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If you are encountering any problems, please contact us on:0845 652 6262

Purchase ten or more tickets and receive a 10% discount.

Do you want to sit casually with your friends and family or have dedicated seats in front of the stage?

The perfect way to spend a summers evening at the Leeds Castle Classical Concert. Bring a picnic and your rug, or your own choice of seating, then sit back and enjoy the whole evenings entertainment.

Avoid the rush and the hassle. A pre-allocated seat at the very front of the performance will be waiting for you. Note that no additional tables or chairs can be taken into the seated area and the seats must remain in their rows. SORRY SEATED TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT.

Please note: these seats cannot be guaranteed and are issued on a first come first served basis.

Enhance your day and add our delicious pre ordered food options to your ticket order and save yourself the hassle of bringing it with you.

Why not add a Concert Dining voucher to your ticket purchase. A fantastic treat to start the afternoon. The lunch includes VIP parking, early entry to the Concert site ahead of the gates opening and a 3 course table served lunch in the impressive Castle View Restaurant (formerly the Fairfax Hall). Lunch will be served from 1.15pm onwards and menu choices will be sent out prior for selection. Please note you must also have purchased a Concert Ticket.

Each Classic hamper serves two and is packed full of delicious regional Italian dishes, freshly made and presented in a sleek, re-usable cool bag. Hampers can be collected from the Carluccios gazebo on the right of the stage from opening until 7.30pm.

Each Vegetarian hamper serves two and is packed full of delicious regional Italian dishes, freshly made and presented in a sleek, reusable cool bag. Hampers can be collected from the Carluccios gazebo on the right hand side of the stage from 4.30pm.

Each childs box serves one and has a selection of dishes just for children.

Would you like to receive a Ruby Anniversary Souvenir Programme on the day?

Ruby Anniversary Souvenir Programme

Ruby Anniversary Souvenir Programme

To celebrate the Concerts 40th anniversary, this years programme will be bigger and better than ever, and will come inside a luxury jute bag with a Union Jack flag (perfect for flying during the fireworks finale!) and a variety of goodies and discounts on Kentish products. You will receive a ticket for the Souvenir Programme Bag, which you can redeem at the Programme Tent on the day of the concert.

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Leeds Castle Classical Summer ConcertSaturday 14th July 2018


The Castle, grounds and attractions will be closing early on 14th July 2018 due to our Classical Concert. Last admission will be at 12.30pm

The Loveliest Castle in the World

Visitors never forget their first breathtaking vision of Leeds Castle in Kent, rising majestically from the moat as it has done for almost 900 years.

With 500 acres of beautiful parkland and formal gardens, daily activities, free flying falconry displays, spectacular events, special tours and year round attractions, Leeds Castle is one of the best days out in Kent, you will want to come back time and again!

Open all year, there is something new for everyone to discover every day. Your admission ticket allows you to visit as many times as you like for 12 months, including many of oureventsthroughout the year.

All tickets grantfree repeat visits for a whole yearfrom the date of issue (subject to promotional offers).Tickets can be used multiple times, including a programme of events and activities throughout the year (excluding special ticketed events).

Small additional charges may apply to activities at some events.

This pass includes repeat journeys on the Land Train and Black Swan Ferry on the days that they are running. Upgrades from other admission tickets are not available.

Discount excludes the Freedom Pass and group/education rates. Tickets must be purchased at least one day in advance to receive a discount.

All profits made through the sale of admission tickets go toward the preservation of the Castle and its estate for the benefit of the public.

Terms & conditions apply.GroupandEducationalrates are also available.

Leeds Castle does not sell tickets through third party discount websites, social media sites or marketplace sites such as eBay. If your tickets are purchased through any of these sites then they may be invalid and entry could be refused.

Leeds Castle is a registered charity and you can support our charitable aims through Gift Aid. If you are a UK tax payer then, as a charity, we can claim 25% back from the Government on both your donation and entrance fee if you choose to Gift Aid it.

Tickets can be Gift Aided without including a donation as they are valid for one year from the date of purchase.We can only claim Gift Aid if you are purchasing for yourself and your family. If you are purchasing for people who are not family members then please tell a member of staff.

We operate seasonal opening times between April and September, and between October and March.

Evening: Bookings from 6.30pmDay: 10.00am – 4.00pm

The Castle will close at 4.30pm (last entry 3.30pm, last ticket sold 3pm) on the following dates:

21st July, 31st August & 8th September 2018 and 8th June, 20th July & 17th August 2019.

