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This is a guest post by Marcus Taylor, a musician & founder of several music industry projects, includingThe Musicians GuideMusic Law Contracts, andMusic Job Board.

Theres no shortage of lists on how bands can get free music promotion, but Id like to add one more. My hope is that this one is a bit more up to date, and shines light on some of the great free tools that have emerged in the past 2-3 years. If you have any other great tips for promoting music for free, feel free to add them in the comments below!

2 Add a Bands In Town app to Your Facebook Page

BandsinTownis a must-have app for your Facebook Page. In short, it displays all of your upcoming gig dates in a slick-looking Facebook App. A great way of passively raising awareness of your upcoming shows.

3 Create a FanDistro project to help charities & reward your fans

FanDistrois another favourite of mine. After creating your project page and sending it out to your fans, each fan receives a unique link, which they can send to their friends. If their friends then share your music or buy any of your products, they are rewarded with free merch and 20% of the sales go to a charity in the fans name. FanDistro is a brilliant way of increasing your social media engagement artists likeCosmo Jarvisgenerated ~19 new fans for each fan who shared his music on the site!

4 Build an app for your music with BandApp

Created by a good friend, Adam Perry,BandAppis a great platform for getting a free mobile app for your band.

Bandwagonis a fantastic platform for finding gigs and applying for them for free online. Currently UK focused only.

Soundcloud is arguably one of the best sites to host your music on, especially now that theyveannouncedheavy integration with many of Googles services. If you havent already, upload your music on Soundcloud, tag it well, and encourage fans to leave comments on the tracks.

7 Run an Adwords Campaign (with a 75 free voucher)

I have to admit, Google Adwords tends not to be a very effective way to promote music, as youre relying on people clicking on your ad when theyre searching for something else. However, Google do offerfree 75 vouchers(which you have to pay 25 to activate), so it might be worth a try. If it were me, Id spend this on targeting terms like gigs in London if I had a gig coming up in London, or on similar artist terms like bands like Metallica. Its a long shot, but it may work!

8 Shoot a video & upload to video hosting sites via One Load

Oneloadis a huge time saver that can help you get more exposure from your videos. Its completely free and enables you to upload your video to 15+ video hosting sites, such as Vimeo, YouTube, Viddler, and MetaCafe, all in one click. You no longer have to waste hours upload them one by one and ultimately your video appears on more video hosting sites, enabling you to reach a slightly larger audience (some niche video hosts receive a surprising amount of traffic).

9 Create a professional EPK using

In my opinion,presskit.tooffer the slickest looking press kits currently available to artists. If you want to send your music to promoters, press, and others in style, creating a free EPK is a must. Whats particularly nice about these EPKs is that theyre designed responsively, so they look great on any device.

10 Search through Reverbnations opportunities and apply

There are a lot of services like Music Xray, Sonicbids, and Reverbnation who list opportunities for artists to apply to. Theyre all great and I recommend giving them all a shot, but Reverbnation is probably the most extensive feed of opportunities. The downside is that its probably also the most competitive. If you have a few minutes spare, have a scan overtheir opportunities here,and apply to any that look like a good fit.

11 Apply to play at MIDEMs upcoming festival

Every year Midem puts out a call for bands to play at the annual music industry conference. This is an excellent place to promote your music & learn about the industry.

12 Create a Dizzyjam store & sell your merchandise for free

Dizzyjam is a free service that allows you to build a merch store tosell your merchdirectly to fans online. They take care of all the printing and shipping, you just upload your designs and youre ready to go.

13 Reward your fans & raise money using Pledge Music

Pledge Musicis a great service for simultaneously raising money for your release (or tour, or video) while developing loyalty with your existing fan base, by offering them cool experiences and gifts for pledging on your campaign.

14 Find 3-4 relevant forums & get stuck into the community

There are literally hundreds of forums for musicians on the web. Pick 3-4 and actively participate in the community. Youll meet lots of like minded artists, and find lots of good tips on getting gigs, and building your fan base.

15 Setup a fangate for your Facebook Page using Woobox

Im a big fan ofWoobox, and have used it many times to increase social engagement for my projects. While some of their tools are paid, you can quickly install a like gate and run basic social competitions free of charge. Like gates area good way of encouraging people to like your Facebook Page, in return for accessing some exclusive content, such as a free download.

16 Use to find & talk with potential fans

Twitter is an exceptionally powerful tool when used correctly. I encourage all artists to learn how to mto their advantage. Use it to find potential fans in areas where youre performing or similar artists who may be able to connect you with promoters or good contacts. The unique thing about Twitter is that its not unusual to reach out to people youve never spoken with, making it a great way to break the ice with potential fans, and contacts.

17 Schedule some tweets using Hootsuite

When you have a few minutes to spare, logging in to Hootsuite and scheduling a few tweets can be a great way to ensure that youre continually communicating with your fans. For artists with a global audience this is particularly important as it means you can reach fans on Twitter in different time zones.

18 Write a guest blog post on a high profile music blog

There are a handful of artists who I only know because they blog heavily on music industry websites. Tommy Darker, Brian Hazard, and Simon Tam are all musicians who I probably wouldnt have connected with if it werent for their participation on blogs like Music Think Tank. If you enjoy writing and have some constructive criticism or ideas on improving the way in which the music industry functions, why not put a post together on one of these sites?

