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Its true, Studies have found that Corporate Gifts actually boosted the credibility of a companys message and that the advertising invoked a far more positive message that the advertising itself.

Research analysed the UK and IrelandPromotional Merchandisemarketplace and found it grew by 4% during 2017. Then in the calendar year it rose to the 1.25 Billion mark !

Now taking orders in 2019 for2019 CalendarsandCorporate Diaries 2019.

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How to achieve an effective promotional mix

This evening I will be running a workshop on how to achieve an effective promotional mix for the Chartered Institute of Marketing in Market Weighton. The objective is to demonstrate to the SMEs attending how they can effectively communicate their products and services to their desired market place.

We start by asking what is the promotional mix? Well the Chartered Institute of Marketing define it as:

The set of tools that a business can use to communicate effectively the benefits of its products and services to its customers(CIM 2009)

I personally feel that this is only part of the answer because in reality you can also use the promotional mix to communicate with staff and other stakeholders. It is also worth highlighting that the promotional mix is not the marketing mix, it is merely a subset that focuses on communication and is made up of:

Most of todays literature will state that the promotional mix will only consist of the first five elements of the list above. I personal believe that your web presence and social media are two new and important aspects of promotion that need to be included. We can all no doubt recognise the demise of the Yellow Pages following the introduction of the internet and the growth of social media, so as a means of communication your web presence and the use of social media should be considered as distinct categories.

We must never underestimate the importance of the promotional mix because if our (potential) customers do not know what deals, products or services we have on offer, how can we expect our businesses to grow? What I will now like to do is go through each element in detail then review how to create the right balance of the mix to suit your organisation:

Advertising can be split into two categories, traditional and digital. I have written a separate article on advertising that you may find interesting (it can be found here). As a quick summary we can say that traditional advertising refers to those campaigns using TV, radio, newspaper, magazines and posters. The choice of these options will depend on your target market segment and available budget. As an example national fast moving consumer goods are best suited for TV but local niche product can gain exposure through the local newspapers or posters and fliers.

Digital advertising refers to the multitude of channels that are available through the world wide web and telecommunication platforms. The great thing about digital advertising is that it can target individuals through their geographical location, their behaviour and/or their demographics. It can be argued that digital advertising is a more effective and efficient way of targeting individuals: you do however need the resources with the skills to be successful.

Public relations (PR) is all about managing your reputation. You may think that as a small company it does not apply, but you will be wrong. You just have to look at the many different social media platforms to realise that an organisations shortcomings can quickly be broadcasted to the world! This means that you should have a process manage it. PR is not just about the bad things. You should be promoting all the good things that you are doing too.

Managing PR is not easy, many organisations opt to outsource the process because you need the contacts in media to be successful. If you cant afford this then you should adopt the following basic steps:

Create a simple Press Pack (make available to down load on your website). It should have information about the company or brand you are promoting and pictures that you want using.

Develop a PR schedule, listing the key dates that are relevant to your brand, who the message should be targeting and what the messages should be.

Develop a crisis plan so that you and your staff are clear about what they should do when things go wrong.

Sales promotion is the process that supplements your advertising campaigns. It should be designed as an activity that focuses on a specific window of time. Good examples of sales promotions are:

Buy one get one free, which you will often see at supermarkets and are always set for a limited period.

Early bird meals, mostly offered by restaurants who provide discounts to customers if they eat between a specific time.

Sales, when a retail outlet has come to the end of the season and is preparing for its new collection.

Dont get confused by the differences between sales promotion and advertising. Most companies will do both, the main difference is advertising focuses on differentiating the brand where as sales promotion is about maximising sales.

Direct marketing is a form of promotion that sends specific messages directly to a potential or existing customer. These messages can be in digital or hardcopy formats. The primary channels are:

Companies are now also experimenting with Short Message Service (SMS or Text messaging). Some are using Bluetooth platforms but I think that the real growth area will be through social media.

Direct marketing is meant to be a highly regulated area: consumers should only receive information if they have opted to do so. Unfortunately many companies ignore this legal requirement and flood the channels with unwanted spam: dont let yourselves be one of them.

Personal selling uses individuals to promote the message to the target market. It is a common way of doing business in the B2B sector but we must not forget that it is also an important process for B2C selling: shop assistance and waiters/waitresses can have a real impact.

Personal selling can be an expensive process, particularly if the sales force is furnished with cars, phones and laptops. To be successful in this channel you must provide the individuals with a comprehensive training programme. You should also have a way managing the progress of each member, particularly if they are acting on their own over large geographical areas.

As mentioned earlier, an organisations web presence is now the single most important platform of communication. It can provide users with a wealth of information about the organisation. The cost of developing websites has fallen dramatically over the last ten years, many individuals (particularly SMEs) opt to produce it themselves. If finances are very tight you could even restrict your web presence to one of the many Social Media platforms.

