How to Make a Sales Presentation (with Exampl

If youre looking for top 10 easy tips to make a billion-dollar sales presentation by this time tomorrow, youre not in the right place.

This is very different from the same ol lame fluff.

In this long-form, expert-written infographic and guide, I will show you how to craft, structure and deliver amazing sales presentations that wow your audience, enchant your prospects and bring you more sales, step-by-step.

Heres what youll learn in this

Ultimate Guide to Sales Presentations

Part. 1. The 1 thing you must remember

. If theres one thing you must takeaway from this article, its this one.

is the mindset behind selling. Start here, itll only take you 20 seconds to read (Yes, I counted).

Part 2. The anatomy of a perfect sales presentations

. This is the recipe that works today. In this infographic, youll learn the 7 ingredients you need to plan and structure the perfect sales deck.

Interlude. How to design high impact presentations

. (When you have no time, no budget and no special design talent)

. Ill give you proven techniques, action steps, and real world examples you can swipe in your own presentations. Start with the infographic, and then move on to this part.

. How long should a sales deck be? How do I structure/prepare/design/end my presentation? Here are the most common questions business professionals are asking themselves, answered.

This is the best sales advice youll hear today.

If youre serious about making effective sales presentations (AKA persuasive demonstrations to prospective buyers in order to make a sale), then please, please, please, tattoo this sentence on your forehead:

They care about themselves. They care about what you can do for them. They care about how you will solve their problems.

The key to making persuasive sales presentations is to

demonstrate that your offering, either a product or a service, will help your prospects get more of what they want.

(Ill have powerful techniques showing you how to do exactly that later in this post)

How to Design Impactful Presentations When You Have No Time (And No Design Talent)

Easy-to-edit, designer-made templatesallow non-designers to create slick, professional-looking presentations.

Top performers know that presentations can have a huge impact on their business. Because the truth is, when you start deliver top-tier business materials, youre able to:

Design clean slides that grab and keep peoples attention (adios text-heavy, 90s clipart slides that put everyone to sleep).

Confidently expressing ideas, concepts and messages with visual elements (graphics, charts, icons, and so on). Because, yes, you know that those who use visual aids are43% more persuasivethan those who dont.

Wow your prospects, get them to walk away knowing youre the pros and eliminating other options.

Withpre-built templates, you get your hands on a massive stash of editable resources slides, vector icons, graphics, timelines, maps and so on to finally build those result-getting presentations.

And the good news is, these templates cost as little as the price of a movie ticket.

So if youve looking to build winning presentations but have no time, no special design talent, and no big budget, then check out my two favorite templates below:

Part 3. In-Depth Strategies and Formulas.

Welcome to Part. 3 where Ill break down in small chunks the 7 components of successful sales decks.

This part includes concrete steps, practical strategies, techniques, scripts and examples to help you prepare and structure your sales decks for maximum impact.

2. Your value proposition [what do you do]

3. A powerful story [who are you and what makes you special]

4.  Identify customer problems [do you understand me]

5. Provide them solutions [what do you offer that solves my problems]

7. Call-to-action [What happens next]

1. Use These 2 Easy Steps to Design a Solid Cover Slide

Look, Id like you to think of yourpresentation cover slideas the packaging of a product. And Id like you to do that for one main reason.

If you had to print that sales deck, your cover slide would be the 1 thing people get to see. Like a package.

Now, heres some researched-backed information thatll help you understand why cover slides, as product packages, are important.

Studiessuggested that the packaging design elements have an influence on choosing, getting attracted, like, purchase the product and considering packaging as a brand promotion vehicle.

If your presentation package sucks well, youre sending the wrong message to your audience. Clearly, its not good for your brand and its not good for your sales.

Bottom line: Great cover slides make it

what its all about. Its a no brainer.

Here are three solid sales deck cover slides examples:

To pick the perfect picture, answer this 2-step question:

What product/service do my company offer? – What tangible element can I associate my offering to?

SEO services – computer (or web traffic, web page, macbook)

Furniture design – sofa (or armchair, cabinet, chair, home design)

Management consulting – office building (or business people, meeting, investors)Now, head over toPexelsoranother awesome free stock photo website. Select a few pictures that closely relate to the identified keyword. If you cant chose between your options, ask 2-3 colleagues which one they prefer, and go for the most popular option. Done.