19 Create a list of relevant bloggers & befriend them

In most genres there is still a collection of music bloggers who influence the listening decisions of many people. This is most certainly the case in the RnB and hiphop World. Use sites likeHypemto create a list of potential bloggers, and then begin communicating with them (but dont jump straight to promoting your music).

20 Create a list of promoters in your area & befriend them

Youd be surprised how quickly you can compile a list of all the key promoters in your town. A few years ago I had the (tedious) task of doing this for the whole of the UK, and that took about 8 hours. That said, it was worth it. Start building a database of promoters in your area, and then create a plan to be-friend them, perhaps by adding them to a Twitter list and talking with them, or inviting them for a coffee / lunch.

21 Write a sponsorship proposal & email 10x local companies it

Sponsors can be a great help in providing your band with a bit of extra cash. The key is to understand what you can do that will help to grow their business. If you have a small number of fans, pick a local sponsor that doesnt make you seem like a sell out (alcohol sponsors are always a good choice). The more fans you have, the more options there are.

22 Find some zero-cost promotional partnerships

Im a huge fan of zero-cost promotional partnerships. This is where you partner with someone and offer them a favour, in return for them offering you a favour, for free. A great example may be to speak to local stores and ask if you can put up posters in their store, in return for you promoting their services or listing them as a sponsor for an upcoming gig.

23 Find a list of upcoming music industry conferences

Music industry conferences are a goldmine for artists. Not only do you have the smartest minds in the industry sharing their case studies and tips on what does and doesnt work, but youll also meet lots of music industry contacts. Check out this list onmusic industry conferences, pick one, and go! If you want to keep it free of charge, stand outside the front and just chat to people as they walk in / offer them demos. Youd be surprised how few artists do this, and how valuable an opportunity it is.

While there are many altruistic benefits to supporting great causes, its also a fantastic way of getting the support of local press. Host a charitable concert, donate album sales to a charity, or even use something like Reverbnations Music for Good.

25 Set up a mailing list on Mailchimp

If you dont have a mailing list set up, fix that. Now.

26 Get some free business cards & use them as download cards

There are many services like Vistaprint that offer free business cards. A cool trick is to order several hundred of these with a custom design that includes a URL to download your music. This can be a cost effective alternative to download cards.

Ive written aboutwhy artists should blogbefore, but in short, its one of the best ways to build up a passive audience, communicate with your fans, while getting countless opportunities for you and your music. The only thing I will point out, that Im sure many bloggers will confirm, is that you really do get out what you put in. Sticking a few rambles up on Tumblr is not going to cut it.

28 Build relationships with key bloggers by commenting on their blogs

There are many people who I only know through them commenting on my blog posts some of them have become very good friends over the years. For the sake of a 30-60 seconds, commenting on other blogs can be a great way to plant seeds, that may blossom into fruitful relationships.

29 Give your music away for free on torrent sites

This one is slightly controversial, and I understand not everyone will like the sound of it, but Im of the belief that your music is your business card. Sure, it costs money to make and you want to redeem that money, but I think a longer-term strategy is more valuable here. Seed your music on torrent sites, and encourage it to be shared far and wide. The more fans you have, the easier it will be to negotiate better gigs, sponsorships, and other high value opportunities.

30 Find DJs to remix your music & post their mixes on Mixcloud

When I began my career as a dance music producer (after years of drumming in a metal band?!) I managed to get my music released on various labels by offering to remix their existing artists. Id simply approach a label and say Hey guys, Id love to do a remix of your artist X on the house. If its of interest could you fire over the raw files and ill get to work. It worked so effectively because it was essentially free promotion for the labels artists. Looking at this from the other side, try to get DJs to remix your music, and then you (or they) can then promote this on sites likeMixcloud.

31 Read some music marketing blogs to sharpen your skills

There are many fantastic people sharing their tips on what does and doesnt work in music marketing. I recommend following Brian Hazardspassive promotion blogMichael Brandvold, andAriel Hyatt. Follow these guys and youll be in good hands.

32 Learn whats working and whats not with Next Big Sound

Despitemy reservations against vanity metrics, I am a big fan ofNext Big Sound. If you use it correctly, you can identify lots of handy information on what is and isnt working in your music promotion strategy.

All bands should haveGoogle Alertsset up on their band name find out what fans are saying about you online by getting a real-time or weekly summary of all mentions of your band name across the web.

34 Be active on niche social networks like Pinterest

Despite being largely populated by foodies and interior decorators, Pinterest receives huge amounts of traffic, and is relatively uncompetitive for musicians. The challenge with promoting music on Twitter and Facebook is that youre competing with every other band this isnt the case on Pinterest. Remember, the hardest place to sell a book is in a bookstore.

35 Record a cover of a popular song & upload it to YouTube

A lot of artists I know are very against recording cover songs, as they feel it comes across as selling out, or not being able to write original music. Some of the more successful artists I know use covers in an incredibly smart way to attract the attention of likely fans, and introduce them to their original music. There may be 100,000 searches on YouTube for Bastilles new song. If your fans are also Bastille fans, consider covering one of their songs to grab the attention of those 100,000 people looking for Bastille.

36 Get free Internet radio play with Jango Airplay

Jango (or radio airplay) is a huge network of online radio stations. If you head over to their site you can get 100 free radio spins free of charge. For tips on getting traditional radio airplay for free, I thoroughly recommendthis great postthatEmuBandsput together by interviewing Ally McCrae from BBC Radio 1, and Julie Barnes, a radio plugger.

