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Please fill in the following information from your receipt.



Kroger Feedback

Krogerfeedbackhas creative way of offering, fuel points and 5000$ offer card and 100$ grocery points.

Just by filling up their customer satisfaction survey you get amazon offers from them including sweepstakes which youll learn how to get them.

Kroger Feedbackfree coupons and pointsin exchange of feedback. Basically they ask these reviews because they can use the date which you are filling up to improvise their service. There are few requirements to get the points in return so ill provide them below :

1. You must have visited any of theirmarketplace, pharmacy or grocery storewithin a week and if it exceeds then you are not eligible to attend this survey.

2.Receipt numberwhich has been given to you when you did the purchase is important because this is how they cross-check whether you are their customer or not.

3. Thedate of purchaseis also important which is printed in the receipt.

4. Yourloyalty number or identification numberis required so that you will get your reward points in that as well as for verification purpose.

Note: We request you to terms and conditionsbefore you start filling up the feedback as to know where they would be using all these data you are filling up.

This process can only be done online so you would require proper internet connection first.

Note: You must be18+in order to take up this process otherwise you are not eligible. If you are attending just for the sweepstakes then this limitation is lifted off. You must live withinUnited Statesto attend thesweepstakesand the result will be published in their official website.

Kroger also offers few more bonuses such as bonus card, weekly coupons and other discounts directly to your mail.

It is possible to avail free items every Friday using your your loyalty free card using digital-free items in the store. Make sure you remember to note them the next time you visit the store.

Finally , you are at the end post and we would like to inform you a small disclaimer that we are in no way associated with the official website and this is just for informational purpose. We don not ask any login details in this site and we request you only to login on their official we declare that is not affiliated with any of the krogers domains and for action taken by user, we arent responsible is something goes wrong.

Thats it you will get your offers in-return by now and if you have any doubts you can comment below so that we will reply you with your issue regarding to that.

Working hours of kroger is from 8 AM to midnight on weekdays and on weekends they work only till 9:30PM, to contact one of their customer support call here at1-0one of their support team will be answering you regarding your issue.

If this article has provided the proper steps for loggingkroger feedbackcustomer surveywebsite and filling up the required information then share it with your friends.

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really? never did get to the actual survey formwhy make it so hard?

Your feedback survey SUCKS as it is difficult to find and get into the survey!


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Kroger Feedback Complete Survey for

So youre asking how to get fuel points, grocery coupons $100, 5000$ gift cards and much more?Let me help you by taking you through step by step process on how to completecustomer survey, and other methods within this article. go ahead

Krogerfeedback.comis the official website of kroger which offers you the things which ive mentioned above for free in return of your feedback. Is it that hard to give a feedback? Easy isnt it, yes you get to know more about the offers and understand how to get them below.

If youre already aware of how many points do kroger offers when youre purchasing from them then you can skip the part and move towards the next section to see how to fill up thekroger feedbackform and get instant points and coupons.

If this is your first time youre taking this feedback for coupon then youre at the right place in the next steps youll go through the procedure.

Note: In-case you have not visited the store in the past 7 days then youre not supposed to be participating in the survey as its restricted to weekly once only. You need to be 18+ years and few more restrictions are you must be a US citizen to participate in the sweepstakes.

from your PC or Laptop as few mobile browsers may not support the survey.

, once youre ready with this then input those carefully as the receipt number is so long and there are chances for you to get it wrong while typing. In case if you you enter it wrong you will get an error message, no problem you can try again.

Once you go to the next step, this is where youre going to start taking the

One by one when you start completing the

By the last page of the survey fill in your

or any of your government approved ID card.

the survey by filling up the name, address and your information and you will get the points.

Note: The information you entered during the information might be used for their customer service improvement and also might track your purchase behavior.

Really? Why would they track your purchase behavior? Is because they wanted to sell you their products based on the type of customer you are just for exchanging fuel points you are giving away your information to them for free. (This is not officially proven or might be even wrong.)

Several times a year Kroger conducts mega event sale and theres a special news in it. You dont have to buy 10$ for 10$ offer instead you can get mixed products for 4$ for 4$, 5$ for 5$ and so on You can use the printable coupon and avail them as well at the billing counter.

Thatt once you receive your points you can use them to get bonus cards at groceries, use digital coupons for extra points, fuel points can be used in Shell and few other petrol bunks where 1000 points is equal to 1$ of a gallon discount of fuel.

If you have not got your 50 free fuel points then comment below we might offer you other digital coupons and Kroger digital coupons and Kroger Krazys Kroger weekly ads.

Disclaimer : is not endorsed in any way with the official website and we do not recommend you to login through unofficial sites other than m. Contents provided in the website doesnt take any responsibility if something goes wrong. We do not ask your credential details in our website and on a final note were not affiliated in any of the Krogers company or their domains.

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Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey

Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey

Kroger Feedback: It is an American retailing company and United States largest supermarket chain and the second-largest general retailer and the twenty-third largest company in the United States. It was founded in 1883 with just $400, and its headquarter is on the Vine Street in downtown Cincinnati. It is supervised by Mr. W. Rodney McMullen and his right-hand man Mr. Michael L. Ellis.