The Castle, grounds and attractions will be closing early due to our Open Air Classical Concert.

A 12 ticket valid for this day only is available from the Ticket Office only. Concessions are not available.

Visitors who already have tickets can gain access to the Castle and grounds, but your tickets are not valid for the Classical Concert.

Concert-goers who wish to visit the Castle and grounds before the Classical Concert will need to exit the grounds before readmission is allowed to the concert site.

Leeds Castle is 7 miles east of Maidstone, Junction 8 of the M20 motorway just 1 hour from London, 30 minutes from the Channel Tunnel and Channel Ports. Satnav users should follow ME17 1RG.

View our interactive map and discover everything there is to see and do.

We offer a complimentary transport service on the estate for less mobile visitors; disabled visitors enter at a concessionary rate and a carer free of charge.

Our aim is to cook the best traditional ingredients as simply as possible and let the quality of the produce and the magnificent views across the Castles moat speak for themselves.

A menu for all the family, such as burger sliders and corn dogs, to sandwiches and locally made ice cream.

Relax, catch-up, recharge, brunch, lunch or treat; whatever your reason for stopping at Costa in the Courtyard,

Ensure you stop by our buzzing Courtyard to explore the range of local and seasonal products.

Avoid the hustle and bustle of shopping on the high street and visit the Leeds Castle shops for unusual, quality gifts for friends and family.

Find a wide range of items, including a selection of scarfs and jewellery, themed souvenirs, Leeds Castle sparkling wines and the Medieval Collection.

Assistance dogs are allowed, however due to the abundance of wildfowl wandering freely across the estate, we regret that other dogs can notbe admitted.

Due to space restrictions pushchairs cannot be permitted inside the Castle but a buggy park is provided. A free loan of baby slings is available inside the Castle, please ask the steward near the buggy park for further information.

Leeds Castle does not allow wheel-based toys, scooters and bikes into the grounds. However, controlled Smart Trikes for toddlers are still welcome.

All barbeques (disposable and non-disposable) are not permitted anywhere within the estate of Leeds Castle.

To ensure the safety of visitors, wildfowl and birds of prey present on the estate and the privacy of our visitors, we do not allow the use of unauthorised remote control aerial cameras, planes or helicopters.

Visit ourMedia Centrefor further information about professional photography and filming at Leeds Castle.

Complete your full profileand sign up to our e-news for information on latest events, offers and news at Leeds Castle.

Ned Leeds

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thors Hammer

Spider-Man: Homecoming CharactersAvengers: Infinity War CharactersSpider-Man: Far From Home Characters,

Midtown School of Science and Technology Students

Spider-Man: Far From Home(unreleased)Actors/ActressesPortrayed byJacob BatalonHey, can I be your guy in the chair?

You know how theres a guy, with the headset, telling the other guy where to go? Like if you were stuck in a burning building, I could tell you where to go, cause thered be screens all around me, I can shoot around things, I can be your guy in the chair!Ned Leeds andPeter Parker[src]

Edward Ned Leedsis a student atMidtown School of Science and Technology. Upon discovering his best friendPeter Parkerwas Spider-Man, Leeds then focused on assisting his friends heroic adventures as they attempted to find and defeatVulturebefore he could sell high-tech hybrid weapons to the criminal underworld, while also hoping to use the Spider-Man to improve their own social standing at their school.

Ned invitesPeter Parkerto play with Lego

Ned Leeds is a student atMidtown School of Science and Technology, andPeter Parkers best friend. He was also a member of the Academic Decathlon Team. At school, Leeds told Parker that he had got the Lego Death Star, and asked Parker if he wanted to help build it. Parker ended up distracted byLiz Toomespassing by, however, and unwittingly accepted.[1]

Leeds learnsPeter Parkeris theSpider-Man

No! No, Im not!Thisis just a costume!

You were on the ceiling!Ned Leeds andPeter Parker[src]

Shortly after, Leeds went to Parkers apartment. While Parker was not in due to the Stark Internship, his AuntMayallowed Leeds to wait in his room. Leeds then saw Parker enter through the window, crawling on the ceiling while wearing hisSpider-Man Suit. He surprised Parker, who had to admit that he was Spider-Man, but got Leeds to keep it a secret.

