These fine quality switches are being used in many aircraft. They provide on and off electrical control of both magnetos on single engine aircraft. The key-operated switches mount from rear of panel in 7/8 dia. hole. Available with or without starter position.

With Starter Position. Supplied w/switch plate two keys. (diode included) A-510-2

The screws provided are very short and when you have to place multiple terminal ends on one connection (ground wire and 2 shielded wires from the P leads onto the 1 ground stud) they are inadequate. If we had not had longer screws leftover from a previous install (from a Bendix unit) wed have had an issue completing the installation. Performance of the switch is as expected with very positive yet smooth movement from Both to Left and Right mag positions when accomplishing a mag check.

Is it possible to get the connection diagram for the terminals on the back of the A510-2? I want to connect my Hobbs meter to it so Hobbs meter only runs when Master *and* ignition are both on. Is this possible with the A510-2?

Please see the Documents tab of this web page. There is a link to the Installation Diagram. This will provide all available terminal connection information for this ACS keyed ignition switch.

This switch (11-03170) is rated at 2 amps in a 12V system, or 1 amp in a 24V system.

Does the jumper for terminal 1 come with the switch?

Yes, there is a jumper cable included with P/N 11-03170 switch.

What is the start function contact ratings? What is maximum voltage?

Momentary on function on start (spring-return to both). Current through BAT & S terminals is 2 amps inductive at 12 volts or 1 amp inductive at 24 volts. Current through L and R magneto grounding circuits is less than 0.5 amps. Open circuit voltage is 300 volts.

What is the proper instrument panel cutout hole size required to install the ASC Keyed Ignition Switch A-510-2?

The O.D. of the threads are approx. 7/8, but you will want to have a notch in the hole so the switch does not rotate. The drawing is in the documents tab.

What is the warranty on this ACS ignition A-510-2 switch?

What are the overall dimensions of this switch?

This is 2.28 length and 2.23 at its widest point.

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