You want to make it crystal clear for your prospect what your sales deck is all about. There is not

right way to write that headline, but to simplify the process for you, I recommend using the following structure:

[ Helping + Specific Target Audience + Outcome ]For instance:Helping Plastic Surgeons Get More Patients With SEO.

Helping F&B Businesses Getting More Customers With Social Media.

Amazing Events People Will Remember !Real-world business taglines:Video solutions for every type of business. Wista.

Get, keep and grow more customers. Kissmetrics.

2. Apply The VP Formula To Craft The Perfect Value Proposition

So what is your company doing?

A value proposition defines the kind of value you will create for your customers (source). Its basically

the primary reason a prospect should buy from you

In a nutshell, your value proposition is a clear statement that

Explains how your product solves customers problems or improves their situation

Delivers specific benefits (quantified value),

Tells the ideal customer why they should buy from you and not from the competition (unique differentiation).

On web pages, heres how solid value propositions look like :

Identify who your business is targeting

(check out 2 tip of that articleto learn how to do just that) and then

list the exact benefits and results your products/services provide to customers (Check out 5 tip of this post)

Put everything together using the VP formula

[Product type] helps [target customers] to [result] [Company] helps [target customers] with [service] so you can [result] [Result they want] + [objections] + [timeframe]

Get six pack abs in 3 months, even if youve never worked out before.

Flood your inbox with job offers, even if you have zero network.

Build landing pages fast, get more conversions.Unbounce.3)Include a slide that clearly states your value proposition

3. Use These Proven Techniques To Structure Your Presentation

Stories create sticky memories by attaching emotions to things that happen.

Effective stories capture and hold our attention.They also help us learn and connect us with strangers.

To craft a good story,  for talking about your company or your products, you need three basic elements:

. Conflict is basically our expectation vs. the cold reality. The conflict is here to let your audience know why they should care about the characters in your story.  In the case of a sales presentation, characters could be clients youve worked with, and the conflict could be between what your clients couldnt do before using your product and what they can do now.

. In order to present a good narrative, you should develop the problem and the characters who are bound up in it.  What are your target customers struggling with?  You must understand their exact hopes and pains.

. The character solves the main problem/conflict or someone (aka you, the company) solves it for him or her.

Relief: how it can change. It doesnt have to be that way/theres a solution

Dream: your solution.Imagine if you couldhow your life would be if you couldProtagonist: climate change / tiny farmers providing food to restaurants

Conflict: how climate change affects the growing season

Resolution:policies that should be in place + how people in other areas are mitigating the effects of climate change on local resources.Source.If you take a close look atAirbnbs first pitch deck, theres clearly a conflict between what the market is offering (standard hotels that leave you disconnected from the local culture) and what people are willing to do (book a room through a local host, become one, find cheaper, authentic accommodations).The cold reality (what the market was offering BEFORE Airbnb came in):

The expectations (what happens AFTER Airbnb arrives in the market):

Technique 2: Apply the IBC framework

: what is it all about and why should your audience care

Body: it distills your message and supportive points

Conclusion: focus on the outcomes of the presentation, include a specific call-to-actionLets give the example of a deck pitching SaaS project management services:Introduction: the problem behind getting all teams on the same page today

Body: how ABC company project management solutions will help you solve that problem

Conclusion: different options on the market, why our works best, how can we start working together

Technique 3: Use the Liking Principle

According to psychology professor Robert Cialdini,we prefer to say yes to those we know and like.

We like those who are similar to us, give us complements, and cooperate with us toward common goals.  So how do you apply that when it comes to talking about YOU.

You need to get your customers feel connected.

Appear vulnerable. Emphasize the qualities, and defaults of your team members. Talk about their hobbies (yes), appear

Health, Chip and Dan. 2010.Made to Stick. A great book that teaches you how to better communicate ideas, on the basic of the S.U.C.C.E.S. framework:  in order to make an idea sticky, it has to be simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional, and tell a story.

German novelist saw common patterns in the plots of stories and novels and developed a diagram to analyze them. Seethis quick exampleof Freytags principles applied to the movieTAKEN.

Joe Gebbia Airbnb Story(Video)

University of Berkeley.Robert Cialdinis Principles of Persuasion.

Youre going to list down what makes your company and team members special (and worth to work with).

How do I like to present my company to people who dont know us?

What do our paying customers love about us? (service, team, process, turnaround, productand why exactly?)Whydo you want to help your target customers?

