toMark Lewisohn[56][57]and Alan W. Pollack.[58]

John Lennon lead,harmonyand background vocals; rhythm and acoustic guitars;electric piano; tambourine on Tell Me What You See, and organ on Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Paul McCartney lead, harmony and background vocals; bass, acoustic and lead guitars; piano, electric piano

George Harrison harmony and background vocals; lead, acoustic and rhythm guitars; lead vocals on I Need You and You Like Me Too Much;guiroon Tell Me What You See

Ringo Starr drums and miscellaneous percussion;claveson Tell Me What You See; lead vocals on Act Naturally

George Martin producer, piano on You Like Me Too Much

John Scott tenor and alto flutes on Youve Got to Hide Your Love Away

String quarteton Yesterday,arrangedby Martin in association with McCartney

The songs included in the soundtrack of the filmHelp!(tracks 1-7) were mixed into5.1 surround soundfor the films 2007 DVD release.

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Help! (1965) – IMDb

Ringo finds himself the human sacrifice target of a cult and the band must try to protect him from it.

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years

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Paul: You dont miss your tonsils, do yer?

When the boys are out in the field protected by security, you can see through the whole first song, that Ringo does not have the ring on his finger, but during the next song before the ground explodes, he does have it on.

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Your support will help provide meals and hope! Give someone a second chance today.

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Shop with these businesses and help the cause of the Orange County Rescue Mission at the same time.

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The Veterans Village of Hope Initiative incorporates the resources and award winning programs that have been successful in moving homeless men, women, and children to self-sufficiency in Orange County and the Inland Empire for Our Heroes … Our Veterans.

If you would like to meet one or more of the following needs, you may drop off donations at our warehouse 8:00am-5:00pm Monday through Saturday. Please contactScott Brinkeror call with any questions.

9am-5pm dailyCorona Norco Rescue Mission420 W. Harrison St. Corona, CA 92880

Contact: Jewel Loff at[emailprotected], The most convenient way to transfer securities to The Orange County Rescue Mission is through an electronic transfer. Simply instruct your broker to electronically transfer your securities out of your account into The Orange County Rescue Missions UBS Financial Services, Inc. account. Your broker will need the following information:

Account name: Orange County Rescue Mission

Please be sure to contact us once your transfer has been completed! This is very important, especially if the gift has been transferred electronically to our account or a certificate has been issued in the name of The Orange County Rescue Mission, since your name will not be associated with your donation. We would also like to say thank you personally as well as provide you with an acknowledgment letter for your tax purposes.

For more information about tax-savvy ways to donate appreciated stock to charity from The Wall Street Journal,click here…

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Join us for family-friendly volunteer opportunities on a Saturday morning from 9:30am-12:30pm.

Prepare our residents for their job search through assisting in resume building, mock interviews and dress prep.

Assist our school aged children in after school homework and activities. Our kids range from ages kindergarten through sixth grade.

Help tutor our adult residents as they work to earn their high school diploma.

Gather your friends and host a sports or arts and crafts learning day camp for our children.

Volunteers to help with our children while parents are in classes or Bible studies. Children are through age 12. Volunteers will play games and read with the children. Volunteers must schedule with the Volunteer Coordinator before arriving to volunteer. Call the Coordinator at .

Volunteers to help with our children while parents are in classes or Bible studies. Children are through age 12. Volunteers will play games and read with the children.

At the Village of Hope in Tustin we are looking for volunteers to Friday evenings from 6:30-8:30 PM and Saturday evenings from 6:15-8:30 PM.

At the Corona Norco Rescue Mission, help is need Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM-12PM.

Were looking for licensed stylists to help residents look and feel their best with a fresh cut and color.

Be a smiling face and helping hand as we pass out chili to the homeless of Orange County.

Help prepare food, serve our residents and clean-up after the meal. Volunteers must schedule with the Volunteer Coordinator before arriving to volunteer. Call the Coordinator at .

Help prepare food, serve our residents and clean-up after the meal.

At the Village of Hope- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. We are looking for volunteers to help daily during the weekdays. Groups needed for weekends.

At Corona Norco Rescue Mission- Thursdays and Fridays from 3-7PM.

House of Hope & Laurel House- meals delivered once a month.

As a local church group, partner with the Mission to offer a Saturday night worship service and teaching time to our residents.

Lead a weekly Bible Study or prayer time for our residents.

Encourage our residents as they transition out of our program and back into society. Hold them accountable in their continuation in church involvement, advise them on job/career challenges and celebrate milestones like birthdays and baby births with them.

Help us maintain our vehicles by giving them a good cleaning before their next outing.

Help clean carpets in the community spaces and resident rooms.

Prepare a clean, new space for our incoming residents through cleaning and painting.

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While recovery is a lifelong process, the major component of recovery, the rehabilitation process, can be completed in a few months.

Recovery begins when you realize that you have a problem and decide to get help. Addicts may need relatives and friends to help them understand the reality of their situation.

Rehab starts with the screening process to determine the severity of the addiction. This is where you will start to uncover the underlying causes of your addiction and when a unique plan is developed for treatment.

Detox allows the body to cleanse itself from any drugs lingering toxins. Medications may be used to safely wean the body off its dependencies.

Rehab is spent learning how to cope with underlying psychological issues and behavioral responses to drugs. Key goals are identifying your triggers that lead to substance abuse and learning how to avoid them.

Recovering addicts need a plan to stay involved in various accountability programs or counseling to build on their progress and to maintain sobriety. Examples of aftercare are 12-step programs, sober living homes, and outpatient counseling

Recovery includes a lifelong commitment to be completely clean from drug usage through continued effort and by overcoming the challenges that lead you back into the addiction cycle.

