20 Top Promotional Marketing Animaon Video Examples

Promotional marketing is a strategy used by companies with the help of videos to promote and advertise their businesses and services. Using visually attractive and engaging promotional marketing videos, various companies and brands have reaped great benefits and have carried out successful digital marketing campaigns.

In this article we look at 20 top promotional marketing animation video examples that are on the spot. Watch these top promotional marketing animation video examples to get ideas for marketing your own offering. Here we go :

Facebook Promotional Marketing Animation

Category : Social Media Platform Promotional Marketing Example

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms that allows people to share and live their lifes best moments with their friends and family. It has also helped diversify and increase the bonding between global communities, allowing them to share knowledge and ideas, enabling a better-informed environment around the digital world. The promotional marketing animation shows us how Facebook has helped change the world little by little, making it a better place.

Opera Max Promotional Marketing Animation

Category : Data Management App Promotional Marketing Example

Opera Max is a free, data-management data-saving app that extends your data plan. With Opera Max, you can easily manage your data not only on Wi-Fi networks but on mobile networks, as well. It provides data savings by compressing videos, photos, media and more on almost all of your favorite apps and websites without any noticeable loss of quality. The promotional marketing animation shows how Opera Max helps you save data, manage your apps and, browse faster on slow WiFi and mobile networks.

Oracle Promotional Marketing Animation

Category : ERP Solution Promotional Marketing Example

Streamline your enterprise business processes with Oracle ERP cloud. With ERP Cloud Financials, Procurement, Project Portfolio Management and more, you can increase productivity, lower costs, and improve controls. The promotional marketing animation highlights on key major features of the software.

Employer D Promotional Marketing Animation

Category : Payroll Solutions Promotional Marketing Example

Management of employees and their payroll can be a repetitive task that requires a lot of knowledge updation and time. Employer D payroll solutions give you a customized approach to help you manage your human resources and payroll simply and efficiently. The promotional marketing animation shows how easily and effectively Employer D manages employees and their payrolls.

Snow Promotional Marketing Animation

Category : Mobility Management Promotional Marketing Example

Snow Device Manager is a complete mobile device management solution that handles the full lifecycle of smartphones and tablets. It extends the high levels of control and oversight already applied to desktops, datacenters and cloud computing to mobile devices. The promotional marketing animation highlights it as a complete mobile device management solution that handles the full lifecycle of devices.

Carspring Promotional Marketing Animation

Category : Car Dealership Promotional Marketing Example

Carspring is an online used car dealership, that makes buying a used car as simple as it can possibly be. By leaving nothing to chance, everything is meticulously inspected, cleaned and double-checked so that your car arrives to you in the best possible condition. The promotional marketing animation assures that even if something does go wrong, Carspring has got you completely covered.

FlexShift Promotional Marketing Animation

Category : Staffing Solution Promotional Marketing Example

FlexShift lets you plan ahead for worst case scenarios, schedule the right person for the job, and make an easily accessible schedule for your staff. Even better, when you find yourself short staffed, simply book skilled temps through it to balance your regular workforce. The promotional marketing animation showcases how FlexShift makes your work easier!

Taste Analytics Promotional Marketing Animation

Category : Trend Analytics Solution Promotional Marketing Example

Taste Analytics uses augmented intelligence to interpret the trends and patterns in data produced by digital platforms to understand the engagement and word on the street about your companys product or service. It mostly uses unstructured data to find hidden insights in big data, trying to unveil unknown influencers for the business decisions and other strategies. Taste Analytics can be used to figure out data based on various factors, using product reviews, feedback forms, online emotions tied to your product or service as shown in the promotional marketing animation.

PayPal Promotional Marketing Animation

Category : Online Payment Solution Promotional Marketing Example

If you are looking for a fast, secure and an easy way to pay online and on mobile, then PayPal is your pal. Whether youre on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, PayPal lets you pay with just a few clicks. It is the most secure way to pay and receive payments worldwide, as shown in the promotional marketing animation.

OrboTech Promotional Marketing Animation

Category : Smart Factory Promotional Marketing Example

Orbotech is a leading provider of process innovation technologies, solutions and equipment serving the global electronics manufacturing industry. SmartFactory, with a production line that self-analyzes, self-corrects and predicts possible production failures. The promotional marketing animation showcases how Orbotech self-adjusts and tracks the production record of every PCB.