Howdid you get involved in this industry/project?

Howdid you come up with your product/service?

Whatproblem are you trying to solve?

Whatquestions do customers get to ask you all the time?

Whyare you passionate about your work?

4. Heres How to PinPoint Your Prospects Pains, Challenges & Dreams

Dont kick off your pitch talking about anything thats related to yourself. Instead, start with giving context.

Technique 1: Show Them What They Can be

Your products and services are nothing more than a tool that enables your prospects to achieve their dreams. Your goal here is to HELP them visualize what it would feel like if he could fulfill all his dreams.

Name a trend thats going on in your prospects industry.To quote Andy Raskin

When you highlight a shift in the world, you get prospects to open up about how that shift affects them, how it scares them, and where they see opportunities. Most importantly, you grab their attention.

Here are three real-world examples:

Technique 2: Hit Them Where it Hurts, Highlight The Problem

95%of our purchase decision making takes place in the subconscious mind. If you want to have emotional resonance with your prospect, you must show him you understand with pains and problems.

If you recallAirbnbs first pitch deck example, you understand thatthe start up had deeply identified the pain points of its marketbefore offering solutions that made sense.

To identify the pain points of your clients, answer the following questions:

What are their pain points? What do they struggle with?  (i.e. flat sales, low online visibility, etc).

What are your customers top 3 priorities and how do they measure success? (i.e. increase sales by x%)

How does the Promised land looks like for them?

To find out trends or key figures related to your prospects industry, use these search strings on Google:

Industry + report + inurl:[name of a famous consulting company] (Bain, BCG, McKinsey)

Example: Retail industry + report + inurl:accenture

5. Tie Your Offer To Specific Benefits Theyre Looking For

Now, youre going to demonstrate how your solution will help the prospect get rid of his problems and fulfill his dreams.  Your single focus will be to  give out information that

You see, customers buy because they want

(and the results that come with them). They dont give a crap about your features unless it helps them understand how it gets them results they care about.

Benefits = Results that come from doing these things (get girls)Features = A 20-slide persuasive sales presentation

Benefits = Impress prospects,get your message across, close more salesFeatures = a detailed web analytics audit and health checkup

Benefits = we help you identify where your website is leaking money, create optimized treatments and run optimization tests in order to help you increase your revenue.Heres how you should approach this when crafting your presentation:[Company] helps you with [product name, feature, deliverable] so you can [benefit].Seehow Facebook is tying a products featurewith core benefits their clients care about:

Benefit: reach all the people who matter to youAction Steps1)List out the specific features of your product or service(what it does)A 20-slide persuasive deck

A 16-week one-on-one coaching program

A 3-month SEO package2)Write down the concrete, tangible benefitsyour target customers will get from using this product or service. For instance, you could help themLook sexier fashion, muscle building

Become richer wealth consultants

More popular weight loss programs

Be the first SEO services

Make their life comfortable interior design

Have more freedom project software

Save money insurance company

etc3)Connect 1 + 2 using linking words(so you can / will help you / that will give you)For instance:1)Features. Do-it-at-home bodyweight exercises

2)Benefits. Build muscle to speed up weight loss without spending money on a gym

3)Linking it. We provide you 12 step-by-step videos that will show you do-it-at-home bodyweight exercises[ so you can ]build muscle without spending money on an expensive gym membership.Tweet these sales deck action steps !

6. Heres How To Make Them Believe You

Of course, every sales rep under the sun says their company offers amazing products.

But for most prospects, youre just another sleazy sales dude trying to push products or services that wont provide any value to them.

Your goal as a presenter is to help them overcome their objections:

your sales deck must demonstrate that you are able to get your customers the results you claim

Wanna know one of the best way to do it?

Educate your customers, dont sell them.

Incorporate Expert, Research-Backed Data

Here are pieces of evidence (aka facts, not opinions) you can include in your sales deck:

: what your industry key influencers have to say about your industry, trends, products, you.

: check out .edu websites, magazines and research journals that release data, insights angled toward the market you are serving. Use the following search strings on Google: site: .edu + keyword or intitle: research journal + keyword.

: in which specific aspect of your business are you better than your competition?

Process, service, quality, price, support, results? Find data that makes your product/service better than your competitor.  You could make a table listing yours vs. your competitors key features and benefits in order to show how you are better than them.

Case studies are a unique angle you can use toeducate your prospectsand show them what they can be, thanks to your product/service.

