Top 100 Pop Culture Trends for 2018

Awareness-Raising Toddler Photography

The New Sports Illustrated Cover Features the Iconic Serena Williams

From Sci-Fi Show Pop-Ups to Meme-Inspired Ads

Pop culture trends in 2018 will reveal the continued dominance of Netflix in the content it creates and markets, as well as Internet culture manifesting outside of social media.

Netflixs ability to create and push out content that reaches millions has had an enormous influence on pop cultural trends this past year, a trend that will likely continue into 2018 as the company continues to expand its horizons. One particularly influential example is its original series Stranger Things, which has resulted in memes, cult followings, and individuals being inspired by the series to create businesses like The Upside Down — a bar inspired by the show.

Meme culture on the Internet is in full effect and has been for years, but brands are just now beginning to adopt it into the way they create products and market themselves. Examples include the Glamspin figdet spinner lip balm, as well as Guccis recent meme-inspired ad campaign.

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These Han And Chewbacca Heels Pay Tribute To A Legendary Friendship

Kuraudia Co. Launched an Officially Licensed Line of Princess Dresses

This Kendall + Kylie Swimwear Line Features an 80s Aesthetic

Socialite-Made Camouflage Merchandise

The New Kylie Jenner Camo Series Features Underwear and More

From Mom-Connecting Video Chats to Pet-Streaming Networks

Top 35 Social Media Trends in April

From Digital Instagram Models to Cyberbullying Education

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Pop Culture

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Artist-Celebrating Casual StreetwearThe Spring/Summer 2018 casual streetwear offerings by Calvin Kleins Jeans imprint has distinct pop art connotations. The label collaborated with the Andy Warhol Foundation and produced a… (GALLERY)

Multi-Sensory Mini Golf ExperiencesNewtowns Mini Golf Bar Holey Moley Takes It to the Next LevelHoley Moley proves that exciting mini golf bars are not just a thing of the past. Featuring 18 holes of the craziest course, the venue is located in Newtown, Australia. The decor of…

Rapture Rejects is Based on Cyanide & HappinessCyanide & Happiness became one of the most popular and successful webcomics thanks to its particular brand of twisted humor, and Rapture Rejects is a new video game…

Post-Apocalyptic Gaming MemorabiliaThe Pip-Boy 2000 Construction Kit Contains Fallout 76 ReplicasGaming company Bethesdas Fallout is one of the most successful video game franchises of the past decade plus, and ahead of the latest release, the company is giving fans the…

Brad Ascalon Channels the Golden Age in His Collab with Nude GlassA 60s-inspired mixology collection is New York-based designer Brad Ascalons contribution to Nude Glass new installment of lead-free crystal glass. With a sleek aesthetic…

Nestle Launched Light Ice Creams from Dreyers and Edys in Fun TubsNestle Ice Cream licensed the Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman characters from DC Comics to create three light ice creams from its Edys and Dreyers brands. The fun flavors for comic…

Gatorades Short Film Tells the Inspiring Story of Lionel MessiGizmo Studio created an inspiring short film commercial for Gatorade, titled Heart of a Lio. The animated plot follows the coming of age and the career development of one of the most…

Uniqlo and Weekly Shonen Jump Dropped Holiday-Themed Graphic TeesJapanese lifestyle imprint Uniqlo worked with Weekly Shonen Jump once again to release a range of referential UT graphic t-shirts. This time, the two are celebrating Fathers Day with a series…

From Royal Wedding Smartphones to Sitcom-Themed LEGO SetsJune 2018 pop culture trends are being influenced by the recent royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and also see influences from the past on current products/services. An example…

Cartoon-Inspired Skateboarding CollectionsPrimitve Skateboarding Made a Rick and Morty CapsuleAfter its venture into the manga universe with a Dragon Ball Z-themed capsule, California-based Primitive Skateboarding is looking to intergalactic multiverses for its latest skateboarding collection….

From Futuristic Performance Sneakers to Punk-Inspired SandalsFeatured in this selection of June 2018 shoe trends are multiple options from designer sneakers and high-tech running shoes to summer-ready youth sandals and sleek dress shoes. Designer footwear…

From Fanny Pack-Infused Slides to Comfy Bread-Shaped SofasThese June 2018 unique products and experiences are bound to peak everyones interest. From the oddness of the royal family-themed swimsuits to the adorable functionality of the mechanically…

From On-Campus Cookie Giveaways to Branded Baseball SnacksThe publics perception of the company is an integral part of any business and this list of June 2018 branding trends is a broad mix of strategies that send the right message. While some…

The Star Wars Han Solo Sabacc Card Game is Authentically InspiredThe Star Wars Han Solo Sabacc Card Game has been unveiled by Hasbro as an authentic pastime from the Star Wars universe that will enable players to battle it out to win the iconic Millennium Falcon….

The Nickelodeon Green Slime Sauce Ketchup is Unexpectedly ColoredThe Nickelodeon Green Slime Sauce Ketchup has been unveiled as a new condiment product for consumers to enjoy in place of the traditionally red-colored product to delight children and adults alike….