Social media is final channel we will consider. It is a great way to communicate with your target market and in theory it is relatively cheap (although some larger organisations may have substantial budgets allocated to this channel because of their use of external agencies to manage it for them).

To gain a real in depth understanding of social media please refer to this article.

The Importance of the Promotional Mix.

We should not underestimate the importance of the promotional mix as it is a means of keeping the brand name at the top of the target markets mind. This helps generate sales and profits. It is also a way to counter any negative information about the brand.

Not every element of the promotional mix will be relevant to all organisations. The trick is to balance the use of the channels to maximise the communications impact: using one channel on its own will rarely result in success. Ultimately the balance of the mix depend on the target market, resource availability, skills and funding.

Make sure you know whom you are going to communicate with.

Is the communication going to be one or two way. Remember communications is not just about pushing information out, sometimes you may require some form of feedback. You should also consider if here is to be a call to action, if there is one make sure that the process works. Not every campaign needs a call to action, some are simply designed to simply promote the brand.

Develop the message: make sure it is appropriate for the desired audience, it fits with the brand image and is sensitive to the current environment. Message development is a skill with different channels requiring different types. As an example the Hard Sell message on social media platforms rarely work, they tend to alienate the followers.

Set your budget, how different is to the rest of the industry. Table 1 is an example of the promotional spend for different industries. You should try to at least mirror the spend of your competitors. Have a plan for the year and monitor the impact of each campaign.

Measure the impact of your campaigns.

Nothing that I have said here is rocket science, the whole process is relatively simple. The biggest problem you will no doubt face is the freeing up of resources to do this. You will not believe the number of companies that I have worked with that find themselves stuck in a rut fighting fires instead of adopting simple business processes.

Here is the link to the interactive presentation:

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Strategic Planet & University of Huddersfield

Dr Alan Shaw is a Senior Lecturer and Marketing consultant focusing on a range of sectors. His main interests are in strategy development, social marketing, digital marketing, advertising, consumer behaviour and marketing application.

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A PESTLE Analysis for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Netnography: Ethical And Legal Concerns.

Creating a Parallax Website on WordPress.

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Who is Buying Promotional Products ?

Who is Buying Promotional Products ?

Top 100 Buyers Of Promotional Products

The biggest Promotional Products / AD Specialty spenders tells you which firms account for more than $2 billion of the industrys $15 billion in sales and what kinds of companies use promotional products more often than others.

Granted, thats not the most scientific trend to emerge from this years inaugural list although its certainly in the running for Most Bizarre Coincidence. So just what do Pfizer, PepsiCo, P&G, Philip Morris and Penneys have in common besides their first letter? For one thing, they each spent at least $39.8 million on promotional products last year nearly $275 million all told; roughly half of the $548 million spent by the top 10 firms overall.

What kinds of companies are shelling out big bucks for ad specialties? Of the top 25, seven are consumer-goods giants like Pepsico, Procter & Gamble and Philip Morris. Another six are in the communications industry (AT&T, Verizon, SBC, WorldCom, Viacom and Sprint), with the remainder comprised of the odd assortment of automotive, high-tech and pharmaceutical firms.

Our calculations are based on total ad expenditures as reported in Advertising Age magazines Leading National Advertisers Report, to which we applied a system of weighted percentages that take into account a firms spending in measured vs. unmeasured media (promotional products along with direct mail, promotions, co-op, couponing, catalogs, special events and other such media are part of the latter category).

Simply put, for companies that spent more heavily in unmeasured media about a quarter of the Top 100 a larger share of total ad expenditures were allocated to promotional products; for those that spent more in traditional media, the percentage was slightly smaller.

Overall, firms that allocate more ad dollars to unmeasured media tend to be grouped in the high-tech, pharmaceutical and hospitality industries, while auto manufacturers and consumer goods companies generally spent more heavily on measured media like print, TV, radio and outdoor.

In the following pages, well take an in-depth look at the Top 10 companies on this years list, examining some of the ways they use promotional products in their media mix, at trade shows and special events, and for their internal customers.

For Pfizer, ad specialties arent an afterthought by any means. Of the Top 100 end-buyers, this pharmaceutical firm ranks No. 1 according to our estimates, it spent approximately $86 million on promotional products in 1999.

Whether its to introduce a new drug to the medical community, increase market share for a particular product or thank buyers and supporters, Pfizer uses a variety of promotional items.

For instance, to generate interest in the release of the antibiotic Zithromax in a new grape-flavored oral suspension for children, Pfizer developed a promotional campaign built around Max the Zithromax Zebra. Logoed Max plush toys, puppets, stethoscope clip-ons, charts and childrens books featuring the character were handed out to pediatricians offices for use in examination and waiting rooms.

As a buyer for Pfizer Premium in supporting our top sales force, we strive for excellence in achieving the top- quality promotional items at the best price, says Marianne Giangreco, purchasing manager for Pfizer. In 1999 alone, 39% of Pfizers $16 billion in revenues went to marketing and administrative expenses.

