Sample Employee Letter of Recommendation

Letter of recommendation holds lots of importance. There are various reasons for which you might a recommendation letter from your former employee or your manager. This is sometimes an essential document when you are applying for a new job. This is so because it contains information about your working and your conduct.

Here is a sample of employee letter of recommendation which has been given below. As a manager or supervisor, you may have to frame such professional letters for your former employees. Such letters are often short and contain general information about the working and behavior of a particular employee. This is suppose to be written on companys letterhead to mark its authenticity and should be signed by the authorized signatory.

This letter is my personal recommendation for John Smith. From last five years and until recently, I have been the manager to John. For all these years, he has been an efficient and responsible person effectively handling all the tasks that were assigned to him till date.

John has always been an enthusiastic participant in all the activities that were arranged. He would come up with the most innovative ideas and suggest unique marketing plans which have brought success and profits to our organization.

It is because of his creative ideas and execution of plans that our company was able to increase its reach to the never before explored areas of the country. And this helped us experience an enthralling increase in our revenues and also helped in establishing our brand in the rural areas.

John has always been an important asset to our marketing team but he has always shared his ideas for growth and development with other departments. His suggestions in designing effective training modules for marketing and sales department have helped us train our employees in a more constructive and effective way.

I highly recommend John for employment as he is a man of action and thoughts. He is an amazing team worker and a wonderful planner. He works with utmost dedication and focus and never fails to impress you with the results. He is definitely going to be an asset to any organization he joins.

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Site How to Write a recommendation letter, Free Recommendation Letter for Students, College, Graduate School, For Job, for scholarship, for Friend, Personal, for Coworker, from Employer, For students Recommendation

Before coming to the topic how to write a recommendation letter firstly you should know that what does a recommendation letter mean and how it is helpful for an individual for grabbing the new opportunity.  A recommendation letter is also known as a letter of reference i.e. a document which speaks to someones work experience, skills, expertise, personal qualities and academic performance.

A recommendation letter typically related to employment, getting placed in an institution for higher education, or for the scholarship. Recommendation letter addresses particular requester such as a new employer, officer, university admissions, clients etc. To access the required level of services and ability of the candidate reference letters are used by the organizations.

Here, I will tell you each and every point regarding this as reference letter plays a very important role for everyone.  A reference letter should contain following topics:

The candidates tasks and responsibilities.

The duration of tasks/ responsibilities.

The Authors position in reference letter.

The candidates creativity, intelligence, strengths, knowledge.

The candidates special skills if any.

Some text with the actual recommendation itself (Example: would be happy be work with him/her again).

While writing recommendation letter you should make sure that you are giving your endorsement for the candidate. Just keep in mind that you are hitting all the important points in your letter so that it looks as effective and informative as possible as it is going to decide the right candidate for the particular position or job role. And make sure to make this simple and creative. This recommendation letter template shows you the format of a typical letter of reference for employment or educational purposes.

However, there are many types of recommendation letters which is based on individual needs. Here I will discuss various types of recommendation letters.

A personal letter of recommendation or character reference is reference provided by an individual who knows you and can validate your character and abilities. Personal reference can be an excellent choice to support your candidacy while applying for jobs. A personal letter of recommendation will include basics like the relationship your relationship with the writer and how long you have known them. You can share morals, values, experience or background as is applicable to the situation.

For example, you are writing for a college student applying for an internship, than youll emphasize their academic talent. In case of personal preference, you should not need to be worked directly in a corporate setting instead it should be someone who knows you well enough to provide good insight into your personality and overall character.

Recommendation letter for a friend falls in the subcategory of personal recommendation letter, in which you are helping your friend in getting him/her the particular job or task. In introduction, part write briefly about how you know the person and for how long time you have known him or her. Try to focus on the requirements of the position, collect information regarding job he/she is applying for.  Provide specific examples related to the job explaining his/her qualities which can help your friend to get the job.

Recommendation letter for co-worker means you have to write a letter for someone who has done work along with you and it consist a lot in common with writing a letter for someone who worked for you. Highlight the achievements of your co-worker.

Mention the points when he/she provides help in solving the problem during adverse situations. Try to write relevant information about the co-worker in which you are comfortable to write about him/her. Focus on the position of the candidate in your organization/company. Write about his/her success stories and projects he/she has done on time and have to get appraisals for them.

Recommendation letter for student refers to a letter written by a teacher, Guidance counselor, or school administrator on behalf of a student. This kind of recommendation letter often required as part of a colleges or universitys admission process. The letter should highlight academic achievements, career aspirations, and provide insights into the students character. So, this letter should be written by a person who is familiar with the strengths of students. The letter should talk about specific assignments or outstanding results the students achieved while in school.

Students standardized test scores can provide information on the academic knowledge. All these are used by the admissions department to help validate their data-based perspective on a student.