There was agood post on FanDistros blogrecently that suggested that you should become the hub of your local music scene by hosting meetups for the community. Having organized a few myself in London, I can definitely vouch for this.

It sounds simple, but most artists are too afraid of asking for help. If you dont believe me, I recommend watching Amanda Palmersgreat talkfrom TED, where she explains how asking for help has helped her music career.

39 Tag your fans in photos on Facebook

The image below is of a genius marketing campaign by DJ Tiesto. He put up a banner of himself in the entrance to one of his shows, and his fans got photos taken in front of it. Afterwards, he uploaded all of these photos to Facebook for fans to tag themselves in. This is so effective, because the friends of the fans who were tagged would have then been exposed to DJ Tiesto. Another easy, free, powerful tactic.

40 Use BandPage Connect to update all of your profiles in one go

Bandpage Connectis another fantastic time saving tool that enables you to update all of your social profiles (Facebook, Reverbnation,, Twitter, Myspace etc.) in one go. There are several other similar services, but Bandpage Connect is probably my favourite of the bunch.

Similarly to business cards, there are some services likeClub Flyersthat offer free postacards and flyers. While I suspect they may have an advert for the company on the back, this is a good way to print a bunch of flyers for you gig free of charge.

42 Recruit an intern / street team to help get the word out

The limitation with music promotion is that you only have so many hours in the day, and so while there may be hundreds of options to promote you music, you need to prioritise or outsource. Recruiting a street team is a great way to encourage others (your fans) to do your marketing for you.

43 Host a Google Hangout with your fans

Google Hangouts on Air have become increasingly popular over the past six months, especially as they can be automatically uploaded to YouTube afterwards. Why not host a hangout with a bunch of your fans to do a Q&A or studio update?

This may be the single best piece of advice in this blog post, as it essentially applies to every piece of advice here. By definition, people remark on things that are remarkable. If you want to spread word of mouth about your music, you need to be doing things that are worth them talking to their friends about. Lady Gaga is a master of this while her music may not be particularly remarkable, her costumes, videos, and lifestyle certainly are.

45 Post your gigs on local Gumtree / Craigslist pages

While Gumtree may not seem like the coolest place to list your gigs, it gets a huge amount of localized traffic, which is perfect for promoting your upcoming gigs.

46 Try out a new (controversial) service

When uStream and ChatRoulette came out, it was musicians who jumped onto the opportunity and reaped tonnes of PR value out of them. Keep an eye on emerging services and think creatively about how you might be able to use it to get coverage for your music.

Your fans are unlikely to buy your merch if your designs suck. Hire a designer to make them so good that even someone whos never heard your music would want to wear them.

48 Enter music company competitions

Admittedly, most competitions suck, but not all. Keep your eye out for good competitions and offers hosted by music companies. FanDistro and DiscMakers recently gave away $500 worth of free CD duplication & t-shirts to give away . Tip: follow the Facebook Page of artist service companies to keep tabs on competitions that may be worth entering.

49 Record a video testimonial for music services you use

Virtually every service built for musicians has a website with testimonials on it. Most of these sites list their testimonials on the home page, in front of vast numbers of people. Do these services a favour by emailing them a quick testimonial that they can use on their site. Its only a little bit of extra exposure, but itll sure help and is a great way to establish a relationship with these companies.

I hope these tips have all been useful – if you have any other tips, please post them in the comments below. As an aside, Im going to be .ukover the next few weeks as a free platform that ranks different music marketing tools, based on what artists believe are the most effective. If you want early access to the new version of the site you can request beta access over on The Musicians Guide.

Thanks most of this information is cool advice and some of it is common sense for musicians.

Marcus, you presented your tips in a way that made me re-think some of these services and strategies. Thanks.

This is the best roadmap for indie artists in the past 5 years. Fantastic job!!!

These are all great ideas that all working artists should be using to some extent, it gives great insight to some things that the artist may have known, but it has slipped their mind.

Jango/Airplay Radio is a great way to get your music heard by the masse, but with everthing mentioned here just remember it takes putting in the work and chasing the brass ring, not waiting for someone to simply hand it to you because youre a nice guy!!!!!!!

Very comprehensive list Marcus! Thanks for bringing it all together for those musicians who have the energy. I love and use the Jango feature which has audience statistics that are really useful. I have also gained some valuable contacts from the Music Groups in Linked In, where it is useful to join in on the conversations. I will be seeding this article on my Newsvine where I also consolidate useful articles for musicians, which I learned about through Hypebot. Although lately, I see annoying ads on my feed. So the message here is that you have to be nimble with your focus and energy. Another idea for musicians to get a sense of the jungle is the Bob Lefsetz e-mail newsletter. Even though he seems allergic to direct promotion, if you have something interesting to say to him, he is the uber-networker.

Subscribing to MTT is one of my best investments of time and energy in the last 4 years. This article alone is very educational and refreshing. Thanks very much for taking the time to share what you have learned from the countless hours and probably $ u have put into music.

Wow! Tons of great suggestions here Marcus. This one is going straight to Evernote to refer back to when I finish my next EP. Speaking of which, my blog will pick up steam again once Im back to promoting said EP. I appreciate the recommendation!

There are several other similar services, but Bandpage Connect is probably my favourite of the bunch.