With its three business segments health care, animal health and consumer health care Pfizer has developed five of the worlds 20 top-selling medicines. Also, nine of Pfizers medicines are No. 1 in their therapeutic class in the U.S. market, and eight will earn revenues of more than $1 billion globally this year.

Today, Pfizers Global Research and Development continues to build from a foundation of remarkable success. In 1998, Forbes magazine named it Company of the Year, and Pfizer made this years Fortune list of the Best Companies to Work For (No. 20 overall and best in the pharmaceutical industry).

And while Viagra has been one of its most successful drugs in the first quarter of 2000, worldwide sales increased 73% to $333 million some of Pfizers greatest discoveries are yet to come. Sources say Pfizer is developing new treatments designed to control and/or eliminate illnesses such as heart disease, schizophrenia and even some of the most fatal types of

cancer colon, breast and pancreas. If this is true, just think of the major role promotional products will play in Pfizers future marketing strategies.

General Motors Corp. (GM) is the worlds top producer of cars and trucks and ranks number one in the Fortune 500. Its 1999 sales exceeded $176 billion, resulting in a net income of $6 billion.

Its car brands include: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saab, and Saturn.

The company also manufactures cars through its Holden & Opel and Vauxhall units, and has affiliations with Isuzu and Suzuki. Besides cars, GM has several other divisions and subsidiaries, including Hughes Electronics, Allison Transmission, GM Locomotive, Delphi Automotive Systems, AMI Instruments Inc., Delco Defense Systems Operations, Delphi Delco Electronics Systems, Delphi Harrison Thermal Systems, General Motors Corp./Powertrain, HRL Laboratories, L.L.C., Hughes Network Systems, Hughes Space & Communications Co., Lexel Imaging Systems, Inc., Packard Hughes Interconnect, Rockwell Collins Passenger Systems and Spectrolab, Inc. and GMAC financing.

The company, which employs nearly 400,000, ranked second on The Counselors list of the Top 100 End-Buyers. Our calculations put GMs promotional products spending at nearly $81 million in 1999.

GM uses promotional products for a variety of purposes, both internally and in campaigns aimed at consumers. For example, it recently conducted a joint-venture promotion with MP3, the online

Music purveyor. Free CDs were given to people who test-drove a new Buick. The specially-created disc featured 15 artists who regularly post their music on the MP3 Web site.

The company has also created a separate division that focuses primarily on promotions. GM R*Works is GMs in-house promotions, events and sponsorship marketing company. In 1999, the company conducted over 1,000 events. GM R*Works uses a variety of vendor sources for a number of sales- and marketing-related tasks, including direct mail, display services, incentive programs, premiums, promotional products and signage.

Partnerships and joint ventures are just some of the other activities for which the company uses promotional products. For example, it recently teamed with Warner Bros. to promote child safety for owners of its minivans. Specifically, Chevy Venture minivans and Warner Bros. held a VentureTainment program where premium packets were given to owners. The packets included headphones (the vans are equipped with a video system), keytags and activity books for children, among other items.

As almost everyone past pre-school age knows, AT&T is one of the worlds largest telecommunications and data-processing firms, servicing businesses, consumers and government. Founded in 1885, it employs 160,000 internationally and has annual revenues of approximately $62 billion. The former parent company of the Bell Telephone System, AT&T was as a result of an antitrust suit by the U.S. Government ordered to divest itself of all Bell

AT&T today consists of numerous divisions, including, but not limited to, AT&T Labs, AT&T Broadband LLC, AT&T Latin America, GRC International, Net2Phone and AT&T Wireless Group. In addition to telephone communication (it handled 88.5 billion calls in 1999; an average of 280 million every day), AT&Ts other services include digital wireless networks, Internet access/technology, data services, outsourcing, consulting and network integration.

The firm has used imprinted products for years in a variety of ways. It now does so on a global scale, with different products being used for varied purposes in its many divisions. These include consumer and business mailings (not done as frequently today as in the past); employee incentives/rewards; gifts to key clients and/or prospectives; trade and consumer-oriented show giveaways (remember those plastic Princess phone key chains? It was a key part of the marketing mix even all those years ago); wearables and other items for events it sponsors either fully or partially; and company stores.

Its most recent major foray was a selection of specially-imprinted products tying into its support of the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. The items bore both the AT&T logo and Olympics logo, and were made available to AT&T employees worldwide.

Its difficult to realize what the company receives in return for our use of promotional products, says AT&T spokesperson Burke Stinson. But when youre known as well as we are, when youre in the Top 10 of the Fortune 500, there are certain expectations. If we didnt use an assortment of promotional items, people would wonder why.

At minimum, they absolutely serve to place a reminder in the hand of the recipient and to expose countless other people to our name and logo when they see others wearing the T-shirt, drinking from the mug or handing over their car keys to a parking attendant.