Leeds bombardsPeter Parkerwith questions

Over the next few days, Leeds bombarded Parker with questions over his abilities, and whether he had met other heroes likeCaptain America. Parker begrudgingly answered the questions, but became frustrated when Leeds blurted out in front of Liz that Parker knew Spider-Man. When they both got invited to her party, Leeds convinced Parker to make an appearance as Spider-Man to increase their social standing. Leeds was left waiting at the party when Parker had to bail to investigate an explosion that turned out to be an arms deal.[1]

Leeds andPeter Parkerlocate theVulture

Dude, agangwithrun by aguywithwings? Yeah, they have a lair.

Badass.Ned Leeds andPeter Parker[src]

Having broken up the arms deal,Peter Parkerhad also discovered theChitauri Energy Core. Leeds helped him to investigate it and saw that the alien core had been grafted to human technology. They avoidedHerman Schultzwho was tracking the power core and looking to recover it. Leeds also hacked into theSpider-Man Suitand discovered that the suits abilities were limited by theTraining Wheels Protocol. He disabled it, allowing Parker to access all of the suits abilities.[1]

Leeds is told to disable the tracker in theSpider-Man Suit

Sorry, sir. So sorry.Spider-Manand Ned Leeds[src]

Leeds joined the Academic Decathlon Team inWashington, D.C.for the finals. Parker was using the trip to investigate theVulture, a villain who was responsible for the creation of the hybrid alien-human weapons. Leeds disabled the tracker inbuilt in the Spider-Man Suit that relayed his location toTony Starks assistant,Happy Hogan. Parker told Leeds to look after the power core and keep it safe.

Leeds trapped inside the falling elevator

Parker ended up being trapped in aD.O.D.C. Vaultand missed the finals the next day. Leeds participated in the finals, and the Midtown team won. Mr.Harringtontook the team to the Washington Monument. At the top, the power core exploded, damaging part of the Monument and trapping several of the Academic Decathlon in an elevator. They were rescued by the arrival of Spider-Man.[1]

Leeds stopsShockerfrom killing Parker

Uh Im looking at porn.Monica Warrenand Ned Leeds[src]

At the homecoming dance, Leeds discovered that Parker left the dance. After followng his friend, Ned discovered Shocker nearly killing his friend. Trying to save his friends life, Leeds intervened and distracted Shocker with one of Parkers web shooters, giving Spider-Man the advantage to web him against a bus.

Leeds making up an excuse toMs. Warren

Upon recovering, Parker revealed to Ned that the Vulture is in really Adrian Toomes, Lizs father, to Leeds shock. As Parker went after the Vulture before he could steal Avengers equipment, Leeds was able to contact Tony Starks security head, Happy Hogan, and locating Parkers phone, which was on Toomes car. Ned used several computers in the school to help Parker in his mission, as well as to help him drive Flash Thompsons car, which Parker stole from Flash, to Neds surprise. After Spider-Man arrived to the Vultures lair, Leeds was caught byMonica Warren, one of the schools teachers. To cover for Parker, he claimed to be watching pornography.

Leeds andPeter Parkerdiscuss saving his life

It looked so insane. That whole– Like, it was just crazy.He– He was just, like… And you were like… And then I just hit him with the… It was so– Oh, my God.

I mean, you saved me. It was awesome.Ned Leeds andPeter Parker[src]

The day afterAdrian Toomesincarceration, Leeds and Parker returned to school and talked aboout their fight against Shocker, while Parker thanked him for saving his life. They quickly ran into Liz, who was moving to Oregon due to her fathers request, to which Parker decided to talked to her.

Leeds and Parker then participated in the decathlon meeting in an announcement of their new leader: Michelle Jones. When Michelle stated that her friends call her MJ, Ned reminded to Michelle that she told them that she has no friends, to which Jones stated that she didnt had.[1]Sometime after, Leeds was interviewed byBetty BrantandJason Ionello, anchors of the schools news team, as to his thoughts onSpider-Mans true identity. Leeds, defending his best friends identity, responded that the costumed heros identity was a mystery and would always be.[2]

Holy shit. Were all gonna die! Theres a spaceship! Everybody hide!Peter Parkerand Ned Leeds[src]

On a field trip, Leeds was listening to music, whenPeter Parkertapped him on the shoulder to ask him to cause a distraction. Leeds ignored Parker, until he saw theQ-Shipdescending on Greenwich Village, where he started screaming that an invasion was occurring, drawing everyones attention, including thebus driver, allowing Parker to escape the bus and head towards the disturbance.[3]

Ned Leeds is a highly intelligent science enthusiast, hacker, gamer, and geek, though he is also somewhat socially awkward, hence his close friendship withPeter Parker. Leeds is strongly displeased with being the school geek and wishes to become more popular. Initially, upon discovering that Parker is theSpider-Man, Leeds wanted to use his friends alter-ego for rather selfish needs such as making himself and Parker more popular by claiming that Spider-Man was their close friend.

