Positive Promotions Reviews and Complaints

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Positive Promotions Reviews and Complaints

What was your experience with Positive Promotions?

Positive Promotions Shipping Service

Positive Promotions – Bad Experience

For Nurses Week I ordered gifts for my staff and to make sure Id get it in time I did express shipping which was $41. After a week I still have not received my merchandise and only offered to give me $26 back of what I paid in shipping since standard shipping was $15. I was told I should receive my package in a couple of days. Never again will I use this company.

Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy




So I ordered pens for an in hand date of tTuesday March 13th. Pens were to be handed out at a fair scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday March 15th. Guess what? Pens were only shipped out today Wednesday, despite everyone acknowledging that I had requested an in hand date…

Positive Promotions Shipping Service

Positive Promotions – Not Very Positive

I placed my order with the expectation that it would be shipped and received it in a timely fashion. Their costs for shipping and delivery are not cheap! Therefore, the company should find other ways to add value to their customers experience. Before I placed my…

Positive Promotions – Not worth it!

I work with a business who have spent thousands of dollars with Positive Promotions and received the worst service. When I order on line as well as over the phone, the orders are place, payments made each time the day of shipping someone calls and says oh the item you…

Positive Promotions Shipping Service

Positive Promotions – Nice customer service reps, incompetent inventory control and lack of communication in the company

I ordered 11 shirts. Of the 11 that I received, four were the incorrect size. I called (on a Fri) and they told me they had the correct sizes and would ship them out. Then I get a call Sat telling me the size that the sizes I wanted were out of stock. The inventory…

Got a free gift for my purchase. Shipping receipt said it was collapsible lunch bag and pen. I got water bottle and pad paper holder with a pen. They didnt even get their …

Then couldnt because they did not have

Positive Promotions Online Order Review

So frustrated with this company & their poor customer service. They are wildly overpriced & cant deliver the product! Cant even get a person to call me with a status on my order

On March 30, 2012 my company had me order 12 Tumblers for National Nurse Week May 7 2012. After I placed my order they advised me my items will be shipped and delivered by Thursday May 3 2012. Monday May 7 2012 we have not received any items from Positive Promotions…

Horrible company to work with. I ordered Teacher Christmas presents on Dec 10th plenty of time per the shipping times posted on the web site. They sent a partial package – des…

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Enterprise Car Sales – Worst buying experience of my life

Enterprise Car Sales – Recently rented car from Enterprise

Enterprise Car Sales – Very satisfied with customer service

Interstate National Dealer Services – Pissed off

Minwax – Helmsman Teak Oil used as directed ruined our teak furniture

Fedex – Worst delivery service EVER

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen – Found a bug in my food

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LegalShield Reviews – Is it a Scam or Legit?

LegalShield is a company that has been using third party law firms to provide numerous prepaid legal services for more than 40 years, including demand letters, trial assistance, and more.

Based out of Ada, OK, LegalShield claims to have been providing affordable attorney access and legal services to consumers across 49 U.S. states and four Canadian provinces for more than 40 years. All LegalShield services are provided on a prepaid basis, and are available for both individuals and small businesses.

LegalShield holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, despite having 142 closed complaints within the last three yearsmost of which centered around problems with the product/service. From a customer satisfaction standpoint, online customer reviews appear to be primarily negative, with the most common complaints citing poor customer service, complicated contact procedures, patronizing/unknowledgeable lawyers, and high hidden fees.

According tothis studyon the LegalShield website, more than 57 million Americans have some kind of ongoing legal issue. And, according tothis study, nearly 60% of businesses have faced significant legal events in the past two years. As a result, the primary goal of LegalShield is to help individuals and small businesses obtain prepaid legal services from a network of provider attorneys, all for one low, flat rate. Their plans include:

Letters and phone calls, document review, and trial defense.

Powers of Attorney, wills, loan documents, etc.

Traffic violations and accidents.

Name change assistance, divorce & adoption representation, and more.

Covers both you and your spouse for single credit monitoring and restoration services, in addition to unlimited consultations.

Includes everything in the ID Plan, with the addition of triple credit monitoring, web watch, SS number skip trace, and more.

Includes legal consultation regarding debt collection, contract review, trial defense services, landlord/tenant disputes, and much more.

Regardless of which plan you choose, or whether youre an individual or a business, LegalShield is supported by a team of hand-picked Providers, which are legal firms hired by the company, who are paid in advance for their services, and are supposedly fully committed to solving your problems.

Based on information found on the companys website, using LegalShields services entails a six-step process:

Review your membership packet, which will give you your legal providers information.

Register yourself on the Members website.

When an issue or questions arises, contact your provider law firm.