PepsiCo Inc. is one of the most successful consumer products companies in the world, with over $20 billion in net sales during 1999. The brands that come out of its divisions Pepsi-Cola Company, Frito-Lay Company and Tropicana Products Inc. are household names. Such success in sales and recognition is in no small part due to the aggressive promotion the company delivers.

In 1996, Pepsi-Cola put large-scale, reward programs on the map with its historically unmatched Pepsi Stuff campaign. In 2000, its revisiting the theme with a new version, an online/offline promotion developed in conjunction with Yahoo! Inc.

Launched in August, the Web site registered one million users in the first month, and the promotion is scheduled to run through the end of December. The program enables consumers to earn points via an under-the-cap promotion appearing on 1.5 billion single-serve bottles of Pepsi-Cola products.

Points can be redeemed for awards such a digital music files and video games, discounts from promotional partners such as Foot Locker, m and Global Sports, and Pepsi-logoed merchandise. enables consumers everywhere to experience a familiar program in a new and innovative way, says Anil Singh, chief sales and marketing officer, Yahoo! Inc.

Pepsi spokesperson Dave Cheeco agrees, pointing to the way the campaign has evolved to incorporate a new range of incentive products such as the digital music files and video games. More products are becoming available and are geared toward many types of audiences, he says, adding that theres also a place for imprinted products. Even though we think the trend is in premium items, moving away from [logoed] promotional items, there is still an important

supporting role. Promotional products are good for us as far as getting our logo out there. The

A few other recent campaigns/sponsorships that keep PepsiCo one of the Top 10 buyers of promotional products include a five-year agreement signed with NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon and Hendrick Motorsports; a Pepsi/Frito-Lay Halloween Party promotion involving Scooby-Doo plush toys; Frito-Lays Cracker Jack Nothing But Nuts series of baseball prizes; a Pepsi World Series Sweepstakes for Major League Baseball gear; and a new online Pepsi-Cola store of logoed merchandise.

Long considered a marketing powerhouse and the worlds leading manufacturer of consumer products, Procter & Gamble should be as familiar as sorting clothes on laundry day, changing your kids diaper or powdering your nose. Using an array of advertising, P&G markets over 300 products in categories like laundry and cleaning, paper goods, beauty care, food/beverages and health care to nearly 5 billion consumers worldwide.

Though it has many firmly entrenched brands like Tide, Bounty and Pampers, Cincinnati-based P&G prides itself on product innovation. Its had several successful product introductions in the last year, including the beauty care Web site, Swiffer cleaning aids, Febreze

odor elimination products and Dryel at-home dry cleaning system. The companys recent acquisition of pet food manufacturer The Iams Co. is expected to add approximately 2% sales growth in the fiscal year 2000.

Promotional change is in the air at P&G: Industry experts say the companys focus seems to be shifting from expensive mass advertising, like TV commercials, to more targeted consumer communication approaches and in-store advertising. New advertising strategies will no doubt involve increased use of promotional merchandise.

For instance, P&Gs push of its new Physique hair-care products earmarked a higher percentage of its advertising budget for promotions than for television or print ads. We still think that theres something important about mass advertising, but theres also something to be learned from a more targeted approach, says Tracey Long, spokesperson for P&G. Our full compliment of brands are looking to find the right balance. Physique has focused better than 50% of its marketing plan on non-traditional avenues like our Hurricane parties, leveraging our Internet site and getting the word out to encourage people to sign up for Club Physique.

Physique used direct mail and a Web-based viral e-mail promotion to create brand awareness and generate trial of the product. At parties held in four cities, free samples and Physique logoed promotional products like T-shirts, beach towels, beach balls and cosmetic cases were awarded during interactive contests.

For Physique as a brand its very helpful to have fun items that are interactive for our target group, says Long. How do we reach them in different ways that are provocative, that are interactive? Promotional items certainly provide us with that opportunity.

As part of a multi-faceted corporate strategy to revamp its image to one thats hip, haute and techno-savvy, Hoffman Estates, IL-based Sears, Roebuck & Co. has plugged into the power of promotional products, spending just over $45 million in this industry.

Paramus, NJ-based Einson Freeman is one of the lead sales promotions agencies that works with Sears, and certainly one of the largest, handling between 50 to 100 promotions of varying size and scope each year. Senior project manager Jeff Shapiro says that Einson Freeman is responsible for conceptualizing and implementing the retailers sweepstakes, games, gift-with-purchase and overall marketing strategies. Ogilvy and Mather, Einson Freemans sister company, handles Sears radio, TV and print advertising.

We just worked with Sears for their local sponsorship in the Taste of Chicago, and well also do promotions targeting the Black and Hispanic communities in certain geographic areas, says Shapiro. Then there are the full-blown national campaigns, which involve structuring programs around different Sears departments.

A lot of the companys marketing and promotion success lies in joint ventures with such corporate powerhouses as Disney, AOL and Levis. Sears had its hand in such fruitful promotions as this years sponsorship of pop sensation Christina Aguileras 35-city tour.