A template helps you regarding the format of the letter. If you are not sure how to begin a reference letter for someone who is searching for a job, template of recommendation letter can help you in this. A template is useful for the starting point of your own letter.

It helps you where to include recipients address, how to space out the paragraphs in your letter, and how to sign off at the end of the letter. Template also helps you in what elements you need to include in your letter, type of information you should include about the person you are writing the reference for. Just make sure the content should focus on the person about whom you are going to write.

Recommendation letter for Graduate school is for students who want to apply for taking admission in graduate school and this task is done by the college professors. To write such kind of letters takes extra time which does not include lecture planning, student advising and essay grading. Usually, professors end up writing these recommendation letters in their own time. Here, professors have to write about the students who have given excellent performance in their classes.

If you are applying for graduate school give proper information or extracurricular/volunteer activities to your professor so that he/she can list your achievements easefully. A well written letter of recommendation from a professor increases the chances of  the candidate to get selected in graduate school or may also be able to convince the department faulty to provide you fellowship funding for tuition or paid employment as a research or teaching assistant. A professor need plenty of time to write a recommendation letter as in case of hurry the professor may not be able to write is as effective or there are high chances that he/she will refuse to write letter of you.

Recommendation letter for job means you need reference to grab the particular job. Or if you are the one who is going to write a recommendation letter for someone than keep this thing in mind that you have to give proper time to write this letter. Make sure that you are not writing anything negative about the person/ job seeker.

Try to manage detailed information of the candidate. If you are feeling comfortable writing a positive recommendation for the person only than you get agree to write a recommendation letter otherwise dont write anything negative about the person. Its better to say NO as to write any negative about a person. Make sure all details you have written are correct and you have all knowledge regarding content. Just check all information before sending it.

When a student applies for college he/she needs one or two recommendations from a high school teacher. College admissions offices are looking for particular things in a students letter before giving him/her the opportunity. Try to focus on the students skills that relates to ability to succeed in the college.

Mention the content in which you show how you know each other. If you are teacher than show how many courses he/she has taken with you. If you are an employee explain students role in your organization. Try to collect as much information you can take about the student. Include examples which elaborate students success and achievement stories which will give positive impact in recommendation letter.

Recommendation letter from Professor is used to get opportunity regarding job, taking admission in graduate school or university, for fellowship or internship. The professors get amused when they have to write the recommendation letter for the candidates who have scored good bench marks in their class or have proved their skills in front of professor. Professors need to give lead time to write the content for recommendation letter.

Professors highlight the achievements and skills of the candidate/students which will help him/her to put good impact on the organization. Students need to give whole information to the professor if the/she want to their professor write an effective recommendation letter for him/her. Keep in mind that not to write anything negative about the candidate as will give bad impression and candidate will definitely going loose the particular opportunity. Its better to say no to write or reject to write a letter of recommendation as it can effect candidates future.

A letter of recommendation for internship plays very vital role for the candidate for his/her impression in front of institution to invite you as an intern and to give chance to you get experience in your required field. It is not as ordinary as other kind of letters. This letter will put your impression or eligibility to join them as an intern or not.

This letter will emphasize that you have all the required qualities to be part of this internship. Just make sure your content is to the point and you are providing all information which is relevant to the internship field. It should not be out of track that pointing out your qualities which does not relate to internship field. They will see your potential, your dedication towards work. How you take or react in an adverse situation. So, try to highlight your qualities or achievements along with relevant examples.

In case of recommendation letter for the colleague, here your colleague can be the professor / employee with whom you are doing work in company/organization that means it a letter of reference from the person with whom you are working for a long time.  It is not mandatory that you only need a recommendation letter from your boss.

You may take recommendation letter of colleague also helpful in getting new opportunity. Here you have to write the content or information about your colleague which is highlighting his/her achievements, qualities. You can also stories which are showing his creativity of mind to solve the problems or to complicated task in simple way. Make sure to collect all the information which will help you to write the useful content about your colleague. In case of professor colleague you can add how he/she deals with students and motivates students for doing their work effectively and connects with students very easily,  can add his/her results in academy and positive feedback by all others.

During your career, you may be called upon to write a recommendation letter for promotion for your colleague or employee in your organization. Here positive endorsement by you is means a lot for him/her. You have to write some glowing points about him/her. You can also introduce yourself and can state in what capacity you have known the applicant. You can highlight his/her leadership qualities or level of maturity to handle the responsibilities. You should focus on the keywords that are used in job listing. An impressive recommendation letter for promotion by you can help the candidate to get promotion in his/her field so just try to highlight all the positive points which can help him/her to get the promotion.

So, these are some types of recommendation letters which I described above and can help you in writing the content in accurate format. You can use these tips and can write an impressive and effect full recommendation letter for grabbing your dream job or position in particular filed. I hope you get the relevant information and if you want any addition in this or want to suggest something please write your comments in the comment section and I will definitely try to keep them in mind for next time.  J