Explain your legal problem to the provider law firm, who will then assign a lawyer best suited to address your needs.

Finally, youll receive a call from your lawyer within eight hours of your request.

Based on many of the complaints we read, it appears the majority of users found this process to be needlessly complex. For instance, if you happened to miss your lawyers call within the 8-hour window, youll have to re-contact the law firm, and wait another 8 hours to have your call returned.

LegalShields pre-paid plans are as follows:

ID Premium $29.95 per month

: These plans are completely customized based on your businesss needs. As a result, pricing can vary.

For each plan, there are several different add-ons in a range of prices, so for full details, clickhere. Each month youll be automatically charged according to your plan, which can be automatically deducted from your credit card or bank account. Regardless of which membership option or add-ons you choose though, keeping mind that youll be assessed a $10 enrollment fee your first month.

So, with all this in mind, is LegalShield a scam? While the company appears to offer a legitimate range of products, there are a few things you should keep in mind prior to joining.

Firstas with most things in lifeyou get what you pay for, and LegalShield is no different. Think of it this way: If you were required to hire a lawyer for a minor upcoming court case, its completely feasible to expect to pay anywhere from $5K to $10K, depending on a wide range of factors. With this is mind, the quality of legal services you could reasonably expect to receive for just $20 per month is fairly low. And, many of the online customer complaints we read referenced this specific fact more than anything else. So, if youre expecting to receive personalized, responsive service from knowledgeable, highly rated firms for this amount, you may want to reconsider

Next, it appears that LegalShield has a relatively poor reputation for customer service. Most often, we read of difficulties encountered when trying to cancel plans, and service personnel who are more concerned about creating cumbersome processes than they are about solving problems.

Finally, when you consider that anything more than simple form-letter writing, a cursory review of your situation, or superficial advice (which may or may not be correct) will cost you much more than your standard monthly fee, using a LegalShield lawyer may be more expensive than hiring a lawyer direct. In fact, in one complaint we read, someone who claimed to have an immense amount of legal experience stated that youll be paying about 30% more overall.

With all this in mind, unless youre looking for help with the most basic of legal services (which are often simple enough to handle yourself), you may want to think twice about joining LegalShield.

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I called to cancel, and the person on the phone said their cancellation policy is that you have to give written notice. She gave me the address and all of the info I needed to send in. I sent a letter to cancel my membership. They charged me again, I called, and they said they didnt receive any cancellation request and to do it through email. So I did. The next month they are charging me again! I called and they said that I dont have an account with them. They said they are not charging my card. They looked up my card number and said it is not associated with any account. But there it is on my credit card statement AGAIN! They said to send them my credit card statement to prove that I am really being charged, which is my battle with them now. NOT RECOMMENDED! Scam!

Bottom Line:No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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They tell you over the phone that you get consultation included in your monthly fee and that is a lie. It is up to the attorney discretion to charge you on top of that, and they never tell you this over the phone. So essentially an attorney is NOT going to do anything without getting paid in full, so your little monthly fee is worthless. You are still going to pay a lot and think about it the entire thing is a scam. Their contract protects them, and no one reads this in detail, so all of us stooges, like myself, find out later. Stay away! They will pay for this someday for lying to us.

Bottom Line:No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Never did I know this was a scam until I needed to use the membership. They strung me along for six months on a case that they ended up not helping us with. Instead, they said to go to small claims court. I was with them for 8 years and canceled today. I do not recommend this company.

Bottom Line:No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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They took advantage of me when I was most vulnerable. Broke, in need of money to pay rent, and they recruited me to sell saying the service sells itself. Couldnt be further from the truth. If a person buys the full family plan, it costs them about $50 a month. Multiply that by 12. Do you think youll need $600 worth of legal help this year? The majority dont. No one would buy, so when I tried canceling the $249 I had spent on marketing services, they said I could not get a refund and that there was a 5-day grace period I was NEVER made aware of. Stay far away from this company, both buying the service and selling it.

Bottom Line:No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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I was searching for a lawyer in LA for my daughter on Google and an attorney that picked up the phone told me to register to LegalShield for $300 a year. All other attorneys asked me for a retainer for $10000 and $500 an hour.

Bottom Line:Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Let me ask you this, can you afford an attorney at $300 an hour to consult with you about any matter thats worth less than $5000? Say its a dispute on a bill, a defective product, maybe a problem with your vehicle warranty or a dispute with your deposit with a landlord? Would you normally hire an attorney for these situations and many others? For $300 a year, this is a NO BRAINER. Its interesting to see all the comments on here and how narrow-minded these people are. ANY law firm will charge you $300-$800 an hour for a consultation, letter on your behalf or even reviewing documentation.