Amazing article, helped me so much in validating what I was doing was completely wrong

Beautiful and Very informational Post.. This is the Musician Checklist. Salute

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Good List. Some very practical steps you can put in place instead of ideological BS. Thanks!

Very comprehensive list Marcus! Thanks for bringing it all together for those musicians who have the energy. I have also gained some valuable contacts from the Music Groups , Thanks most of this information is cool advice and some of it is common sense for musicians.

Great list – I am a huge fan of soundcloud. Thats where I listen to all my music and I am always listening to new playlists, it would be a great way to promote and easy to spread your band and music.

You can also get free flyer designs from Miami Printing.

Marcus Taylor…you ROCK! Thank you, thank you, thank you for such an insightful article. My daughter just released her first EP and after reviewing your suggestions we have a much better perspective of where shes at in her journey…and how we can support her. Seriously, thanks for the countless hours of research and trial by fire youve save us!

Excellent post.Music download codeshelps in generating creative ideas. A creative mind has the ability to make discoveries and create new innovations.

Great information. Dont forget that site which is like a live concert where people get to vote up and down for you to stay on air. Pretty cool.

Thanks for this! This is really helpful. Creativity is key. Transmedia concepts are really helpful as well. Integrated media and looking at a 360 approach can really bring everything together and optimize user experience/engagement

worth reading! it will take the reader of your articles far!!!

Great read. Awesome links. You pretty much hit every form of music promotion out there. has a one of a kind platform to help promote artists too…

Hope that helps and good luck to all you aspiring artists!

This is one of the smartest articles Ive seen on MTT – artists need to approach free promotion without any pre-conceived notions, as there are far more opportunities than most realize.

Give me the info free and i will hook you up when when i rock the nation.

Awsome article once again its really important withdigital music promotionlooking at how you use promotion and marketing actions to reach your clients. even if you put your music in the right channels, if people dont know about it they wont find it.

My friend told me about this music promotional services company: He said they are the best service providers in the current market.

very very good post. Very useful to a lot of music artist around the worl

very interesting post. Full of good details for the up and coming artist.

Are you an artist?This is opportunity to get your music heard. We are an agency working with MTV UK music and radio station trying to promote upcoming us on: msmsoul.

Wow im an upcoming artist from Houston thats recently signed to UMG and this is some of the best tips Ive heard in my career. Thanks so Much for the knowledge. And remember people it takes you to carry this out and make it work. ThatBoyZarius YDSG

Great ideas here! I would also suggest checking out LoudUp – Its a brand new site, just over 1 month old, but it is a great way to showcase your music, get new fans and connect with producers, musicians, and other industry professionals.

We are a newly developed site designed to promote unsigned artists from singers, producers to writers. We are free service focusing on a site that can visually reflect the artists personality onto the internet with our unique design style. Also we do a lot of offline work to promote our signed up artists to record labels and music scouts etc

We know everyone needs support that is why we are running a monthly 500 competition. Our Passion is you and we know its difficult out there hopefully the prize money can help as well as us!

Marcus,Thanks so much for crafting such a helpful article. My band, Sleep State, just had our 5 song EP mastered– so these 49 Ways are going to assist us immensely. This is the first time Ive been on MTT, but I have it bookmarked and will be reading it frequently.Be well,Troy Ritchie

Wonderful musical site. Thanks for sharing.pilot hayes band

Great info lets connect add me on /drewxboo see what i did there i used ur marketing formula lol

Hey guys!I run a music promotion channel. If you are making any type of EDM than feel free to write me to la or youtube and i will upload your music with joy!Hope someone will find this useful!

is there a reason why setting up a page isnt listed… i think thats the best way of geting legit fans that actually care about ur music


You really got everything right mate. Amazingly helpful for a lot of us I guess…

yep .. ive been using a few of these services .. and im gonna use more .. great article with links to keep your drive progressing

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Downdrops is a good site to promote your music

The world of promoting music has changed massively in the internet era, and this is a great summary of it. Really good article, well done!The International

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There are many facets of a successful music publicity campaign, but among the most common questions I hear from newer artists are about how they can promote their music independently and get it covered on music blogs.

Since many new artists often dont have the money to embark on national tours, advertise on major music outlets, or sometimes even print physical copies of their own album, getting coverage on music blogs (both local and national) is the best way for them to spread the word about the music theyre creating.

This post was difficult to organize because of how many different ways there are to approach promoting music. Ive done my best to explain the psychology of why music blogs write about the music they do, how to prepare your own music for publicity efforts, where to find music blogs to email, and what your emails should look like for best results.

Before we can talk about how to achieve successful music blog placements for your music, we first have to have a quick conversation about the type of content that blogs like to cover.

Media is driven by advertising revenues plain and simple. Blogs make their money and keep writers employed by generating advertisement impressions from visitors. The more visitors a blog can get, the more money they can make from advertisements. Understanding this business model will help you make better pitches when trying to get press coverage.

With advertisement-driven blog content in mind, next its important to know how blogs and news outlets generatemorepageviews exclusive content.

Its only news once. The first blog todebut a songis most likely going to be the one that generates the most traffic for that story until the rest of the blog community catches up. Giving a new piece of content (new single, new music video, tour announcement, etc.) to one blog to debut exclusively is thebest way to get coverage.