Designed to make Sears and Levis, the tours co-sponsors, the epitome of back-to-school cool and the ultimate teen shopping destination, the marketing campaign offered Aguileras fans an exclusive, available-with-purchase CD featuring previously unreleased and newly-remixed material a new disc each week for three weeks. In addition, Christina Boutiques were heavily promoted and set up in stores to carry T-shirts, back-to-school supplies and accessories bearing the singers image and tour logo.

Shapiro recounts another immensely successful gift-with-purchase promotion in which imprinted hammocks were given to customers who bought certain products in Sears Lawn & Garden departments. He also notes that holidays such as Mothers Day and Fathers Day are the perfect anchor for a gift-with-purchase program. We pick products that relate to the theme of the holiday and are specific to the consumer group were targeting, he explains.

Based on his 12-year tenure with Einson Freeman, and his six years working with the Sears account, Shapiro says hes a firm believer in the effectiveness of promotional products and acknowledges their role in the many successful Sears promotions hes been involved with that have surpassed expectations. Its pretty simple, Shapiro says. I use promotional products because they definitely work.

Talk about power. On October 18, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dipped below 10,000, and analysts blamed IBM. The company earnings report released the day before showed third quarter revenues down more than had been previously predicted.

Investors feared this was a poor bellweather for tech companies. When IBM software revenues fell in September, the company still reported that earnings met expectations. This time, however, the lower-than-expected sales did them in. The Dow finished the day at 9,975.02, and shares for IBM closed at $95.50 down $17.50 from that mornings opening price.

Yet IBMs resilience and ability to move forward has proven successful throughout its nearly 90 years in business. It builds new and different business products and usually purchases products to promote them.

Example: When The Counselor profiled IBM in a recent issue, Jeff Hales, then marketing communications representative at IBM PC Direct, noted, We use promotional items to create excitement and make less tangible products appear tangible.

When IBM teamed up with software developer J.D. Edwards to provide computer programs for the petroleum industry, it targeted a promotion at CEOs who needed reassurance that the technology would be installed without affecting overall efficiency.

Key execs were sent a set of three imprinted juggling balls. They came packed in a box that opened to reveal two flaps. On one flap the copy read, With the IBM and J.D. Edwards complete petroleum solution, juggling everything you have to do is easier than ever. On the other flap the thought continued with, Wouldnt you like to have a system that guarantees no one drops the ball?

Each ball bore the IBM and J.D. Edwards names on one side, and a different slogan on the reverse. One read, Work smarter, another, Respond faster and the third, Be more competitive.

Many CEOs displayed the balls on their desks. And more importantly, the sales force scheduled a record number of interviews to talk about and sell the software.

The world of semiconductors is ruled with a silicon fist by Intel, supplier of 80% of the PC market, easily making it the No. 1 chip maker in the world with $29 billion in sales in 1999. Forbes magazine has called it the greatest manufacturer since the U.S. Government during Wold War II, throwing up billion-dollar fabricating plants the way McDonalds opens restaurants.

Intels primary products are the Pentium and Celeron microprocessors that have powered PCs since the early 1980s and whose largest customers are Compaq and Dell. Its latest chip, XScale, is touted as the first of a future generation used to power hand-held devices such as computers and mobile phones with but a single AA battery. Intel is also expanding outside of the semiconductor market into network services and the communication infrastructure.

Intel relies heavily on advertising to help keep itself in the public eye. A vital role in that effort is played by our industry, as the firms 8th-place finish (at $44.7 million) on this years inaugural list would suggest. Intels use of high quality promotional merchandise is one way we broaden the awareness and image of the Intel brand, says John Travis, Intels worldwide consumer promotions director.

Like many of todays top companies, Intel has campaigned to brand its name, even going a step further than most with the creation of its now familiar Intel Inside five-note sound logo. A 1997 TV spot used The Bunny People characters in the shiny technician suits to promote the release of its Pentium II chip. Currently its unveiling a series of commercials featuring the performance art organization Blue Man Group to showcase the innovative ways to explore the Internet with its Pentium III processor.

While most PC makers profit margins reach only 25%, Intels fourth quarter results from last year were an amazing 61%. A contributing factor is its success over the Internet, where it sells $1 billion worth of chips each month, making it the largest e-commerce company in the world.

Not many companies have the problems spending their advertising dollars that Philip Morris does. In addition to having its cigarette pitches banned from the airwaves for the past three decades, the firm is forbidden from using promotional products for that purpose as well, starting a little more than a year ago.

So with $2.2 billion to spend including $843 million in unmeasured non-traditional media you might think Philip Morris would be throwing up its promotional hands.

But just when the tobacco/food products conglomerate should be at its most defensive, it has attacked instead. Realizing it has a controversial product, Philip Morris is using its promotional dime to tell its side of the story. Its various cigarette brands which include Marlboro, Benson & Hedges and Virginia Slims are for adults who want to smoke, the company insists in its advertising. It doesnt target kids and is fully committed to the recent settlement with the various state governments where tobacco companies agreed to forgo sports sponsorships, large billboards and promotional products for its cigarette brands.