Here, another example extracted from the deckFacebook For Business: Video On Facebook

Wanted to boost brand loyalty and drive viewership of its Ramadan Holiday videoSTRATEGY:

Launched a combined TV and FB campaign

4 videos showcasing banks reverence of traditional Saudi values

Two Reach Blocks guaranteed that the ads reached the entire Saudi Facebook audience that logged in that day.RESULTS:

Strong uplift in brand awareness generated by Facebook campaign as found through Bank Albilads own internal study.

Facebook increased our brand loyalty given the valued interaction between our audience and us. This platform, Facebook, was one of the main channels for such a campaign and it will remain a crucial platform for future campaigns.

Mohammed R. Abaalkheil, Head of Marcom Division, Bank Albilad.Specifically Address Their ObjectionsThere are 5 major categories of objections: need / price / product / source / time.And your job is to address the typical fears that are driving it. To do that, you have to provide concrete answers these questions:He doesnt get me

It worked for others but wont work for me

I can find the same thing for free/cheaper elsewhere

What happens after I accept their offerAsk For Customer Testimonials (The Right Way)According to Nielsen, testimonials & word of mouth are the driving force behind 20 to 50% of all purchasing decisions.To get awesome customer testimonials, you need to ask therightquestions.  Heres a solid set of questions you should ask every client (Thanks Marian):What hesitations did you have about working with me?

What changes have you noticed since working with me?

What specific feature did you like the best about working together?

How have you benefited from hiring our company?

Would you recommend my company o a colleague or a friend? If so, why?

Bottom line: educate your customers, dont sell them.

Get them to say Wow! I didnt know that. Incorporable rock-solid customer testimonials, research-backed data in order to teach them something they may not have known. Thatll get them to believe it for themselves, and create trust.

7. Integrate a Strong Call-to-Action

A call to action is a simple command that directs customers to take some sort of action (buy, sign up, or start a free trial).

Here are the most common questions business people ask themselves when it comes to making better sales presentations.What Are the Objectives of a Sales Presentation?Let me flip that questionWhat isyour(realistic) goal for this sales presentation?You can either be looking to inform, educate or persuade your prospects and clients. And the answer will depend on the level of relationship youve established with them (If its the first time you meet, closing the sale might not be the appropriate answer).Here are a few examples of objectives you could come up with (the more specific, the better):Im doing this sales presentation toUnderstand X, Y and Z aspects of the prospects business in order to draft a proposal thats relevant to his expectations.

Introduce a new growth opportunity weve identified for [company] and get their feedback on it.

Build a relationship with a new prospect (so two years from now he wants to purchase from us).How Should I Prepare My Pitch Presentation?Theres nothing more frustrating for a potential customer than having a meeting with a sleazy dude who has no clue about who hes dealing with.Customers want to know whether you can help them get more of what they want.Do research on those 4 aspects:1) Know What You are SellingWhat does your company sell exactly?

Whats your value proposition (what is it about you that is different from the crowd?)

What are their strengths and weaknesses?

What have you learnt from their operations/marketings?

What are their hopes, fears and dreams?

How much do they know about the solution what youre trying to sell them?

Is their market share growing, steady or declining?

Which channels do they use to use to reach, acquire and retain their customers?

What is the size and growth of your market? (growing, steady, declining?)

What are the booming trends in your industry?

You definitely need to integrate the 7 elements I detailed in this post.

That can be resumed to highlighting.

Who you are, briefly (apply storytelling and liking principles)

The problem/challenge: twist the knife, hit where it hurts

The solution/dream: show them the promised land (benefits, outcomes)

Tie that to why youre the best solution for them (proofs, testimonials, case studies address their objections)

Call-to-action (what do we do next?)How Can I Improve My Sales Presentation Design?These are are the absolutely best articles you can get your hands on:If youre starting from sub-zero(or want to educate yourself better than 80% of the people out there),check out this post. It breaks down 100+ simple, practical presentation tips to help you plan, design and deliver unforgettable presentations.Want to craft a more creative deck?Check out this post. It includes actionable techniques to help you design creative presentations within minutes (with free templates, lessons and resources).Where Can I grab Beautiful Images?Right here.How Should I Open My Presentation?Most audiences will give you only30-60 secondsto convince them they want to listen to you.So yes, your introduction is the most important part of your presentation because it will directly affect whether they want to hear more about what you have to say (or not). To that end, your presentation opening needs to accomplish four things:1. Get the audience interested in the presentation

4. Tell the audience what the presentation is going to provide themUse the GTS (give them something) formula to get your audiences excited about what theyll be able to do or know by the end of your pitch:Today, Im going to show you [ statement that benefits your audience ].