Remember, the media wants to know what you can do for THEM, not what they can do for you. Debuting a single from an artist means that that artists fan base is going to come to that particular blog to listen to the new song or read the new interview, not a competitors blog.

Exclusive content leads to more pageviews and more pageviews means more money. Simple.

As part of a national digital publicity campaign, tastemaker blogs are often the foundation a publicist will use to build the rest of their promotional efforts on.

Tastemaker blogs are characterized by their high-readership and the frequency with which they debut new content from (typically) major-label artists.

Tastemaker blogs influence the entire music-blog community when they write about new bands. Because of their professionalism and industry experience, tastemaking blogs are usually able to predict the successful growth of a band and subsequently, are able to influence the conversation across multiple blogs.. A high-profile placement on a tastemaker blog has much more influence than multiple mentions from smaller, local music blogs.

As a new band, youre probably not going to get on Pitchfork. Criticisms of Pitchforks music tastes aside, Pitchfork generates traffic by covering content they know will bring pageviews both in the short term, and more importantly, the long term.

When a record label sends an album promo-pack for a new album to Pitchfork, Pitchfork assumes anunderlying promisefrom the record label that the band being pitched is going to be touring, advertising on social media, debuting new music videos, and generally creating more content over the lifetime of the band. By covering a band early on, Pitchfork has a leg up on the competition for future web traffic from the band when the band is Googled over the next few months.

Whether you trust their musical taste or not, Pitchfork covers bands they like who also help generate much sought after web traffic. And theyre not the only ones doing it.

Lots of music bloggers work on the same premise that its in their interest to debut content from label-sponsored artists as opposed to solely independent artists because labels have money to continue the promotion of a band well after their initial song or CD debut.

Billboard magazine isnt going to do a full page spread about your brand new punk-jazz-fusion-artcore project just yet, but your local music blog thinks your music is cool enough to mention in their Weekly Roundup. Great!

Many music bloggers use press-releases and one-sheets to grab copy and pastable quotes for their mentions of newer bands. Give them what they want!

To make a bloggers job easier, make everything on your website copy and pastable so that after a blogger has listened to your music and decided to write about it, it takes them no more than 60 seconds to get a post online.

On your website and on your press-release/one-sheet, you should include:

When newer bands are ready to make a push at being a nationally touring band, they usually turn to professional publicists, managers, and record labels for help. Independent artists with a publicist probably have enough money to promote themselves in other ways as well, proving their seriousness to the craft and their ability to pay for and create more high quality content in the future a scouts honor type badge, if you will.

Entry-level publicists charge about $500-750 per month for a digital press campaign. This high price isnt a guarantee at coverage, but rather an entry-fee to have access to the publicists contact list. Publicists can place music on high-profile tastemaker blogs because of their relationships with those bloggers.

Also, as mentioned earlier, this cost represents a willingness to commit to being a professional band.

Professional publicists for major-label artists can sometimes cost upwards of $4,000 per month for digital and print press campaigns. These campaigns help secure full-page spreads in magazines and represent top-tier commitments by labels investing in their artists.

Youve recorded, mixed, and mastered your album. Now youre ready to release it to the world, right?No!

If you have a finished and mastered copy of your album, many publicists want to have a mastered copy of the album in their hands about3-4 monthsbefore the official release date of the album. Why? This amount oflead timehelps make securing placements in both print and digital press much easier.

Even if you plan on promoting your album yourself, you should give yourself the same amount of lead-time to secure proper placements for your songs.

Lead Time: Lead-time is the amount of time between a finished story at a magazine or newspaper and a printed copy of the magazine making its way onto store shelves. For magazines like SPIN, Under the Radar, Billboard, etc. there is about 2 months of lead time.That means that if your album is coming out in November and you want to have it covered in the November issue of a magazine, the review of your album has to be written and completed by September. And because your publicist is competing with 50 other publicists trying to get coverage for their clients, pitches for album reviews to appear in a November issue of a magazine will start rolling in to music writers around August. The 3-4 months of lead time on an album gives a publicist enough time to push a story to traditional print-press.

Before you can start promoting your music, you first have to know what it is youre promoting exactly!

You should only ever promote one piece of content at a time. Until youre the size of Drake, no publications are going to do personal interest pieces about your life as a musician. Starting out, pick one song from your new album to promote, one new music video, or one particular date on a list of tour dates. Trying to get a blog to just write about you without any motive is going to fall flat.

Ask opinions from friends and colleagues about the best song from your new album or which song would make a good music video.

Focusing your attention on getting coverage for a single song or single video will make the process of an entire music publicity campaign less daunting.

Now that weve talked about how your completed album is the most valuable thing you have until someone finally writes about it, lets take a moment to see what kind of assets (pieces of content) youll need to have for a traditional press campaign. Having the following pieces of information available will greatly increase your likelihood of getting coverage. The reason? Simply put, it makes it look like you have your shit together.

As Im getting ready to start reaching out to bloggers, I make a folder on my computer that has easy access to the following information. This should also be included on the bands website.

Biography:Your biography should be no more than 200 words long. It should include the type of music you make, band member names, notable accomplishments, and quick info about your new release.

Music:Include links or embeddable Soundcloud/Bandcamp players to all of your bands releases on this page.

Photos:At least 3 high-resolution press photos of your band-mates should be available on this page.

Videos:Have at least 1 live video and 1 music video if possible. Live-videos help tremendously when fighting for tour press.