Webflow Promotional Marketing Animation

Category : CMS Promotional Marketing Example

Webflow gives professional designers and developers the power to launch customized and dynamic websites while writing a clean, semantic code for you. Webflow gives designers all the power of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. But instead of writing code, you manipulate the real, working website visually just like your favorite design tool. The promotional marketing animation shows how Webflow offers a unique platform to build attractive websites.

Qstack Promotional Marketing Animation

Category : Cloud Management Platform Promotional Marketing Example

Qstack is a highly scalable cloud management platform that allows service providers to offer customers the access to multiple availability regions. With Qstack, service providers can deploy a fully automated and branded portal that offers geographic flexibility and scalability with hosted private and public cloud capabilities. The promotional marketing animation showcases the various features that Qstack offers for better infrastructure management at your business.

Category : Project Management Platform Promotional Marketing Example

ProjectStat.us is a project management platform that allows small businesses to define project parameters and to then document all the work performed from start to finish. Users can leave messages for each other, assign tasks, store files and even provide ratings as to how well the project is being managed. The promotional marketing animation portrays how a small business can streamline operations and scale using ProjectStat.us

Nice Promotional Marketing Animation

Category : Workforce Management Solution Promotional Marketing Example

Nice Workforce Management Solution is an efficient key that can digest the complexity of your organization and produce precise forecasts and clear action. Its simple end user interfaces make it easy for every employee to own their schedule and their performance. The promotional marketing animation depicts benefits of NICE including the real time adherence monitoring and ability to reforecast.

On Key Promotional Marketing Animation

Category : Asset Management System Promotional Marketing Example

On Key is an enterprise asset management system designed by asset engineers, for asset engineers. It takes care of every aspect of physical asset monitoring and management and interfaces with reputable ERP systems for ease of workflow between departments. Its mobile capabilities accommodate the completion and feedback on work performed at a point of work, contributing to real-time and accurate reporting. The promotional marketing animation demonstrates how On Key can be used across industries by both small and large asset-intensive companies.

Native Ads Inc Promotional Marketing Animation

Category : Native Advertising Platform Promotional Marketing Example

Native Ads Inc is a content discovery and in-stream native advertising platform. It facilitates the native ad buying and selling process for publishers and advertisers at scale across websites, mobile web and apps. It has developed an easy to use, self-serve system for publishers and advertisers with a simple user interface. The promotional marketing animation illustrates how Native Ads Inc creates native campaigns and widgets within minutes.

SciVisum Promotional Marketing Animation

Category : Performance Management Promotional Marketing Example

SciVisum offers fully independent performance testing and monitoring services and web performance optimisation consultancy. SciVisum is used by businesses to ensure website uptime, performance and functionality. The promotional marketing video on SciVisum website monitoring gives an insight into how it takes control of the website through intelligent monitoring.

Money Desktop Promotional Marketing Animation

Category : Financial Service Promotional Marketing Example

With Money Desktop, you can access all your accounts on a single integrated platform and regularly monitor your expenses. It assists you to acquire a complete financial picture of your accounts, to let you know where and how your expenses occur and helps you save on the same. The promotional marketing video talks about the problems you face while managing personal finances, and how Money Desktop can help.

AlternativeSoft Promotional Marketing Video

Category : Investment Management Software Promotional Marketing Example

AlternativeSoft is a leading investment management software that provides Asset Selection, Portfolio Construction and Fund Reporting software. Their robust and proven software has enabled clients to thoroughly research and select alternative funds and the more traditional funds. The promotional marketing video video shows how AlternativeSoft has established themselves as the software of choice for portfolio construction, and for enhancing and improving the efficiency of their quantitative investment processes.

iProsper Promotional Marketing Video

Category : Business Management Service Promotional Marketing Example

iProsper is a fully customizable business management service that is not only customizable suiting each business needs and requirements to the core but also undoubtedly will adapt as per your businesss unique structure. The prime objective behind devising this customizable business management software is to help people and organizations to stay organized and managed in promising way. The promotional marketing video shows how iProsper offers customisable business solutions for businesses.


2D 3D Animated Explainer Video

Key takeaways from the above promotional marketing animation video examples are :

Find a reference video or combine multiple video elements from different sources

Work with a company that can understand your video production requirement easily

With the above promotional marketing animation video examples, its evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are planning to develop a video, a good start is to develop a brief of what can be the tone and style for your videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

We at Advids create custom videos based on your brief. With a complete video production services plan at a fixed price, our design team works right from concept development, to art design and animation. Having created 1200 plus explainers for businesses, our Creative team can help you come up with the right fit. Do talk to us or send us a note on what your company plans to create with for the next video requirement.

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