Leeds was very excited that Parker is a superhero and immediately wanted to be his guy in the chair. After realizing that criminals couldve killed Parker multiple times he began to take the Spider-Man more seriously and genuinely wanted to help Parker capture theVulture, offering support whenever he could.

: Ned, like his friendPeter Parker, is an intelligent science enthusiast, and a member of theMidtown School of Science and Technologyacademic decathlon team.

: Ned is a hacker skilled enough to bypass theTraining Wheels Protocolinstalled in theSpider-Man SuitbyTony Starkhimself.

: While attempting to locate theVulture, Leeds tried onPeter Parkers mask for his own amusement.

: Leeds used one ofSpider-ManWeb-Shootersto keep theShockerfrom using hisGauntletto kill Spider-Man.

Midtown School of Science and Technology

Peter Parker/Spider-Man† – Classmate and Best Friend

Michelle Jones- Classmate, Decathlon Leader and Close Friend

Liz Toomes- Former Classmate and Former Decathlon Leader

Betty Brant- Classmate and Close Friend

Roger Harrington- Teacher and Decathlon Supervisor

In the comics, Ned Leeds is a reporter for the Daily Bugle who marriedBetty Brant, and was brainwashed into believing and acting as the criminal known as the

TheMCUversion of Ned Leeds shares similarities withGanke Lee, the best friend ofMiles Moralesfrom theUltimate Universe. Their most notable similarities are their physical appearances, and their shared obsession with superheroes and LEGO. This was referenced in the comics when Ganke adopted the alias of Ned to hide his true identity fromDanika Hart.

His surname is never stated nor listed in the credits of

; however, the cast and crew documentaries included with thehome videorelease of the film confirms his surname to be Leeds.

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Spider-Man: Far From Home Characters

Midtown School of Science and Technology Students

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The Leeds Stedman Trust

The Trust was established in 1983 to keep the archives of the Leeds Model Company and R. F. Stedman & Company. Today the Trust provides a service of spares, repairs and technical advice to LMC enthusiasts and continues to promote interest in and appreciation of the products of The Leeds Model Company, founded by Rex Stedman in 1912, and which ceased to trade in 1967.

David K. Peacock, Co- proprietor, Trustee and Archivist

Marcus D. Peacock, Co-proprietor and Trustee

An extensive LMC archive from the Dutch HRCA

I continue to be delighted at the work put in by Hans van Dissel of the Dutch HRCA to record on their website adverts, editorials and correspondence related to the Leeds Model Company. Starting from 1915, Hans listings are now into the 1950s, and a most interesting story they make.  All but a few of the items he displays are held in the Trust archives from the combined collections of Rex Stedman and later his son Adrian, but they are not as readily available to view.  To see the Dutch collection please go tohttp//: With their kind permission this link will also be added to the archive section of our website.

Signals were among the first products of the Leeds Model Company from 1912 onwards. In his introduction in catalogues for 1920 onwards, Rex Stedman emphasised the importance of signalling on a model railway saying The completeness and accuracy to which the line is signalled depends upon the owner. My good friend and neighbour Peter Sapte who skilfully rebuilt the LMC super detail signal shown here has a fine 4mm scale layout which is very properly signalled. The picture of the LMC 1922 layout shown here earlier this year, like more modern layouts featured in the model press, – and despite Rex Stedmans protestations – has a signal placed just outside a tunnel mouth – quite impossible for the driver to see!  Peter comments Signals are to tell the driver what he can and cannot do. The main requirement therefore is that a signal must be seen at the earliest opportunity. Placing of signals is thus of the utmost importance. How many layouts featured in published articles have signals placed just beyond bridges/ tunnels and other obstructions?  Once a photo is taken and in print the critical eye has plenty of time to judge such mistakes. Back to that 1922 drawing board, and also always see that the signal board is truly horizontal in the stop position!