Krogerfeedback surveysupermarket has one mission, and it is a satisfaction of its customers. For this resolution, they launched Kroger feedback survey system to know about satisfaction its customer. If you also the customer of Kroger then you can also take part in this satisfactory survey and grab a chance to win gift cards, grocery cards, plus card,50 fuel points and digital coupons.

You can win some good items by participating in Kroger survey. If you participate in  there are possibilities to win $5,000 on grocery gift cards or 100 nos. $100 grocery gift cards orKroger feedback fuel pointsor 50 Kroger fuel points or some Kroger digital coupons. The only condition to participate in krogerfeedback survey is you should minimum 18 years old.

And the good point is you can use all these cards and points at Kroger during any purchase. Even it is a good place to work with many advantages including insurance and healthcare. Its customers also feel great to shop at Kroger and share their shopping experience with Kroger.

So let me brief you about theKrogers surveyin this article.

Kroger Hours:if you want to know about Kroger survey working hours then check out the time from the below:

If you face any problem with Kroger service or survey, you can contact the Kroger support team. Even you can contact them via the toll-free number or live chat, and they will help you to solve your problem. For Kroger customer support

This support is available at certain times for that check the information below:

Monday Friday: 8 AM to Midnight EST

Saturday & Sunday: 8 AM to 9:30 PM EST

Requirements of Kroger Customer Satisfaction Feedback Survey

There are some requirements and condition, to take part in Krogers satisfaction survey, which you can go through from following:

First of all our age must be 18 or older to take part in a survey.

To participate in Kroger customer survey, you have an internet connection on any device.

You have the latest receipt of a store that is not older than seven days. For that, you have purchased any of Kroger store within seven days.

You must know either English or Spanish as you can attempt the questions in these two languages only. You need to contribute some of your expensive time on answering those questions.

Employees and officers of the Kroger Company are not permitted to take part in the survey.

If you have 12-15 minutes, then take part in a survey because it will take this much time to answer all questions.

You can earn fuel point b taking part in a survey. What you need is the date of visit, entry ID and time of visit. Dont worry you dont have to remember all these things as all the information are provided on the Kroger receipt.

A random draw will take place, and 12 random customers of Kroger will win Kroger Feedback Fuel Points. This survey is managed by service management group, and it includes all Kroger store like City Market Food and Pharmacy, Ralphs and Food 4 Less.

In this draw, one lucky winner has a chance to win a $5000 Kroger gift card that can use at anyKroger store.

Kroger never discloses the customers full name and its contact details.

If you are not still excited in taking part of Krogers survey then let me inform you that you have a chance to win 100$ worth grocery gift card, even you can win the prize worth of 5000 USD in term of grocery gift cards or Kroger fuel points.

First, go to and enter your entry ID, use date and time to start the survey. Give your valuable feedback on the last visit to Kroger store and at last, enter your contact details and done!

Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey: Text Guide

After purchase you will provide a Kroger receipt, to take part in a survey you have to keep it with you because it contains all the necessary pieces of information.

First, go to the and enter the information given on your receipt like Date, Time & Entry ID to start the survey.

Then they ask you either you have visited CARROLLTON location or not.

After your survey will start so relate all the answer with the last visit of Kroger store and carefully answer all the questions.

The first question is on purchase department of your attention during your last visit.

Next, the question is to rate your overall experience,

Now rate the grocery baggers, price on items compared to other stores, and friendly response of employees is required.

They will also ask you to rat your satisfaction level for quality of store brands, cleanliness of store, ease of moving through, the polite response of checkout team, sale items on stock, etc.

Then they ask for your satisfaction relating to freshness, production department, prices of produce, a warm response of staff, stock items, etc. as their main aim is customers satisfaction.

Likewise, they are asked to rate your satisfaction for dairy department, the freshness of dairy products, & well-mannered response of staff, also.

Similarly, they ask you to rate for your comfort for deli department, fresh and stock items of deli department, & serving time.

Next, give response for the quality of products, freshness of items, stock items for Bakery department, friendliness of employees, etc.

Bearing in mind the same parameters, you have to rate the store food corridors.

After that the will ask for the convenience of your intended item.

Now, they ask about probability you choose to adopt the Kroger store.

After completion of survey ensure your satisfaction parameters are again.

Expected that they will ask your satisfaction for value of Kroger fuel rewards and savings from Krogers digital coupons

Then, they demand to exactly state your high happiness with Kroger services.

And as their main goal is to achieve the highest customer satisfaction they ask to select yes/no for any difficulty you had felt during your visit.

If you want to give feedback on another department, they always welcome its customers for that.

In that, they request to exact comment about pharmacy and stating a product you planned to purchase but didnt purchase.

In the end, they thank you for your valuable feedback and ask general questions like how many times you have visited Kroger?Then they ask for willingness to give your email address or your sweepstakes participation.

If you have a loyalty card then by entering card number or ID, you can win 50 fuel.

Additional, they ask you for providing some necessary details consist of your provided feedback.

At last, they are thanking you again for spending your time to give feedback and notify you via email if you will receive lucky winner of sweepstakes.