However, Philip Morris is using promotional products to help tell another part of its story. Example: The company has been distributing packets of material and promotional products in the We Card campaign that encourages stores to check IDs. When we talk about those programs, its a different way of communicating, says Tom Ryan, spokesman for Philip Morris USA. We have undertaken those projects to communicate more about who we are.

Of course, theres a lot that Philip Morris has no need to apologize for. The conglomerate owns Kraft brand foods, Miller beers, Post cereals, Maxwell House coffees, Altoids mints and many other household names. Each brand is supported by an assortment of promotions, many of which naturally feature promotional products, given the companys long and successful history with imprinted merchandise.

For example, the Philip Morris Gateway program to improve adult literacy used logoed freezer mugs, AM-FM radios and watches as rewards for program participants who generated referrals of potential learners. The number of referrals increased six-fold during the promotion, and the benchmark cost-per-learner dropped from $100 to $10.

When its all tallied up, The Counselor estimates that Philip Morris spent $44 million on promotional products in 1999. Not bad for a company so well-known in the profession for the ways its not allowed to advertise.

Founded almost a century ago by James Cash Penney, his namesake company ranks 10th on our Top 100 list of end-buyers of promotional products, spending roughly $40 million on imprinted merchandise in 1999. Penney, the $33 billion, No. 5 U.S. retailer, has long provided fashion and basic apparel, accessories and home furnishings through its retail stores and

catalogs, but these days the Internet is where it seems to be having the most success. J.C. Penney estimates the companys Web sales to be about $300 million this year.

The firm views its target customers mainly as modern spenders (mostly dual-earner households with up to two children) and starting outs (single or a young family with up to one child). Target customers have a median household income of $48,000. The company now sees multi-channel sales as the key to its growth, calling the approach three-tailing equally promoting the companys physical stores, catalogs and online retail operations.

Promotional products factor into the marketing mix in building both customer and employee relations. Throughout the Penney establishment, different promotional awards are used in the many internal programs used to recognize associates for their efforts. Making and leaving an impression is important to the organization, according to Stephanie Brown, senior public relations coordinator.

We go to many conferences throughout the year, and along with our catalog we always have

promotional products to give away at our booth, Brown says. Whether its a T-shirt, pens, notepads or other items people can use in their home or office, it gets our name out there. Its all about building customer relations. It leaves an impression of J.C. Penney.

Of course, we want them to come into our booth and see our merchandise, she continues. But when we give them something, theyll come across that item with our name and logo on it in the course of cleaning out their bag after the conference. That might trigger their thinking, Oh yeah, I liked what I saw and I want to check that out whether they do so through our stores, catalog, or Web site.

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Web Marketing Promotional Tools and Techniques

Web Marketing Promotional Tools and Techniques

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For Banner Ad Designers, Its Back to Basics

SEO Tips in a Sea of Change – Advanced SEO 2006

Email Marketing Strategies – The Subject Line Message

Part 3: Questions to Ask a Potential SEO Company

How Does Google Respond to Paid Text Ads?

Effective Keyword Selection & SEO Tips

No matter what kind of online business you have, it is essential that customers are able to find your company. Once they locate you, it is necessary to engage them in the browsing or buying process, depending on your site objectives, using various promotional tools and techniques to enhance the online experience.

The challenge in getting customers to visit your site and return in the future is a reflection of the competitive nature of the online environment. Not only do online businesses have to compete against thousands of new companies that go online every day, but they must also consider the increased buying and decision-making power of consumers, who have a variety of options at their fingertips. If you want to stand out from the endless stream of online businesses and gain the attention of customers, you need to promote your site, and you need to do it well.

There are a number of ways you can promote your online site. You can use your own site as a vehicle to drive your objectives forward using various online tools, or you can implement a number of online and offline promotional techniques.

Feedback Forms- What better way to find out what people think of your company than to solicit their opinion. Using customer feedback you can improve your site and provide better service to your customers. Using feedback forms also shows your customers that you are interested in what they have to say, and provides an opportunity to build relationships with them. For instance, you may send out an email thanking a particular customer for bringing an issue to your attention and follow-up with a coupon to show your appreciation. The disadvantage with a feedback form is the type of information people provide or the questions they may ask. If customers cannot find answers on your site, they may resort to using the feedback form. To receive targeted feedback, it is useful to develop an online form for customers to complete that leads them through the feedback process.

Bookmarking- A good way to encourage customers to visit your site is to ask them to bookmark it. Through bookmarking, they have easy access to your site and do not have to remember your sites exact URL to visit. Bookmarking a site is particularly beneficial for web surfers who like to follow links. It enables them to go back and take a more in-depth look at what you have to offer when they need to.

