What are Army enlisted cutoff scores for November

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HRC has it posted OCT 22. Unfortunately there is an error with the webpage. When you click the hyperlink it tries to take you to an external site. The page wont load from that point. Plus, its the weekend so they probably wont be fixing the issue until monday.

When did Prince Harry enlist for the Army?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nOn 8 May 2005, the Prince entered the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. There, he was known as Officer Cadet Wales instead of using his royal title, and was part of Alamein Company.

When were women allowed to enlist into the army?

When the Army estabilished the Women Army Auxiliary Corps in 1942. Nurses had previously served in the army before this, however.. Wikipedia has a post with the details, and a link is provided.

It depends which country you live in and where you have citizenship. But if youre a US citizen, residing in the US, you can get a lot of information about enlisting in the army…and even apply online at .

Disability allowed by the army to enlist?

Realistically it depends on what the disability is for, you have to consider if you are current receiving disability you are restricted from preforming certain tasks which could prevent you from preforming duties within the Army. Contact a local recruiter and find out from them. Most likely you will not be permitted to enlist unless you can prove you no longer require the disability and or will be required to give up your disability.

How old do you have to be to enlist in the army to go to war?

If it has not changed, 18 with either a high school education or GED. A 17 year old with education (GED or HS diploma) may enter with the signature of a parent or guardian.

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When you enlist in the army when do you get your signing bonus?

When you complete all training requirements YOU choose within you contract, report and in process to your first duty assignment you will then receive your signing bonus. At that time if you will only receive the first $10,000.00 up front then after taxes are taken out you are looking at about $7,777.00. For those who will receive over a $10,000.00 bonus the remaining portion will be divided by the remaining years you have in service and will be paid out to you on the anniversary date of the initial bonus payment date.

After enlisting in the army when will you start?

Depends on you ship date, it is on you Delayed Entry Program (DEP) contract, that is the date of you Base Army Service Date (BASD).

Can you enlist in the army at seventeen?

Yes you can, as long as you are either a High School current Junior (within good standing) looking at the Army Reserves or a current Senior (expecting to Graduate that year) looking at either the Active Duty or Reserves. You will need to have parental consent by all legal guardians.

The Army enlistment is based on how many years that you want to sign up for. Each person choses the amount of time they serve unless they go to college then they owe the time they were in school and a specific amount more.

maybe, maybe not.. Answer . As your question implies, most Army pilots in WW2 were Officers. I presume pilots could be enlisted or either Warrant Officers(one rank below a Lieutenant). I am almost sure this rank existed in WW2. (Warrant Officers were quite common for helicopter pilots of Viet Nam War.). One example of an enlisted pilot is found in a book Alone and Unarmed, by Ernest Kowalik.. Staff Sgt. Ernest Kowalik was a Army pilot for the 88th Divisions artillery and was the only pilot who was not an officer in this division. He flew an L-4 Piper Cub to spot for the artillery; he was the pilot and also acted as the observer. This is a great account of the experiences of an Army pilot in Italy.. Im sure there were others who rose through the ranks and earned their wings.

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What is the fee to avoid enlistment in the army?

There are two forms of enlistment: volunteer and forced. To avoid volunteer enlistment, simply dont enlist – you need to sign a form and make the application, so just dont do it. Free and simple. Forced enlistment, or conscription or military service, is unavoidable. If you have been selected, you have to do it (pending medical or conscience reasons). Paying people to let you off the hook is tantamount to bribery, and illegal.

What felonies will keep you from enlisting in the army?

As of right now, most if not all Felonies will prevent one from enlisting in to the Army, keep in mind most convicted felonies are not permitted by law to carry or own a firearm.

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Why did John Simpson enlist in the army?

John Simpson Kirkpatrick, at the outbreak of World War I, immediately joined the Australian Army Medical Corps as a stretcher bearer under the name of Jack Simpson.

What are the enlistment requirements for the US Army?