Tour Dates:Widgets like Songkick and BandsInTown make it easy to include tour dates on your website.

Contact:I cant stress how important a contact page is. An email address for your band is necessary at the very least, but information about your management, publicity, and booking contacts are also very helpful.

High Resolution Photos:I recommend having at least three photographs ready for press distribution on your website. All photographs should be at least 300DPI and available in CMYK color. For more information about press-ready image sizing, resolution, and colors, please visit:

Bloggers communicate with words and stories. Not only do you have to tell a story with your music, you also need a story for press to write about you. A captivating story of the difficulties encountered with writing your album, personal breakups, or crazy tour stories that influenced a particular song all make for great content. Bloggers need something to write about you, so think about what makes your album recording process different and make sure to tell bloggers about it. A good story and mediocre music makes for a better read than a flawlessly recorded album without any struggle.

Example stories that have accompanied successful album releases.

Bon Iver For Emma, Forever Ago: After a breakup with his band and girlfriend, Justin Vernon retreated to a cabin on his parents land to record one of 2007s most popular albums.

Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot: Considered by many to be Wilcos mainstream breakthrough album, the entire recording process was fueled by frustrations with long fights with their record label that ultimately led to the band getting dropped because their new release, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was too weird for the labels tastes.

Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues: After almost finishing recording their second album, Helplessness Blues, Fleet Foxes threw the entire record away and started writing and recording the whole album again. The process took close to 2 years to complete.

Damien Rice O: Rice was fed up making albums under a major record label and recorded an independent solo album called O in 2001, dedicated to his friend who died of a traumatic brain injury. The barebones recording style and lack of major-label backing propelled the album to platinum status.

Every major metropolitan area in the world has at least someone writing about arts, music, and culture. Using Google (music blog [CITY NAME] is a good start), you can usually find a handful of writers who are covering new music developments. If you live in a rural area, find the nearest major citys music writers to reach out to.

I sometimes also like to pick up a copy of the local Sunday-paper. Theres usually an Around Town section, or something similar, that has information about upcoming local concerts, interviews with artists, and album reviews. Find the writers for these music columns and reach out!

Music blog aggregators like Hype Machine ) monitor prominent music blogs and compile Top 10 lists of the most talked about music of the day or week. Most of the blogs founds on Hype Machine are considered Tastemaker blogs and coverage on any one of them can ultimately lead to additional coverage on similar sites.

Never doubt the power of an effective Google search. Using search terms related to your music and similar sounding bands, you can find blogs covering music similar to your style. Searching for bloggers reviewing albums that inspired your own work is a good way to get a positive response to the project youre promoting.

Possible search term examples include:

I firmly believe that a large component of a successful music-blog press campaign is organization. If youre not organized, theres a good chance youll email the same publications twice, will forget someones name, and may not adhere to a blogs submission standards. Every blogger is different, so approaching each one prepared makes their job easier and increases your chances of success.

I use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of my contacts at each blog, magazine, and publication that I pitch to. This makes my life easier when Im able to quickly look up the email address or name of the editor at a local music weekly without having to go back to the magazines website and dig through the Contact page to find who Im looking for. In my Excel spreadsheet, I collect the following information:

Blogger/Editors Contact Email Address

Magazine/Blogs Physical Address

This one is especially important if you need to know what days or weeks of the year a magazine or radio station is accepting press materials, how your press materials should be formatted, and who to address them to. Every magazine and blog has different requirements, so know exactly how to send stuff in to make it through the first round so someone will at least listen to your release.

Unsolicited Submissions:A quick note about unsolicited submissions. Some blogs are so inundated with emails from official channels that sending in a package in defiance of, We dont accept unsolicited submissions, posted on their website is a waste of money and time that could be better spent chasing coverage elsewhere. The chances of anyone at a press outlet ignoring their own rule about opening unsolicited press packs is zero.

Sending an email to a music blogger and securing coverage has more to do with fulfilling the bloggers needs (we talked about this earlier) than it does with writing the perfect email. Outlining major talking points, providing easy to use listening links, and making saying yes extremely easy are the biggest takeaways.

My methods of reaching out may be (and probably will be) different than other guys/gals out there doing publicity. If Im cold-calling, or in this case cold-emailing, a blogger or editor Ive never interacted with personally before, my emails look a little different than if Im reaching out to a friend who may be able to run a piece about a new record. First impressions count.

Keep your emails to 2 or 3 sentences MAX. Packing all of the information about your release into a 3-page email that the blogger may not even have time to read is wasting even more of their time if your music still sucks. The 3 main components of a successful first email are:

Introduction:Say hello to the blogger personally and let them know that youve read their blog and know the kind of content they typically cover.

Information:Tell them about your project and what youd like them to do if they enjoy your music.

Links:Dont forget to include easy to use links.

Subject:[BLOG NAME] Song Debut [BAND NAME]?

In short, my name is [NAME] and I represent an indie-pop duo out of New York called The Awesome Tigers m). I found [BLOG NAME] because of a post you made a few weeks back about Ellie Gouldings new album, Halcyon. I was wondering if [BLOG NAME] would be interested in debuting a new single from The Awesome Tigers from their upcoming LP. Its reminiscent of [2 OTHER BANDS THE BLOGGER HAS REVIEWED].

Attached is a press-release about the upcoming LP.

This simple email works because it accomplishes a few different things in the course of 3 sentences.