Substance abuse may be the biggest problem facing the U.S. and, according to the 2016 report by the Surgeon General, the problem is only getting worse. 78 people die every day from opioid overdose, which is four times the number of deaths in 1999. Not every drug addiction is the same, and some have more worse side effects than others.

people reported binge drinking within the last month in 2015

people were current users of illicit substances or misused prescription drugs in 2015

is the cost of substance abuse each year in crime, health care, and lost productivity

Weve compiled all the resources available in your state for those with substance abuse issues. In addition to using our tool to find rehab centers near you, you can also find the top ranked rehabs in your state.

When choosing a detox and rehab facility, you want to be sure that they offer treatments that have been shown to be effective for the substances that your body is dependent on.

How to Choose a Rehabilitation Center

Successful Reintegration Into Society

Drug Use Statistics in Canada and the US

Crystal Methamphetamine The New Drug of Choice

Help Define Help at

to give or provide what is necessary to accomplish a task or satisfy a need; contribute strength or means to; render assistance to; cooperate effectively with; aid; assist:

He planned to help me with my work. Let me help you with those packages.

to make easier or less difficult; contribute to; facilitate:

The exercise of restraint is certain to help the achievement of peace.

to refrain from; avoid (usually preceded by

to relieve or break the uniformity of:

Small patches of bright color can help an otherwise dull interior.

to relieve (someone) in need, sickness, pain, or distress.

to serve food to at table (usually followed by

to serve or wait on (a customer), as in a store.

to give aid; be of service or advantage:

the act ofhelping; aid or assistance; relief or succor.

She certainly is a help in an emergency.

a domestic servant or a farm laborer.

means of remedying, stopping, or preventing:

The thing is done, and there is no help for it now.

(used as an exclamation to call for assistance or to attract attention.)

to assist in an effort; be of aid to:

Her relatives helped out when she became ill.

to be unable to refrain from or avoid; be obliged to:

Still, you cant help but admire her.

to serve oneself; take a portion of:

to take or use without asking permission; appropriate:

They helped themselves to the farmers apples. Help yourself to any of the books were giving away.

(used as a mild form of the oath so help me God) I am speaking the truth; on my honor:

Thats exactly what happened, so help me.

encourage, befriend; support, second, uphold, back, abet.

agree in the idea of furnishing another with something needed, especially when the need comes at a particular time.

implies furnishing anything that furthers ones efforts or relieves ones wants or necessities.

somewhat more formal, imply especially a furthering or seconding of anothers efforts.

implies less need and less help. To

still more formal and literary, is to give timely help and relief in difficulty or distress:

Shes so clever you cant help but admire her,

has been condemned by some as the ungrammatical version of

but the idiom is common in all kinds of speech and writing and can only be characterized as standard.

Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018.Cite This SourceExamples from the Web forhelpExpandContemporary Examples

That strategy has been used in some cases tohelpdetermine GMO policy.

In the end, the clarity that comes from moments of horror canhelpus recommit to deeper principles.

A Wall Street person should not be allowed tohelpoversee the Dodd-Frank reforms.

Finding the common bonds thathelpus realize that we have far more in common than that which separates us.

Many hold classes in their living rooms, asking students tohelpre-arrange and then later put back furniture.

That you will take tea with us to-morrow evening, andhelpus do justice to them.

I hear they do have dreadful times withhelpin New York, said Mrs. Bines.

I had a warm regard for your father, and shall be glad tohelpyour mother if there is any occasion.

I shall marry you, if you think Im the woman tohelpyou in that big, new life of yours.

I have been thinking about that day, wondering what I could do tohelpyou.

to assist or aid (someone to do something), esp by sharing the work, cost, or burden of something:

she helped him climb out of the boat

to alleviate the burden of (someone else) by giving assistance

) to assist (a person) to go in a specified direction:

help the old lady up from the chair

to cause improvement in (a situation, person, etc):

transitive; preceded by can, could, etc; usually used with a negative

) to prevent or be responsible for:

to serve (someone with food, etc) (usually in the phrase

may I help you to some more vegetables?,

to provide (oneself with) without permission:

hes been helping himself to money out of the petty cash

to be unable to do anything else except:

to assist a person in the removal of (clothes)

to assist a person in the putting on of (clothes)

the act of helping, or being helped, or a person or thing that helps:

a person hired for a job; employee, esp a farm worker or domestic servant

Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition

© William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins

Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012Cite This SourceWord Origin and History forhelpExpandv.

Old Englishhelpan(class III strong verb; past tensehealp, past participleholpen) help, support, succor; benefit, do good to; cure, amend, from Proto-Germanic*helpan(cf. Old Norsehjalpa, Old Frisianhelpa, Middle Dutch and Dutchhelpen, Old High Germanhelfan, Germanhelfen), from PIE root*kelb-to help (cf. Lithuanianselpiuto support, help).

Recorded as a cry of distress from late 14c. Sense of serve someone with food at table (1680s) is translated from Frenchservirto help, stead, avail, and led tohelpingportion of food. Related:Helped(c.1300). The Middle English past participleholpensurvives in biblical and U.S. dialectal use.

Old Englishhelp(m.),helpe(f.) assistance, succor; seehelp(v.). Most Germanic languages also have the noun form, cf. Old Norsehjalp, Swedishhjälp, Old Frisianhelpe, Dutchhulp, Old High Germanhelfa, GermanHilfe. Use ofhelpas euphemism for servant is American English, 1640s, tied up in notions of class and race.A domestic servant of American birth, and without negro blood in his or her veins … is not a servant, but a help. Help wanted, is the common heading of advertisements in the North, when servants are required. [Chas. Mackay, Life and Liberty in America, 1859].Thoughhelpalso meant assistant, helper, supporter in Middle English (c.1200).

Copyright © 2002, 2001, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company.

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