Minimum 17.5 years of age with parental concent, 18 without. . High school graduate (some GEDs are accepted). . No criminal history of convictions (most misdemeanors are waiverable, as are some felony convictions). . good physical health. . Ability to pass the Army Physical Training Test. . ASVAB GT Score of 90 or higher (some MOSs have higher individual GT score requirements). As of 20 May 2010: * Be between the age of 17 years old and 42 years old * Be a High School Senior or Graduate, College student * GED with 15 college hours or more * Not have any major law violations (no felonies, drug related, multiple DUIs), not currently accepting law violation waivers * Meet the current Height/Weight screening tables or meet 26% body fat for males or 30% body fat for females * Be able to pass the ASVAB with a score of 31 or higher * Have the personal desire and commitment to enlist As the enlistment rules and regulations change without prior notification, it is always best to consult with a local recruiter to determine eligibility. Do your own research prior to your appointment and take notes.

Can you be 17 to enlist in the army?

You can, as long as you have parental consent (parents must sign a consent form) and be a High School Senior in good standing or expecting to graduate with your class.

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What are the US Army promotion cutoff scores for July 2009?

The points are not out yet for any MOS but you can check the scores by going to the related link below, you should see the link on the left side bar.

If you have a bench warrant can you enlist in the army?

No, all court actions, traffic tickets, probations etc… must be complete and all fines must be paid. If in the past you have had warrants for what ever reason and they are taken care off you will not have any issues.

Can you enlist in the army with a misdemeanor charge?

Depends on the charge, as long as it has nothing to do with drugs you should be good as of 20 May 2010. Your best bet is to consult with a local recruiter and allow them the opportunity to check the current regulations and rules.

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Yes, once they have completed their duty in the Army. They can then sign an enlistment contract with the Navy. While they probably wont keep their army rank, they do have the benefit of years in service and the experience, which will likely get them promoted faster..

How are Army enlistment bonuses paid?

Enlistment bonuses are paid to you through your Direct Deposit after you have successfully completed all training requirements YOU agreed to complete within you initial enlistment contract. If you are to receive a $20,000.00 sign on bonus for a 5 year enlistment in a specific job, you will receive $10,000.00 (minus taxes) once you have completed your training requirements and have in-processed in to your first duty station, the remaining $10,000.00 will be divided up and paid on the anniversary date of the initial bonus payment for the remaining 4 years. ($2,500.00 a year minus taxes for the remaining 4 years)

What are the cutoff scores for october 2009 for the army?

They get released between the 21st and 25th of the Month. Todays the 21st and so far only the guard and reserves scores have been posted.

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Can you enlist in the Army with ADHD?

Yes, but it is a case by case basis, and you may need a medical waiver to do so.

What is the cutoff age for the army?

As of right now for a person who is Non-prior Service (never enlisted in any branch of service) the Armys cut off age is 42. However the age is set at 42 years old but the individual must leave for Basic Combat Training prior to the 42 Birthday. For a person who has Prior Service (has previously enlisted in a branch of service and holds a honorable discharge) there is a math mathematical equation that must be done to determine eligibility. It is based on the previous years of Active Federal Service and your current age. You must be able to retire by 62 years old.

Can a felon enlist in Army reserves?

As of now, the US Army and Army Reserves is not accepting those who have felony charges, however it does not prevent you from contacting a local recruiter and let them know your charges and see if they can work something.

You can maintain power over people as long as you give them something. Rob a man of everything and that man will no longer be in your power.

Can a parent enlist their child into the army?

No. Enlistment is voluntary only. The parent may encourage the child, may leave the child no other option other than poverty and life on the streets, if that child is 17.5 years old that is, but the parent cannot enlist the child.

What is the cutoff score for e5 air force?

The qualifying score for this test is 36. You will have to passeach of the 8 tests to qualify.

Did the US Army try an enlist criminals?

The US Army does not seek out criminals, however if they meet the current qualifications on moral screening then yes, the US Army will pursue that Applicant for enlistment, as long as that is what that person wants to do. Also the word criminal is translated differently between each person, to me anyone who breaks the law is deemed a criminal (that includes traffic tickets), to others is might be someone who has been CONVICTED of a Felony Offense.

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Does the army still enlist drummerboys?

They enlist musicians for military bands, but the Civil War (and earlier) era drummer boys marching in front of the regiment is a thing of the past.

Are you emancipated if enlisted in the army?

No, for those who are 17 years old you must have a legal guardian give a parental consent or have a legal emancipation prior to you enlistment.

What happens when you enlist in the army at 17?