It tells the blogger you took the time to read their blog, find their name, and figure out what kind of music they like.

It tells the blogger exactly what kind of music the band youre pitching makes by relating it to past content theyve covered.

It includes an extremely easy to use listening link.

It directly asks the blogger what course of action youd like them to take after reading your email (in this case, debut a new single from the band).

Weve had a look at a cold-calling email from a band who is probably pretty new and doesnt have any street credit to their name. If a band has been around a little while, its a bit easier to pitch to blogs, since theres a good chance they have had some mentions in previous blogs, have worked with a cool producer, or have something else going for them other than just being new music.

My name is [NAME] and I represent an indie-pop duo out of New York called The Awesome Tigers ( James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) produced the bands newest LP, Music in My Ears 88 and the band will be opening for LCD Soundsystem on their upcoming reunion tour for a few dates in New York. Would [BLOG NAME] would be interested in debuting the first single from Music in My Ears 88?. The album is due out January 22.

Attached is a press-release about the upcoming LP.

Just like the first email listed above, the second email accomplishes many of the same goals, but is much more direct in its approach. Either The Awesome Tigers were a well known band already (even if only regionally), or they had enough clout to work with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem. This press fact could be anything noteworthy like an NPR interview, a mention in the Huffington Post, etc. Since the artist has some clout, you can leverage it into getting more press coverage for the band.

Every email that you send to a music blogger should be personalized.

Editors personal contact information is usually readily available on their blogs, as well as information about who they are, what type of music their blog typically writes about, and what kind of submissions process they usually employ.

Mass-emailing music blogs with the CC or BCC email function is a good way to get ignored. Remember that theres a human being on the other side of the Internet thats going to open your emails and that their time is just as valuable as yours. Ignoring basic human courtesy is a fast track to getting your emails deleted before theyre even opened.

Youve got your music out there, but where should you upload your songs for a the easiest listening experience?

Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Youtube are the most popular options, most notably because they havemobile-readystreaming platforms that bloggers and writers can use when theyre not at their computer. Also, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Youtube are the easiest media players to embed into a blog post. If youre close to getting coverage, dont blow it by not having your songs already available on a popular streaming platform.

Once youve uploaded your music to a streaming platform, you should make full use of the description section of the player to make basic information about your band, links to buy songs, and links back to your website immediately available. Take a look at the descriptions of these popular artists Soundcloud and Youtube page descriptions for an idea of what to include.

Phosphorescent Song for Zula

This may sound harsh, but if youre using Reverbnation to promote your music, bloggers arent going to listen to your songs. Reverbnation, although nice in premise, is horrible in execution and bands that use the service scream I have no idea what Im doing! Make the switch to a more professional and mainstream streaming service if you want to be taken seriously.

Your press release or one-sheet isnt a substitute for human interaction. Mass emailing your press release to every industry person whose email address you can get ahold of is a good way to get ignored and blocked. Press releases and one-sheets are goodadditionalitems to send over to a person in the press, but should only be an accompaniment to your original email. Press-releases are designed to provide MORE information to the person on the receiving end of your promotional emails, not replace an initial point of contact.

One-Sheet: Most folks know what a press release is, but a one-sheet is a term most often found in radio promotion campaigns. Its exactly one piece of paper that has all of the relevant information about a band and their newest release. They are sent with CDs to radio stations so on-air DJs can have something to talk about if they need a few facts about the new album. One-sheets include release dates, track listings, mini-biographies of the band, a press photo, notable press quotes about the project, and most importantly, contact information for the publicist, promoter, manager, or band member who can answer any questions about the project. In rare cases, a radio DJ or blogger may need a last-second quote for a story theyre running, so having a phone number or email address at the bottom of a one-sheet allows them to easily contact the person in charge of the project and get the information they need.

After youve started to get coverage for a single or music video from your new album, its time to leverage that coverage into bigger placements.

As mentioned earlier, tastemaker music blogs pay attention to what other blogs are writing about. If you manage to secure a high-profile placement on a tastemaker music blog, you can use this coverage to generate even more press for that piece of content. Using similar formatting to the sample emails included in this post, you can reach out to new bloggers and mention that your new single was just included on the Huffington Posts Bands to Watch list or on a local music blog. The idea is that if someone else prominent is covering the story already, maybe they should be writing about it too

Achieving blog press is similar to working your way up a ladder. Debuting a song on your friends local music blog means you could next approach the local newspaper and say:

[Music Blog Name] here in town just debuted a single off of our new album last week and we were wondering if [Newspaper Name] would be interested in releasing the accompanying lyric video in support of our show at Cool Venue 101 on December 13?

Similarly, getting mentioned on a small to mid-sized music blog means that you can slowly find bigger blogs to write about the same piece of content. Blogs dont like to be left behind when theres something worthwhile mentioning making waves elsewhere on the Internet!

Even the best publicists in the world face rejection. Theres a good chance that youll email or call 20 different blogs before you even get a maybe and thats OK!

Prominent music writers receive upwards of 150 emails a day and can only listen to so much before they find the next thing they want to write about. Persistence helps you overcome the reality of rejection and eventually pays dividends if you stick with it.

The reality of the job is that even after youve successfully landed a high-profile music blog cover story, theres a good chance that no one else will care about covering you right away. It takes weeks and months of debuting new content, generating press interest, and sending hundreds, if not thousands, of emails to land one or two pieces of press that count.