Content- Content is a strong driver for encouraging repeat visits by customers, particularly when it is fresh, timely, and gives customers a reason to visit regularly. For example, perhaps you have a Tip of the Day or a regular visit by an expert well-known in your field of business who provides online advice. Content that is useful for your visitors and will enable them to leave with new knowledge will attract them to your site, and encourage them to check back regularly.

Daily Give-Away/Coupons/Contests- Sites that offer regular promotions such as a give-away, coupons and contests are in a solid position to capture a regular audience. While the promotion acts as the driver that attracts customers to visit initially, it provides an opportunity to showcase new products and services, and deliver important news about your company. For instance, you may initiate a give-away that is a printer, but also take the opportunity to tell your customers about a printer sale next week. Your promotional tool has not only lured customers to your site, but it has also increased the likelihood of getting a sale. Offering various promotions also enables you to obtain customer information that you can use in future marketing campaigns.

Surveys- Surveys provide an effective avenue through which to gather important customer data that will help you to improve your business and plan for the future. To encourage visitors to complete the survey, you can provide an incentive such as an opportunity to win a prize.

Awards/Testimonials- Including awards and testimonials on your site will provide credibility to your business. They will also provide a foundation for you to build rapport and trust with your customers, who will be more willing to visit a site they can trust.

Online Chat- Online chat mechanisms provide a forum where customers can come together and share their experiences with each other and you. This interactive tool allows you direct access to customer opinions where you can gauge trends and determine their views on the industry.

Tours- Online tours provide you with an opportunity to showcase particular products and services, and highlight their key benefits. For instance, you may have a CRM product that you would like to promote. What better way to show how it works than to provide a tour of the product – making what could be a potentially complex product look simple and easy to use.

Article Submissions- Submitting articles you write to targeted resource portals will broaden your reach and position you as an expert in your field of business. If people identify with you and find your articles useful, they are likely to visit your site and take an interest in your products and services.

Newsletters- As a low cost promotional tool, a newsletter enables you to build rapport and strengthen your relationship with customers. The key to success is to focus less on self-promotion and focus more on providing information that is newsworthy and valuable. To effectively communicate with prospective and current customers release the newsletter regularly and provide customers with an opportunity to unsubscribe.

Press Releases- When you have important news to share about your business, sending a press release, by email, mail or fax, to editors and public relations newswires, will give you direct access to customers most interested in your message and increase your exposure. For instance, if you have a technology related site you may focus on journalists who cover the Internet. You can also target your release to specific industries.

Banner Advertising- If you want to increase your companys brand awareness, implementing a banner ad campaign is an effective advertising method. Banner ads are an effective direct marketing tool that can increase site traffic if they are creative and include a call-to-action. Advertise on sites that your customers would visit, and ensure you provide the best possible offer you can.

Sponsorships- Sponsorships are an effective way to develop greater brand impact because you can capitalize from an existing community and associate your brand with fresh content. By customizing your sponsorships to specific areas or for specific messages, you can create an excellent platform to communicate your products and services.

Link Strategies- Linking strategies provide an effective way for customers to learn about your company through other sites related to your subject. The key to developing an effective link program is to identify sites that are not direct competitors but have a similar target market as you. It is also necessary to find a balance between the amount of traffic that exits your site through a link and the number of people who visit your site through a link on another site. Building links from other sites to your site also increases your sites relevancy to search engines.

Newsgroups- Joining a newsgroup will enable you to build your reputation, identify trends in your industry, and evaluate the needs of potential customers. To get in close contact with potential customers, it is necessary to research groups that target your prospective customer base and spend time identifying what kind of behavior is acceptable in the group. Netiquette is very important when you are a member of a newsgroup. The best way to give your business exposure without appearing like you are only there to market yourself is to use a signature file, which references your contact information

Email Marketing- With people spending so much time on email, there is an enormous opportunity to market to them and build solid customer relationships. Email marketing has emerged to become one of the most profitable and economical ways to manage customer relationships, presenting marketers with many opportunities and benefits. Its benefits include the following: low cost vehicle; access to a targeted and qualified audience; fast, efficient and effective; offers personalized communication; easy to track and evaluate; increases sales, awareness, and traffic.

Search Engine Optimization- Effectively submitting your site in search engines will enable you to acquire top placement in search engine results and increase the likelihood that people will link into your site during search queries. The trick is to identify effective methods to optimize your placement. The criteria search engines and directories use to determine which sites rank highly varies. Some, like Google, use link popularity in their ranking mechanisms. Others measure click popularity, gauge the number of times key words are used throughout a site, or favor sites that are updated regularly. Therefore, it is important to learn about the various search engines and identify the ones that are best suited for your site.

Affiliate Marketing- With an affiliate program you offer affiliates an incentive to perform a particular outcome. This outcome may be to generate customer leads for your business, increase clicks to your site or improve sales – from a banner ad, text link, graphic or other means such as a newsletter. The incentive is usually a fee, provided as a flat rate or percentage depending on your affiliate program objectives.