Ive called the law firm over 10 TIMES on one legal matter concerning landlord-tenant, tell me ANY law firm in the country that an attorney would talk to you that many times without charging you one single hour? Ive used them for situations with utility bills, insurance claims, family law, issues with a defective cell phone, vehicle warranty at a car dealership, etc. I cant tell you countless times theyve saved me thousands of dollars. All together Ive recovered and saved about $20,000 from many legal situations that I normally couldnt afford an attorney.

Please think twice before you let these narrow-minded reviews cloud your judgment on changing your life with this incredible service.

Bottom Line:Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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This review appears to be a carefully crafted marketing piece by an obvious distributor of the product. Not a helpful review in my opinion.

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I have been a member since 2011, and have used the law firm service over 15 times. I have even visited my local law firm when they have an open house to its members. It was amazing to find out how large the firm actually was, and some of the stats that they shared about the lawyers. Most of the lawyers that work with LegalShield members average 20+ years of experience.

Every time I call I get a call back in a timely manner. After every conversation with my law firm, I have felt relieved and at ease. I have had challenges with some of the results I have received, but I realized the law is not always as fear as we wish it was. I have used the service for traffic tickets, disputes with internet providers, a challenge with a hotel, a dispute with a college, created my will, dispute with a canceled airline ticket, and even when I received the wrong prescription from a pharmacy. The list goes on, and every time they were professional and responsive.

Bottom Line:Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Daniel, you work for the company. Why do you not make that clear prior to posting, that you dont use the service but rather sell the service? Always disclose any conflict of interest first, when it comes out later any credibility or trust is gone.

John, thank for your comment. I was actually a happy member for three years prior to becoming affiliated with the company. One of the reasons I actually became affiliated was because of my belief in the service. By the way, I did not mention any connection with the company because my review was based on my personal experience as a member. Being affiliated with them does not give me any perks as a member, I call the same law firm as everyone else.

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No! Im not a fake reviewer and not getting paid for it either! Ive used their service twice now and both times received a call back the same day. One of those actually called back in a matter of MINUTES.

Both lawyers treated me respectfully and almost as a friend, were extremely knowledgeable, and gave me step by step instructions and expectations and what the process will entail.

My husband and I hired a regular lawyer (not through LegalShield) years ago, paid THOUSANDS and could never get callbacks or help when we needed it. We had to go to his OFFICE and refuse to leave until we spoke with him! And he couldnt wait to get us out of his office by his behavior. Talk about WASTING money! LegalShield IS LEGIT and has been a Godsend for us! A TRUE story of a couple in McKinney TX!

If you dont click with the lawyer youre assigned to, ask for another. It happens in any business. Our LegalShield lawyer has also instigated callbacks since we began our landlord issue and that tells me hes working on it. Not a scam! The second issue was resolved on the first immediate callback!

Im so tired of the bigger companies, government, and other entities that KNOW you cant afford a lawyer and will get away with taking advantage of the middle class who cant constantly afford lawyers, on issues that were no fault of our own. Its a helpless feeling. But no more! I just call my LegalShield attorney now, and it puts the accusers in their place ASAP!

Bottom Line:Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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100% scam! They outright defrauded me out of hundreds of dollars. I paid hundreds of dollars to get a runaround and never receive any help at all. Then when I allowed my membership to lapse, they proactively called me and defrauded me out of my new credit card information to secretly start charging me hundreds more, on the sly, without ever giving me any help or even letting me know they had started charging me again.

They called me to tell me my credit card was no good anymore (it had expired) and I told them yes, I had intentionally not given them my new billing information because I felt they had scammed me, I had never managed to get any legal help out of them and felt I had been ripped off. They asked about my legal problem and told me if I gave them my new billing info they could try to reinstate my account without my having to reapply and start over from scratch, and if so, they would then definitely help me with my legal issues. They made it clear that this was in no way definitely and that theyd get back to me.

I then never heard anything from them again, they never contacted me again in any way, and I just forgot about them.

About a year and a half later, I was going through my (long and complicated) financial records and noticed a small entry I had missed: they had used the new credit card information I had given them to start billing me monthly again almost immediately. They never told me theyd turned my account back on and they certainly never gave me the legal help they had at that point TWICE promised I would get for my money.

When I discovered this and called them to complain and demand a refund for the close to $400 they had charged me without ever telling me I was a member again or providing the service they had promised, they said they would cancel my subscription, and when I demanded a refund for the money they had charged me since they tricked me into giving them my new credit card number, they told me they would have to forward me to someone who could help me with that, and put me on hold. They then forwarded me to a generic recorded message, which gave no useful information and then hung up on me.

