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This spring, we were fortunate to have four awesome interns join the Nextdoor team. Our spring interns typically take a semester off of

Challenges of monitoring sparse data, and what to do about it.

Challenges of monitoring sparse data, and what to do about it.

Whether youre starting a new company or adding a new feature in your existing product, I strongly recommend adding metric monitoring early

Our app has been around since summer of 2013 (codebase since late 2012). It was 100% Objective-C and our dependency manager was Cocoapods

Summary of 22 product-engineering patterns that college didnt teach me

Summary of 22 product-engineering patterns that college didnt teac…

Working at Nextdoor, Im always surrounded by super talented people. Many of our early employees and founders came from companies like

3 Hard Lessons from Scaling Continuous Deployment to a Monolith with 70+ Engineers

3 Hard Lessons from Scaling Continuous Deployment to a Monolith wit…

Like many successful tech startups (Instagram, Slack, New Relic, and many more) a large portion of Nextdoor is a monolithic application

We build our own (simple) cron-replacement and we are extremely happy with it.

How Nextdoor made a 10x improvement in release times with Docker and Amazon ECS

How Nextdoor made a 10x improvement in release times with Docker an…

At the beginning of 2016, Nextdoor production releases took about an hour. That is to say, once all the code in the new release was tested

Unit testing Apache Spark with py.test

Unit testing Apache Spark with py.test

Nextdoor uses Apache Spark (mostly PySpark) in production to process and learn from voluminous event data. Sparks API (especially the

Nextdoor Taskworker: Simple, Efficient Scalable

Nextdoor Taskworker: Simple, Efficient Scalable

Meet the Interns  Spring 2017 Edition

At Nextdoor, few things get us more excited than the arrival of a new class of interns. In

At Nextdoor, the data team usesto orchestrate data transfer between various data sources and data lake, our central data store. In this post, I will talk about one particular challenge we faced when we started migrating to Airflow

Mobile app releases pose a number of challenges to teams trying to move fast. This is how Nextdoor moves with mobile.

Mobile engineers at Nextdoor want to push releases of mobile apps as often as web. The nature of mobile poses several challenges that

You can log some of the events all of the time, or log all of the events some of the time, but you cant log all the events all of the time.

In a production environment, you cant log everything. Not only can logging at a DEBUG level

For me, part of the allure of small companies and startups has always been that the delta between what they are today and what they can become tomorrow is often very large. Bridging this delta is where the risks, inherent

In a followup to our last blog post that discussed monitoring, this time around well discuss monitoring.

In keeping with our data-oriented infrastructure here at Nextdoor, its not surprising that

As Nextdoors codebase grows were looking forward to the challenges of managing its size and complexity. The approaches

Communication through messaging is integral to our lives. Here is how Nextdoor uses messages for useful automations.

After Nextdoor started using Slack for chat, many things evolved: a huge number of webhooks got set up, over

Nextdoor app is as strongitneighbors

read an article in the New York Times about an app called, which hosts social networks for neighborhoods. The writer said it had helped her feel more connected.

I live in what I considered a pretty connected place, with the kinds of people who will let out your dogs if you are delayed at a kids sports tournament and who hold weekly happy hours in summer. Still, I downloaded the app and joined the fairly new Nextdoor community in our neighborhood, which had 15 members. I glanced at the postings when the app forwarded them by email, but nothing really caught my attention.

Turns out, I had skipped the step that makes Nextdoor work: I hadnt invited anyone to join the community.

One winter day, I saw a message in Nextdoor about someone who had lost a couple of dogs. Shortly thereafter, I received a message from our homeowners association saying that someone had found a dog. It was like a Venn diagram, and I appeared to be the only one in the overlap. I put the two parties in touch, and the dog was reunited with its owner(the other dog was found via another Nextdoor overlap, this one involving a book club). I belatedly realized how useful Nextdoor could be.

The HOA board sent an invitation to its 100-plus members, and they started inviting other neighbors, and so on. The list has grown to 83 members and counting, and is much more active. When you add in surrounding communities (Nextdoor offers an option to see posts from other neighborhoods), there are hundreds of people within a few miles who can post and see posts about public safety, items for sale, events, garage sales, service ratings, nonprofit collections and more.I found a method to stop robocalls that Im eager to try. One of my new Nextdoor neighbors said she found a badly needed babysitter. A person with spare Kodak slide carousels even found someone who needed them.

One new member wondered if the app would still be enjoyable once its fully monetized. I put this excellent question to the companys communications associate, Anne Dreshfield. She assured me that Nextdoor would always be free to its members and more than 1,300 partner agencies across the United States such as police departments that use the app to keep residents informed. (Note: While some users say this aspect of the app improves safety, others say it can contribute to racial profiling.)

All Dreshfield would reveal about monetizing was, We anticipate creating a better way for members to discover the local businesses and service providers. Sounds like ads could show up in our feeds one day.

Nextdoor is more beneficial than I first realized. Lets hope it stays that way.

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REVIEWS BOTTOM LINE:Excellent way to share news, questions and concerns with neighbors.

Elizabeth Chang, an editor in the Lifestyle sections of The Washington Post, has also been an editor in the magazine and has written for a variety of sections, including the magazine, Travel, Outlook, Book World and Style.

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