In my early days, for every 15-20 emails I sent, I was lucky to hear back from 1 person. The 1 person I heard back from usually included a polite No thanks, but it was a start.

This is often where I see a lot of artists drop the ball on their own self-promotion efforts. Following up is as important as the first email you send!

Music blogs receive an unfathomable number of submissions each day. For them to open every single one of them would be impossible. Following up keeps your bands name at the top of their inbox and increases the likelihood that your email will be opened and your songs will be listened to.

After youve sent your initial email, wait 4-5 days before sending a follow-up email to ask the blogger if theyve had a chance to listen to your songs yet and if theyd be interested in covering the story.

Just wanted to follow up with you to see if youd had a chance to listen to [BAND NAME] yet and if [BLOG NAME] would be interested in debuting the single from our new album?

Following up is probably more important to getting noticed than the initial contact emails. Why? As Ive mentioned already, bloggers are inundated with (sometimes) hundreds of emails every single day. Following up bumps you back to the top of their inbox and shows that a little persistence means youre not sending mass emails.

Alright, so weve talked about why music blogs write about what they do, why you shouldnt be eager to put your music out there without some planning, why exclusivity matters, what kinds of stories you should be telling, how your emails should be structured, where your music should be hosted, and how to follow up with bloggers to make sure your music gets heard. PHEW!

Whats next? Ive put together an album release schedule of sorts that will help you organize your thoughts and plans to successfully release your music. I like to take things slowly to not get overwhelmed by the size of a full campaign.

Week 1:Decide on the singles, videos, and tour dates youll be promoting and focus on one at a time. Taking on too much at once can be overwhelming and could mean you drop the ball on one or more facets of the overall campaign. The first week should also be used to prepare all of the assets we talked about earlier (biography, press photos, streaming links,

Week 2:If its your first time promoting your own music, I suggest finding 100-15o music blogs and magazines that youd be interested in having cover your story. Obviously, you wont get on all of them, but if 5-10% of them respond, youll be on a good start for your next release.

Week 3:Design a release schedule for the next 3 months. Your release schedule should have something coming out every 2-3 weeks (traditionally). That means having a new single or video ready for release at regular intervals so you can always be chasing new press opportunities from the 100-150 press outlets you chose in the previous week. Sending emails to the same publications for multiple debut opportunities increases your name recognition and could eventually lead to a placement.

Week 4:Its almost time to start emailing, but before you get the ball moving you should mail out any physical copies of your album for review by magazines (see above) and get your ducks in a row. This involves double checking that all of your bands press materials are ready on your band website, all of your streaming music and video links are still active, and that your contact information for bloggers is accurate.

Week 5-8:Now the fun begins. You can use week 5 to email 10-15 blogs every few days to ask if theyd like to debut the first single from your new album or your new music video, etc. Dont email more than 10-15 at a time. What if you hear back from a major publication like Pitchfork on that Wednesday with a Yes, wed love to debut the song!? It would suck to email 150 music blogs, get 20 Yes replies to your debut request and have to tell 19 of them that youre backing out of your offer. In week 6-8 youll continue emailing publications of varying sizes to try and land an elusive debut-placement. Remember, this may just be in your local fan-zine!

Week 9-12:Leverage the success you got in the last step to tell all of the 100-150 music bloggers in your target list about the successful coverage you got and ask if theyd also be interested in covering that same song! If Pitchfork likes it, they might as well, right? After youve gotten your first debut and told all of the other bloggers about your success to see if theyd also like to listen to your song and feature it on their own music blog, start using song 2 or video 2 for another debut. At this point, youll probably start to hear back from some of the blogs that ignored your first request. You may start seeing No thanks or Maybe, but nothing definitive. Remember to followup!

Week 13-16:The last 4 weeks of your promotional campaign will help you tie off any loose ends. Youve now debuted (hopefully) 2 pieces of content for your new album or project and are working on landing some final press. Follow up with everyone you can to squeeze all of the promotional life you can out of the last 2 pieces of content and use a final song, video, or big show announcement to drum up final coverage. Leverage all of the previous mentions youve gotten into doing everything just short of begging for a major press outlet to cover your band. If youve gotten your local newspaper and a big-ish music blog to write about you, make a push for the publications you thought may be out of your reach!

I hope this has been helpful. I really do. This is the longest post Ive ever written, so I hope youre able to successfu

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There is a vast array of options in the Internet arsenal; these are just a few and we are always expanding upon them.

As listeners get more and more frustrated by less choices on their local radio stations, they find a world of choices on the web. Broadcasting over the Internet transcends the limits of terrestrial broadcasting and listenership is growing. Traditional radio stations reach local and sometimes regional areas while Internet Radio Stations are reaching a worldwide audience. We promote to the best and brightest of online radio stations because the monthly Internet radio audience represents an estimated 137 million Americans and the estimated weekly is nearly 120 million Americans. According to the new Arbitron Webcast Ratings, currently measuring 2,233 stations and channels, tens of thousands of people are now tuning into online radio stations at work, at home and at play and that number is compounding. Out of the total Internet radio listenership 3% are 12-17, 14% are 18-24, 61% are 25-44 years old. These Internet channels represent more than 16,800,000 total hours of listening in one month alone,which means:

40% of Americans have listened to Internet radio at least once (over 90 million Americans over age 12)

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