By the end of this presentation, you will [ result theyre interested in ].For instance:Today, Im going to show you how you can use conversion optimization to triple your sales in less than 6 months.What Questions Should I Ask the Prospect?Heres a set of questions you should ask prospects (works perfectly with first time prospects):Can you help you understand how you measure success in regards with [topic]?

What do you want to achieve, specifically? This year? Mid-term, long-term?)

Tell us about your business in one sentence?

What are your clients biggest problems and aspirations? (Visualize what matters to them)

What delights your customers about your product?

Does our offering make sense for your world?

Can we agree on [proposed next steps after the meeting]?How to End/Close a Sales Presentation?The closing should amplify the message, wrap up the key takeaways of your presentation, and include a call to action.If youre sending the file through email, include a slide with a call-to-action enticing them to contact you, and give them your contact info.If youre having a meeting, summarize orally your understanding of customers goals and needs, and how you can help them achieve those goals. Also make sure to propose, and agree on the next steps. For instance:Would that work with you if we send you a recap of this meeting, the additional elements we talked about, and follow up within a week of time?How Long Should My Presentation Last?After having conducted an experiment, Dr. Maureen Murphy at the University of North Texas (UNT) said that:If a presentation that had 20 minute segments with short breaks in between, the people enjoyed the 20-minute chunked presentations more than a 60 minute presentation, learned more information immediately after, and retained more information a month later.She concluded:See if you can build in some kind of change every 20 minutes. For maximum learning you want a break every 20 minutes, as opposed to just a change of stead of taking one long break, take several short ones.So heres my take on this study:Break down your sales meeting in 20-minute chunks. For instance:Chunk 1) Understand your prospects business. Ask him questions. Get insights.

Chunk 2) Introduce your product/service offerings. Which is long enough for your prospects to understand clearly how your product/service can help them.Can You Show Me Some Solid Sales Presentation Examples?Check out this postwhere youll get 20+ real-world sales deck examples.How Can I Improve My Current Sales Deck?Incorporate the 7 components Ive laid down for you in this article, pin point your customers burning desires, offer deliverables that allow them to get the results they want, and youll be set to deliver a great sales deck that will help you generate more business.If youd like to dig deeper and become a real pro, heres one book I recommend:Strategic Sales Presentations by Jack Malcolm.

This easy-to-read book will take you through a 3-step process that will help you consistently deliver winning sales presentations:

.  Malcom introduces the 4 recurring themes hell be using in the book to provide a structure. He also explains how to capture the attention of your listeners, and how decision making actually happens in companies.

. How to craft and structure your message, grab the attention of your audience and successful open and close that presentation.

. How to establish a presence, speak like a pro and use Q&A effectively.

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2 Design Gorgeous Sales Presentations When You Have No Time, No Budget (And No Design Talent)

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Youre smart enough to know you could spend that time on more strategic, higher level activities that actually move the needle (like tweaking your value proposition, challenging your business

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The Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) was a temporary federal agency established in 1989 to oversee the disposal of assets from failed savings and loan (S&L) institutions. It was created by Congress in the wake of the 1980s S&L crisis, in which hundreds of depository institutions slipped into insolvency due to unsound banking practices.

In 1976 the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) was enacted as an amendment to the Solid Waste Disposal Act. RCRA regulates both household and hazardous solid wastes, with regulations covering hazardous wastes that are particularly detailed and are described as being cradle to grave. (Cradle to grave refers to regulation from the point of generation of the waste through and including its ultimate point of disposal or storage.) The act was amended by Congress in 1978, 1980, 1984, 1986, 1988, and 1996, with the 1984 amendments making the most substantial additions to the program.

Restraint of trade is a phrase from the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890, a historic piece of legislation designed to halt the excessive monopolistic and anticompetitive activities of the then burgeoning industrial combinations and trusts. Specifically it was meant to curtail two types of anticompetitive behavior: the growth of giant monopolies through mergers and various price-fixing schemes and agreements.