Full marks to Martin Dawes for pulling out from a box of miscellaneous wagons, this rare – if not unique – specimen of an early LMC open wagon.  Giving a date to it is very difficult, but from the style and fittings it probably originates from around 1919 -1920, when fittings typical of those on the wagon were in production.  One suggestion is that it was used as a promotional item at a time when prior to the introduction of the litho range, hand built wooden rolling stock was the only option available.

My good friends in theDutch Hornby Railway Collectors Associationalso feature this wagon on the extensive Leeds Model Company section of their website, along with details of several other wagons – no examples of which we have in the archive!.

Most recently also details of early modifications to the LMC Bakelite open wagon mould have come to light and are shown further down in the same section of the website.

Life is full of surprises, and so are model railways.  Having gone into print on so many aspects of the Leeds Model Company productions, I remain on my guard ready to be surprised – and wrong – on any one of them!  This time I am indebted to my good friend Alan Cliff for uncovering the latest surprise in the post 1945 all metal long wheelbase brake van. I had  been told and always believed without checking that this model was constructed throughout from tinplate. A common repair on the van is re-soldering  of the roof tie, and that confirmed time and again that the roof is certainly tinplate. A friend had suggested to Alan that the vans were made from brass. A check with a magnet on the supposed brass van  showed the roof and ends to be tinplate, but the sides were non magnetic.  Nor is this a one-off. I have now checked the archive model and it is the same, an exploratory scratch on the inside of the van confirming – brass!  The model depicted here also proved to be the same.

So, what are we to make of this discovery?  The Leeds Model Company were ever driven to economise on materials and, after the brass framed mechanisms of the 1920s were replaced by the zinc die cast designs, brass was very little used. Having thought about it I believe that the answer lies in the forming of the planking on the van sides.  Producing the grooves by scoring on flat tinplate would remove the protective tin leaving the underlying steel vulnerable to corrosion. This would not be a problem for brass. Producing the grooves by pressing the tinplate – as is done on the short brake van, (A magnet test on this van shows it to be all tinplate), would require a relatively expensive press tool. The length of the long wheel base vans sides might also be outside the capacity of the LMCs presses.  Either way the solution to use brass, and cut the planking grooves makes sense.

In my book on the Leeds Model Company I refer (page 54) to a moulded resin model of the long wheelbase brake van which I have in the archive, and shown here. This replicates exactly the dimensions of the metal van.  One suggestion is that it represents an unsuccessful attempt by LMC to economise further by moving from the necessity to use brass and hand building of the metal model to the lower cost resin and less labour intensive assembly of a fully moulded vehicle.  The  lack of success is evident on the model, the van end and other areas of the resin breaking up during curing.

What is the correct explanation of all this?  We shall probably never know, but remain on guard for the next revelation!

I am indebted to David Beveridge for further information on the long wheel base vans. His model shown here, with the exception of the duckets and axleboxes is wholly of tinplate construction. The ends clearly show they were press formed, and in effect closely resemble those of the short wheelbase van. Visual comparison strongly points to them being from the same tooling! The planking on the long tinplate sides is not so well expressed, suggesting that the end sections were separately pressed.

This book can only be obtained directly from the Leeds Stedman Trust. If you wish to obtain a copyplease use the Contact page on this website. The book is priced at 19.95 per copy plus 2.55 post and packing.

The book (128 pages), with both colour and black and white illustrationsand with 24 chapters and 19 appendices, covers every aspect of the company history and products. An accompanying DVD has two video programmes, The Leeds Stedman Trust made for the Gauge 0 Guild by David Peacock and Jack Ray, and Augurswell and Great Blessingsby, the Trust layout, made by David Peacock and Chris Pettit. The disc also carries as a CD a high quality photograph of every locomotive and item of rolling stock heldin the Trust archive

.nothing is missed out and it is written in an easy to read style, with plenty of pictures.a much needed book by an expert on the subject.   I strongly recommend it.Pat Hammond, Train Collectors Society

.a definitive history of the LMC .a most welcome addition to the library of anyone interested in the history of model railways. .excellent value too.

John Ingram, The Bassett Lowke Society

well constructed and the illustrations are generally of high quality.there is much here to grab your interest.I ended up reading it cover to cover.

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