Kroger Grocery Store, KingWood, TX: +1 ( Open until 1:00 am )

The Kroger Super Market, Rolla, MO: +1 ( Open until 12:00 am )

Kroger Grocery Store,Athens, GA: +1 ( Open until 1:00 am )

There are some people, who try contact you via social media and give you many offers to take part in Krogers survey. Then be alert, dont waste your money and time on it because it is a scam.

How to get the survey is real or scam? To know that read the following points given below:

Kroger never places surveys on Facebook feeds; you can take part in it via its official website only.

Kroger will not put popup page on your device.

It will never give assurance a coupon for a large number of groceries, such as $70 or $100 in free food.

So if you find any of above then dont take part in it.

We hope you like this guide on Kroger feedback survey. Now take part in a survey and win fuel points and digital coupon. If you have any doubt after reading this article, then you can ask us freely. Even you can leave your suggestions, too. Your feedback is valuable for our progress. Thank you for reading.

Kroger Feedback Survey

Your website for shopping, coupons, surveys, competitions & saving money.

Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey

Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey

Give your feedback on your recent Kroger shopping experience at

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kroger stores are dedicated to giving its customers value products and quality items from popular brands as well as own Kroger branded goods. Kroger stores want to continue to offer value for money products and excellent service and are asking customers to give their feedback and help Kroger stores improve even more.

Kroger Feedback Survey is your chance to tell Kroger all about your shopping experience whilst visiting one of Kroger or Kroger branded stores. With 2,419 Kroger branded stores in 31 US states, Kroger Company offers grocery products, department stores and jewelry stores so you can shop for the whole family. If you are a Kroger shopper, give your feedback and you will be entered into the prize draw to win the $5,000 grand prize or 1 of 100 first prizes of $100 Kroger store Gift Card.

Give your honest feedback and you will be helping Kroger to make your visit even more satisfactory next time you go to your local Kroger store as well as get the chance to win $5,000 Gift Card. What better way to go grocery shopping than with a bit of extra cash ready to spend at a Kroger store.

For your chance at winning the Kroger $5,000 grand prize visit enter the Kroger Feedback Survey you will need to have your purchase receipt handy from your most recent visit to a Kroger store. Follow these quick and easy steps to complete the survey:

Visit the Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey website at

Choose to complete the survey in English or Spanish.

Read the Kroger Sweepstakes Rules and Kroger Privacy Policy for further information on the Krogerfeedback Survey.

Select the time and date you visited Kroger that will be written on your store receipt.

Enter the details from your store receipt including store, terminal, transaction, operator numbers and survey entry ID.

Click start and continue to answer questions on your recent shopping experience including departments you browsed and cleanliness of the store visited.

Follow the prompts to answer all questions rating how satisfied you were with your experience at Kroger.

At the end of the survey you will need to fill in your contact details to be eligible to enter the Kroger Survey Sweepstakes.

You will be contacted at the email address provided if you are the lucky winner of the $5,000 or $100 Kroger Gift Card.

About Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey

Gift Card Sweepstakes rules:Kroger Survey Rules

Good Luck at winning the grand prize!

The Kroger Survey is visually pleasing, and I really like how they have all the company logos at the top of the survey page. Its also well set out. There is a sample receipt on-screen and instructions explaining each detail you are required to enter. The other bonus is that you can see the past winners and sweepstakes rules before you begin the survey.

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I am pleased with the Kroger Store on Thompson Rd in Indianapolis, IN. The staff have excellent customer service, are kind and helpful. The Kroger prices are great and I enjoy getting coupons and savings.

Our Newley remodeled store in clifton colorado is so beautiful. I actually enjoy grochery shopping now. We still have the friendly staff and great deals. THANK YOU CITY MAEKET

Have shopped the JayC store in Charlestown for almost forever. No Problems with the store except they have this crazy 50 extra fuel points that can be earned if a person completes a survey. I have tried to get into the sight for over an hour today, no luck. I would hope that in the future the folks that manage the web sight for Kroger would take some training from the grocery store managers on the proper way to run a business. Ill bet that if our store was shut down for any reason there would be a sign someplace at the store.

Always satisfied shopping at Krogers store.Great food,Low prices and friendly staff and a lot of friendly smile and also got a great deals on Gas.

Always find what need, and then some.

We like shopping at Kroger, just not happy with the continual increased costs of virtually everything we buy.

Few Weeks ago i bought a bottle of allergy tablet (40 tablet) when i open and start to use there was only 10 tablet in the bottle ?!?

I have been a Kroger shopper sence 1958 and today shopping at the Aiken SC store the service was so bad I almost walk out with out the food I NEED. I think Kroger need to look into the people who are being hired. I have been in the Centervill Ohio many times and service and care are worlds apart from SC to Ohio. the store here is not c lean ,and its hard to get down ales thank you

Krogers changed their cottage cheese the new stuff is awful!!!

If you love sandwiches, we bet you know all about Atlanta Bread. Enter their survey and leave feedback on your dining experience. Atlanta Bread…

Win $1500 Target Satisfaction Survey

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