Tales of Wedding Rings VR is a New Manga Experience from Square EnixSqaure Enix is introducing its newly released Tales of Wedding Rings VR as a unique and brand-new kind of manga experience, as it blends elements of 3D-rendered anime…

The Ben & Jerrys Bluths Banana Stand Sundae is Limited-EditionThe Ben & Jerrys Bluths Banana Stand Sundae is a new dessert available at the brands Scoop Shops that will allow fans of the show Arrested Development to indulge their sweet…

Schwinn Created the Limited-Edition Mikes Bike Inspired by Stranger ThingsThe third season of Stranger Things is currently in production and to hold fans over until then, Schwinn created a limited-edition bicycle called Mikes Bike that pays tribute to the retro…

Seattle International Film Festivals VR Zone is Highly AnticipatedDuring its news report on a local VR Film Festival, The Seattle Times equates virtual realitys integration into the world of cinema to Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat the…

Artist-Celebrating Casual StreetwearCalving Klein Jeans Taps into Andy Warhol for Its Latest LineThe Spring/Summer 2018 casual streetwear offerings by Calvin Kleins Jeans imprint has distinct pop art connotations. The label collaborated with the Andy Warhol Foundation and produced a…

Artist-Honoring Limited Sneaker ReleasesAdidas & BEYOND THE STREETS Pay Tribute to Shepard FaireyWith a limited sneaker release of the signature Samba ADV, adidas Skateboarding and BEYOND THE STREETS celebrate famous street artist Shepard Fairey. The model is done in collaboration between the…

Facebooks Lip Sync Live Feature Lets Users Become RockstarsFacebooks new Lip Sync Live feature is perhaps one of the most fun things the social media giant has ever rolled out. The new feature works with Facebooks camera effects and includes…

Tetsuya Mizuguchi Updated Tetris to Be More Visually EngagingOne of the most iconic retro arcade games from the 80s is coming back into the rotation with a visual twist. Designed for the PlayStation 4 counsel, the Tetris Effect is trippier and…

/Nyden Created Gen Z-Targeted Styles with Dua Lipa & Justine SkyeFollowing its various prelaunch collections, H&Ms /Nyden label introduced a line of influencer fashion with a series of co-creators who are prominent social media stars. For its newest…

imwith messenger Helps with Finding the Best HumorFor todays youth, memes are a primary means of communication, and imwith messenger is a tool that helps people to get the most out of the memes that they post and share. The app…Non-traditional art tributes to music performers create deeper connectionsImplications – Artists and brands alike are cultivating reputable art pieces in honor of prominent hip-hop and rap figures, working to engage with fans and deepen cultural connectivity in non-conventional ways. Whether an artist is creating a new comic book, or a brand is erecting statues in commemoration, leveraging idiosyncratic outlets expands music culture and fandom in unseen and inspiring ways.[More]

Top Pop Culture Trends For 2018

Are you a self-confessed pop culture nerd? If you love cult TV series, including Stranger Things and are keen to feast your eyes on the latest Avengers Movie or releases such as Black Panther, then you will be pleased to hear that 2018 promises a whole new host of exciting trends. The way that we watch our favorite series and keep up to date with information is changing, meaning that retro pop culture is fast becoming a thing of the past. However, worry not if you still feel that Pac Man rocks your world, as you can still enjoy the finer pop culture icons while keeping tabs on the latest must-haves and must-see series and movies.

If you havent visited a panic room or escape room experience yet this year, then have you been living under a rock? This is the ultimate in must-do activities for any pop culture fan, ideal if you have a big group of friends that you love spending time with and doing exciting activities. Check outEvansville Escape Roomwhere you have to solve a series of puzzles and games to escape within a given time period. Its fast-paced, seriously old-school fun all in an enclosed space, so make sure that you get panicking and put the results on your Instagram feed.

You may hate working out, and perhaps the idea of spending time in the gym brings you out in a cold sweat before you have even got started, but this year sports are cool. From fashion to your Instagram or social media feed, be prepared to start getting your retro sportswear out of the closet and embracing the great outdoors you may even be surprised at the results also. When it comes topop culture trendsgetting active is now the epitome of 2018 cool, so make sure that you start getting up and out there, and be sure to share the results with your friends or social media followers.

A whole host of popular movie favorites are now being released and hitting the big screen, so make sure that you get the popcorn and sodas in and enjoy spending time at the movies. From Paddington 2 to Mary Poppins and even the new Avengers release, make sure that you grab your friends and take time to head to the cinema and relive the movies that made your childhood, and teenage years, extra special.

This 2018, pop culture trends are starting to shift, but worry not, the past is still cool and very much part of the present. Visit a panic or escape room for the ultimate in old-school fun with your friends. Make sure that you get your activewear out of the closet and enjoy getting physical but share it on your social media too. Finally, be sure to book a few trips to the cinema and make sure that you catch new releases of your favorite childhood movies with a new, modern twist.

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Innovative tools and apps helping shoppers maximize benefits and discounts

Digital personalities are crossing over to celebrity status

An entire culture is created around the idea of music festivals

Growing obsession with making photos look antique

Consumers drawn to image-based social networks & sites

Pastel hues and sweet images appeal to youthful sensibilities

Fashion embraces mismatched prints & patterns for eccentricity

Immortalizing popular figures by turning them into figurines

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ePop Culture Trend Pdictions 2016

These Are Our Pop Culture Predictions For 2016

Yes, a new year means resolving to be harder, better, faster, stronger. But its also about predicting what will happen in the world of entertainment at least it is if you ask us.

In 2015, a few ofour forecastscame true. Adelemade her return. Feminismmade its mark. Girl gangstriumphed. Rihannamaintained her dominanceover our hearts and minds. And of course, Taylor Swiftmade headlines daily.

But as we look at this upcoming year, we have more singular prophecies in mind. Where 2015 may have been about broader moments in all of pop culture, we have our eyes on specific, individual events for 2016. Were no psychics, but weve got a feeling in our bones that these are the highlights awaiting us.

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