That was just a few months ago. I just now discovered they are STILL charging me after I told them in no uncertain terms to cancel and refund my money.

I am reporting them for fraud to my bank, the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, and the CA State Bar Association.

They did everything they could to prevent me from exercising my right to cancel, tricked me into giving them billing information after I told them I didnt want the service, refused to notify me that they had reactivated my membership and resumed billing me, absolutely never provided anything but a runaround, and not 1 second of help or service, ever.

Bottom Line:No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Sorry to hear that David, for sure it was a misunderstanding. Ive been a customer for almost year and the service saved me hundreds of dollars. I would get back to the person that sold it to you, and figure it out.

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I was a member for ten years. I made the mistake of providing original documents to LegalShield for input regarding potential pension. I was told that they do not do that, so my irreplaceable original documents were put out with the trash. Hard lesson to learn!

Bottom Line:No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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I always paid my dues for a few years, and now when I need help, I am so disappointed and start reading all reviews so far. OMG, I better to not waste my time and money and hire a real attorney.

So far, I am nowhere with Legal Shield attorneys. And I see how hard it is to cancel. I will see…Probably will get out soon.

Bottom Line:No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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LegalShield Reviews

In todays world, we must protect ourselves against identity thefts, and even the average citizens need legal representations. LegalShield is recognized as one of the leading providers of legal safeguards, globally. It is a service that offers the most affordable identity theft plans on the securities industry. Furthermore, aside from giving protection to more than 3.5 million people in North America, LegalShield extends its outstanding performance to companies and other organizations all around the globe.

For 15 years, LegalShield, as an established organization continues to maintain its superior record of A+ BBB grade. However, their identity theft plans might slightly vary from one state to another. Nonetheless, the average price for the basic plan for most states, falls around $12.95/month. Therefore, the great advantage of incorporating LegalShileds Legal plan is that, it would make your monthly subscription drop $3. You will only pay $9.95 a month! Likewise, the Legal Plan would be useful if you have an identity protection plan as well. The Legal Plan Consumers have the privilege of talking to their attorney about legal matters without worrying about ridiculous hourly rates. Not just that, youll also have the opportunity to get advice in regards to unlimited issues; process attorney calls or letters made on your behalf; and have your contracts and documents reviewed (up to 15 pages each).

Other Features of LegalShields ID Plan are as follows:

Comprehensive Restoration by Kroll Advisory Solutions

Unlimited Consultation of Identity Theft Crisis

One-Bureau Activity Alert and Credit Monitoring

Children under 18 years of age whom the member or members spouse acts as the legal guardian.

Students under 26 years of age who are not married and a dependent of the member or members spouse.

Any dependent of the member/members spouse that are not capable of employment due to mental or physical disability.

The package also includes preventive legal assistance. It covers things, such as: creating a will that could be updated yearly; and a discount would be given on legal areas that arent exclusively included in the package.

Aside from those features mentioned above, another exceptional service that LegalShield offers is, for only $1 a month, you could cover your children under the age of 18. A plan that could cover up to 8 dependent children. Likewise, customers are free to choose what add-on products they would want to include in their standard LegalShield package.

With the good, comes the bad. Even though LegalShield appears to be the most outstanding identity theft product available in the market, it also has some flaws. For one, it could only monitor one credit bureau at a given time; unlike other programs that could monitor three. Moreover, even though they offer one credit score and report; it is not possible to view the modifications made over time on free updated scores and reports.

Based on the LegalShields BBB profile, only 151, out of millions of users, werent satisfied with LegalShields service. Though, most of these customers have reported that the common problems they have encountered are: the product/service and the collection/billing issues. Fortunately, LegalShield is proud to attest that, its very proactive and has already closed around 58 complaints submitted last year.

Also, when the customers plan to include the add-on products in their LegalShields package, the language used for prices could appear vague and hard to understand. Consumers might think that it is a one price deal. However, what LegalShield is trying to say is, the price for the add-ons offered would be added to the price of the standard package.

Overall, LegalShields advantages definitely outweighs the disadvantages it has. Moreover, for an extremely economical monthly price, you will have the opportunity to acquire all the basic identity theft services dont forget the attorneys that you can count on, just in case a problem arise. LegalShield offers real legal services coming from real attorneys based in the U.S. and Canada. Youll be rest assured that every attorney is legally licensed and theyre screened before LegalShield accepts them in the network.

Lastly, youll never find a company that offers a protection for up to 8 children for a very affordable price of $1 a month. LegalShield is a great plan for small businesses, families, and even for individuals. Each plan they offer is carefully customized to fit the customers needs.

* For verification purposes, please provide the email address you used when signing up with this company.

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