Creditors use protective covenants in bond indentures to protect their interests by restricting certain activities of the issuer that could endanger the creditors position. Similarly, banks employ loan covenants to ensure that the borrower uses the funds for the stated purpose.

A resume is a document submitted to a potential employer by a job applicant outlining and summarizing that persons qualifications for employment. Generally speaking, resumes are written with a particular job objective in mind and include data on the applicants education, previous work experience, and, to a lesser extent, personal information.

Retailing is the sector of the economy that offers goods and services for sale directly to the ultimate consumers, usually private individuals. It is related to wholesale trade, which is the purchase of goods or services in bulk by businesses or persons who may add something to those goods or services, or use them in production.

Retirement planning has become among the most important of a persons financial considerations, for several reasons. First, life expectancy has drastically increased.

At no time in American history has the right of privacy generated such heated controversy and been the focus of so much attention as at present. The Watergate scandal in the 1970s focused public attention for the first time on the damaging effects of sophisticated electronic technology on privacy.

In order to raise money, publicly held companies sometimes offer additional securities (shares traded in the stock market) to their common stockholders, which allows shareholders to preserve their interest in a company. Companies seeking to raise money this way will issue the new securities at a rate lower than the market value and will enable stockholders to purchase them in proportion to the amount they own, i.e., to purchase a pro rata share.

The term risk and return refers to the potential financial loss or gain experienced through investments in securities. An investor who has registered a profit is said to have seen a return on his or her investment.

Risk management is the identification, appraisal, and prevention or minimization of exposures to accidental loss for an organization or individual. Since risk offers not only the opportunity for growth but also for harm, risk managers must predict and prevent or control any potential harm.

The Robotic Industries Association, the leading trade group for the robotics industry, defines a robot as follows: it is a reprogrammable, multifunctional manipulator designed to move material, parts, tools or specialized devices through variable programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks. This definition has become generally accepted in the United States and other Western countries. The most common form of industrial robot is made up of a single automated arm that resembles a construction crane.

Known formally as subchapter S corporations, a name derived from the section of the U.S. tax code dealing with them, S corporations are small business corporations specially designated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

A sales contract is an agreement between a buyer and seller covering the sale and delivery of goods, securities, and personal property other than goods or securities. In the United States domestic sales contracts are governed by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

A companys sales force consists of its staff of salespeople. The role of the sales force depends to a large extent on whether a company is selling directly to consumers or to other businesses.

Sales forecasts are common and essential tools used for business planning, marketing, and general management decision making. A sales forecast is a projection of the expected customer demand for products or services at a specific company, for a specific time horizon, and with certain underlying assumptions.

A standard direct-mail package usually includes an outer envelope, a reply envelope, a brochure, and a response device in addition to the sales letter. The direct-mail letter is a sales letter and provides the opportunity to directly address the interests and concerns of the recipient.

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A sales tax is a tax that is levied on the sales of goods and, in some cases, services. Sales taxes apply to transactions and are based on expenditures.

All assets have a salvage value, which is the estimated value each asset will have after it is no longer going to be used in the operation of a business. Also known as the residual value or scrap value, the salvage value may be zero or a positive amount.

Sanctions involve the deliberate withdrawal, or threat of withdrawal, of customary trade or financial assistance by one or more countries against another country. Also known as embargoes, economic sanctions refer to measures taken by one or more nations against another country to halt trade with the target country.

The first savings and loan association was organized in 1831 as the Oxford Provident Building Association of Philadelphia. Like the building societies of England and the credit cooperatives of Europe, it was a membership organization that took savings deposits from its members and in turn made home loans to them.

Digital scanning refers to optical and electronic processes that capture and convert printed materials to digital format. Scanning is one component of a larger document imaging system that includes image-capture, storage, display, and retrieval capabilities.

The Securities Act of 1933, sometimes referred to as the truth-in securities act, is primarily concerned with the initial issuance of securities from enterprises to the investing public in the United States. The intention of the 1933 act is to ensure that all relevant information about the security be disclosed to potential investors.

Investments refers to the process of applying resources so as to increase wealth. Direct investment is the actual acquisition and management of assets by the individual.

The Securities Exchange Act (SEA) of 1934 was enacted on June 6, 1934, and was meant to oversee and regulate trading on the various U.S. securities markets.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is responsible for administering federal securities laws written to provide protection for investors.

Vacation Certificate

We are dedicated to providing top quality incentives for all businesses. Our certificate incentives enable you to generate leads, boost sales, and increase referral business.