Web Site Promotion Services- There are web site promotion services that will assist you in marketing your site. While these types of services can be helpful, they do not guarantee results and can be quite expensive. It is necessary to do your research before working with a company – check their reviews and contact references if necessary.

Collateral Material- Ensure your Web and email address are on all collateral materials including any promotional items you give away, such as mouse pads. This will give customers an easy way to contact you and increase your brand awareness.

Trade Shows- Attending trade shows is an effective way to increase awareness of your business to a targeted audience and provide you with direct access to potential customers, who can get hands-on knowledge about your business and its products or services. Attending a trade show will also enable you to identify trends in the industry and provide you with information about your competitors. Furthermore, you can give away products with your web site address and encourage customers to complete forms for prizes, providing you with valuable customer data.

Launch Events- An event that introduces new products and services is an effective way to generate excitement and develop relationships with potential customers. For instance, you can obtain customers contact information so you can follow-up after the event with promotions or introduce new products and services. As well, inviting prominent guests to the event as speakers or supporters will generate interest in the media, which can result in free publicity and bring greater exposure to your business.

The kind of promotional tools and techniques you implement depends on a variety of factors including your online objectives, customers, products and services, marketing budget, and competition.

Objectives- Whether your online objective is to increase awareness, improve sales or drive site traffic, it will influence the type of promotional tools and techniques you use. For instance, if you want to increase sales, you may offer online coupons, which give customers an incentive to buy. You may also conduct daily give-aways, which will enable customers to test your products and encourage future purchases. If you want to increase awareness of your site or drive site traffic, purchasing banner space on sites that target your customers may do the trick. You can also conduct an email marketing campaign to keep customers up-to-date on your company and inform them of new products and services.

Customers- The demographics of your customer group will influence what kind of promotional tools and techniques you use. For instance, women may be more likely to use coupons than men. A young audience may appreciate more interactive tools on the site that are fun and engaging, such as an online tour of a site or particular product.

Products/Services- The type of products or services you sell can impact the promotional tools or techniques you implement. For instance, if you sell highly complex products, it will be necessary to find avenues where you can communicate product features concisely and enable customers to walk away with the most useful information. You may provide an online tour of a particular product that shows customers its benefits. If you sell packaged goods, you may focus on making sales and providing online coupons to encourage purchases.

Budget- When choosing the right promotional tools or techniques, your budget is obviously a big consideration. Some promotional techniques are very expensive including attending trade shows and organizing a launch event. Low cost options may include submitting articles to resource portals, sending out a newsletter or developing a link strategy.

Competition- If you want to stay in line with your competition, it is beneficial to identify what type of online or offline promotions they are using. How are they getting top placement in search engines? What kind of promotional tools do they use on their site?

Driving traffic to a new web site involves a large amount of strategic planning, development and organization. Your web site should never be static – it must be regularly updated to meet the needs of your customers, be checked to ensure there are no dead links or old promotions, consider trends in the market that support specific online marketing techniques, and reflect changes in your business over time. As a result, it is important to ensure you have the right resources committed to your online site and allocate the appropriate budget to maintaining and promoting it. When you start to measure how well your site is doing compared to other traditional sales and marketing channels, you will be able to quantify the impact of your Internet presence and develop strategies that will build on your successes.

Promotional Staff Exhibition Staff Promo

We offer a high calibre of promotional staff across the whole of the UK & offer a huge range of unique services from leafleting, exhibition staff, In-store promotions, Road Shows, Festivals, New store & products launches plus lots more.

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We are the UKs leading promotional staff agency who cover the whole of the U.K as well as x10 international locations. Our expert team of promo staff can assist you with many things including leafleting, data capture, hostess work, road shows, sampling, exhibition staff, Trade show models, registration staff, grid girls, sales staff, promotional models, retail counter product demonstrations, in-store promotion, marketing and brand promotion. We are also one of the few agencies who have a specialised Grid Girl division providing the most beautiful girls around as well as offering bespoke promotional clothing lines for your team. To view our girls and guys simply click on the tab above Our promo models

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Qualified 2 Year Digital Marketing Diploma Level 4,

Im a full time promotional model with experience across front of house registration, hostessing, sampling, demonstrating and lead generation for some of the worlds biggest brands.

Ive worked at ICE Gaming, Autosport, Brands Hatch, Silverstone and NEC, London Olympia and London Excel for a number of expos.

Im also one of the core Brand Ambassadors for Samsung which Ive had the pleasure of touring the UK to help showcase the launch of their flagship products for the last 2 Years running.

I have been in Promotions for 3 Years – Professional Model with GTM Models. I am very hard working, love a challenge and always punctualWhat our clients say…We contacted Dreams with very little time left before the show start date. They acted promptly and professionally throughout making the experience stress free. The model supplied (Janelle) was a superstar, and I can honestly say that having her really benefited our stand. Very pleased with service and look forward to working with them again..