Nothing. Typically a person who enlists at the age of 17 years old is still attending high school. This allows these individuals the time and opportunity to complete their high school requirements prior to basic training at which time they should be 18 years old. Now there are some additional restrictions for the enlistment process; 1. Both parents (or sole guardian with supporting documents from a court) must sign the parental consent. 2. Certain jobs have age restrictions at the time of completing basic training. The parental consent form authorizes the applicant to process for enlistment. Recruiters want the parents of all applicants to be a part of the enlistment process regardless of their age (17-26 years old typically). Parents/Guardians are not giving up any parental rights, only approving their minor son or daughters desire to enlist. The best thing you can do is to discuss all options available, including going together to speak to the recruiters of all military branches of interest

What regulation cover army enlistments or re enlistments?

Army Regulation 601-210 covers Active and Reserve Components Enlistment Army Regulation 601-280 covers Army Rentention Program

What are the enlisted promotion cutoff scores for July 2010 for the US Army?

The points are not out yet for any MOS but you can check the scores by going to the related link below, you should see the link on the left side bar.

It vaires by Rank and Years in Service: Base monthly pay: . Paygrade .

Should you enlist in the army or enlist in the airforce?

This is a personal decision based on what you hope to do and hope to gain from the experience. While the Army can mean you may see more places, the Air Force usually assigns service members to installations for longer durations. This can provide stability if you have a family with you. Many Army MOSs translate very closely to civilian jobs, but most Air Force jobs are directly related to those in the civilian work force. Both will teach you discipline. Both will give you opportunity to learn.

Can you be enlisted into US army now?

The US Army, like the other US Military branches are an all volunteer fighting force, which means you have to volunteer to enlist. With your consent, being able to pass the ASVAB and physical you can then be enlisted into the Army.

What are the enlisted promotion cut off scores for November 2010?

The enlisted scores are posted as of 22 OCT but the website is not display the page. The website is hrc.army.mil.

What are the November 2010 army promotion cut off scores for 13B?

556 for PZ 571 for SZ those are for E5 for E6 its 798 for both PZ and SZ

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What is a junior enlisted army soldier?

They hold the rank of Private through Specialist. Basically, any enlisted soldier whose rank is below that of a noncommissioned officer.

What is cutoff scores for 88mic January 2011?

the scores come out on the army times. you just have to give it a day or so.

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What are the requirements for enlistment in the Army Reserves?

Same as they are for the Regular Army or any other military branch – 17 years old (with parental consent, or 18 without), no felonies or high level misdemeanor charges, able to pass the pre-enlistment physical and drug screen, US citizen or foreign national from an approved list of countries who has established permanent residence and has declared an intent to obtain citizenship, no history of mental illness.

How long is the enlistment for a cook in the army?

Average enlistments are from 1-6 years, from recruitment. But, you will be obligated for 8 years so lets say you enlist for 5 dont like it and dont reenlist then you go home after 5 years you still owe the army 3 more year, you will be put in the IRR (inactive ready reserve) and can be called upon at any givin time in that three years. (not saying you will or wont) that is the law.

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When does the army pay you your enlistment bonus?

You have to go to the main finance office on post and file for it. If your chain of command is unable to direct you to it, your units S1 office will certainly know where it is.

What are the army promotion cutoff scores be for December 2011?

The cutoff scores have not been released yet. Hopefully, they will be on Nov 23rd. Check the HRC website for the scores.

When did Glenn Miller enlist in the Army?

He was officially commissioned as a captain in the Army Air Forces on October 7, 1942.

When are the December 2011 cutoff scores coming out?

Monthly promotion scores are posted between the 21st and 25th of every month give or take a day due to thanksgiving the scores will most likely post tomorrow somtime through out the day if not you will have to wait till the 29th

Why does Paul Baumer enlist in the army.?

because Kantorek, their old school teacher, influenced them saying that becoming part of the German Army is honorable and such.

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What is the 2012 msgt cutoff score for 2a6x1?

Not sure what 2A6X1 is supposed to be, but promotions for E7 and above dont use the points system the way promotions for E5 and E6 do…

What are the 10th grade SHSAT cutoff scores?

The department of education does not release the cutoff scores to the public. However, the averages range from 472 for Brooklyn Latin to 565 for Stuyvesant.

What are the enlisted ranks in the army?

Private, Private First Class, Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant,Sergeant First Class, Master Sergeant, First Sergeant, SergeantMajor, Command Sergeant Major, And Sergeant Major Of The Army

What are Army enlisted cutoff scores for November?

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