Businesses who use certificate incentives in their marketing & promotions see at least a 30% increase in sales. Give them as a referral gift, gift with purchase, gift for responding to a direct mail offer, among many other ways. Examples: Visit our website or Come to our exhibitor booth or Spend $75 in our store and youll receive a 3 Day, 2 Night Vacation Certificate.

You Can Print, Personalize, Design and Distribute An Unlimited Number of Certificate Incentives

For a small yearly licensing fee, you receive the rights to print, personalize, design and distribute an unlimited number of certificates. Plus, the certificate is in a PDF document, so you can email it to your customers or upload it to your website for your customers to download and print.More details

You can sell the certificates to other businesses for any price you choose, allowing you to earn enormous profits.

Every time your customers redeem their certificate, we pay you a commission of $3-$6.More details

There is no performance incentive on earth that motivates like travel! Everybody wants a vacation!

OKR Goals Examples

. While different roles require different OKR goals based on varying circumstances and contexts and based on different requirements of the job, we offer the examples focused more on senior roles and give you ideas on how to apply the OKR goal-setting process at your company. For more detailed examples, please reach out to us and we can help you.

Also, the usual practice is to start with Top Corporate(Company) Goals and then cascade those to Departmental or Group goals which in turn align or contribute to the company goals. Also please note that in the OKR system, the Objectives is the headline that is the title of the group or cluster of Key Results and is thus qualitative. Yet Key Results allow you to measure this Objective and these can be either milestones (un-quantified yet measurable either with Complete/Incomplete or with the % Progress) or metrics (which are quantified).

Remember what John Doerr, the VC who introduced the OKR goals process to Google, states how we should be setting OKR goals:

Think of an OBJECTIVE in OKRs as a name for a Strategic Theme (aka a Burning Imperative as some companies call it) it is a broad, overarching headline or title which is a qualitative name of a set or group of KEY RESULTS. And these KEY RESULTS is what you may refer to as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and its what you would typically consider an MBO because its the very outcome or end result that can be either a measurable Milestone (and sometimes, if possible, quantified as a Metric).

Think of it as a Strategic Theme, a Title, a Headline a qualitative name for a set or group of your Key Results

An Objective states qualitative what you want to achieve as an end state, an outcome or a result

It is a name which is qualitative (i.e. think of it as a headline or a title naming a theme for a set of KRs)

KEY RESULTS (1-3 KPIs to measure the achievement Objective)

Shows progress or tells us how we know if we are achieving our Objective

It can be a qualitative Milestone or a quantified Metric type of measurement

A Key Result can be thought of as a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) that measure the progress of the Objective.

Also, some managers comment that a Key Result is what one can consider an MBO, a measurable or quantified statement.

Know more about Atiim OKR management platform:

Top Company OKR Goals Examples

OBJECTIVE: Grow Our Corporate Global Business

KR: Hit company global sales target of $100 Million in Sales

KR: Achieve 100% year-to-year sales growth in the EMEA geography

Increase the company average deal size by 30% with upsells

Reduce churn to less than 5% annually via Customer Success

OBJECTIVE: Delight Our Company Customers

KR: Interview 20 customers per month and get feedback

KR: Achieve an NPS of 9 from our company customers

KR: Increase customer retention to 98%

KR: Achieve a product engagement of 80% WAU

OBJECTIVE: Build a Great Corporate Culture (Delight Our Employees)

KR: Launch an ongoing 2-way closed-loop feedback process

KR: Achieve a weekly Employee Satisfaction / Pulse Score of 8+

KR: Celebrate small wins and any type of progress every single week

KR: CEO and SVPs to launch a monthly all-hands TownHall and open Q&A meeting

OBJECTIVE: Launch the New Product Successfully in Q1

KR: Create 20 customer case studies

KR: Get into the Gartner Magic Quadrant

KR: Win a Best Product of the Year award at the industry conference

Know more about Atiim OKR management software to track Top Company Goals:

Marketing OKR Goals Examples

Demand Generation OKR Goals Examples

OBJECTIVE: Generate More Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)

KR: Generate 150 MQLs from email marketing

KR: Generate 50 MQLs from organic search

KR: Generate Net-New Unique leads via Account-Based Marketing

OBJECTIVE: Optimize our Customer Acquisition

KR: Improve our new marketing automation process

KR: Reduce the Customer Acquisition Costs by 20% in Q3

KR: Build a new tops-down and bottoms-up Excel model to analyze the ROI

OBJECTIVE: Implement Account Based Marketing

KR: Document and implement the new ABM process

KR: Do 2 weekly alignment meetings with the SDR team

KR: Do 1 weekly alignment meeting with SDR team managers

KR: Generate 20% of closed-won sales via ABM efforts in Q4

Online Marketing OKR Goals Examples

OBJECTIVE: Improve Our Website and Grow the Conversions

KR: Grow website visitors by 7% every month

KR: Improve conversions on Landing Pages by 10% in Q2

KR: Get 10 new inbound links from relevant websites

KR: Improve our internal on-page optimization

KR: Improve our website loading speed

Content Marketing OKR Goals Examples

OBJECTIVE: Launch the New Monthly Newsletter Successfully

KR: Publish 3 new newsletters this quarter

KR: Finalize and launch 1 newsletter per month

KR: Ensure we get a 3% CTR or above

OBJECTIVE: Improve Our Blog Strategy

KR: Publish 50 new blog posts in Q3

KR: Do 5 VIP interviews of industry experts

KR: Get 5,000 subscribers on our blog

PR / Analyst Relations OKR Goals Examples

OBJECTIVE: Increase Our Brand Awareness

KR: Have 30 media calls/meetings by end of Q1

KR: Have 15 calls/meetings with key industry influencers

KR: Secure 2 speaking spots at the Annual Industry conference

OBJECTIVE: Build Strong Relationships with Forrester and Gartner

KR: Submit analyst report applications

KR: Feature 2 analysts on our webinars

KR: Do 2 analyst calls provide the new product launch update

Community Manager OKR Goals Examples

OBJECTIVE: Launch a New Customer Community

KR: Create a Customer Community Strategy based on best practices

KR: Publish 60 articles during the quarter and get 6,000+ page visits

KR: Get 30% of our customers to participate in the community

OBJECTIVE: Make our community known by industry experts and thought leaders

KR: Reach out to 12 industry experts and thought leaders in Q1

KR: Interview them and publish the interview articles on our community site

KR: Research and publish the Industry Report & Infographics for the community

Product Marketing OKR Goals Examples

OBJECTIVE: Launch the New Product Successfully

KR: Finish all the new product website updates

KR: Work with PR to provide technical product specs

KR: Give an exclusive pre-launch update to customers and partners

KR: Finalize product datasheets, feature briefs and sales enablement info

Partner Marketing OKR Goals Examples

OBJECTIVE: Create a Community for our Partners/Resellers (MQLs)

KR: Publish 5 new partner-focused whitepapers by Q1

KR: Launch 7 webinars to educate our partners

KR: Do a 5-city Lunch & Learn event for partners

Know more about Atiim OKR management software to track Marketing Goals:

Sales Group OKR Goals Examples

OBJECTIVE: Generate new bookings pipeline

KR: Generate inflow of $12M in pipeline

KR: Keep pipeline above 5x of quota to ensure a 20% Win Rate

OBJECTIVE: Recruit World-Class A-Players for Our Sales Team

KR: Hire 10 new AEs by the end of January

KR: Hire 20 new SDRs by the end of January

KR: Hire 5 new Sales Managers by the end of January

KR: Maintain a 4:1 onsite Interview : Offer ratio

OBJECTIVE: Develop Our Reps into the Best Sales Team in the Industry

KR: Implement a better onboarding process

KR: Ensure we do regular sales coaching every week

KR: Bring in the new sales training company to improve our training

KR: Do regular monthly anonymous surveys of SDRs and AEs and get their feedback

Sales Manager OKR Goals Examples

OBJECTIVE: Grow Our Sales in the Central region

KR: Develop relationships with 50 new targets or named accounts

KR: Onboard 10 new resellers that focus on Central

KR: Offer extra kicker to AEs to achieve 120% focusing on Central

OBJECTIVE: Improve Sales in South America

KR: Find 30 new customers in South America

KR: Implement a new sales training program for our South American team

KR: Receive 5-star reviews from our costumers who will serve as references

SDR Manager OKR Goals Examples

OBJECTIVE: Implement SDR social selling process

KR: Train 5 SDRs on social selling practices

OBJECTIVE: Grow Our Upsell and Cross-sell

KR: Promote 3 SDRs to the upsell AE role

KR: Increase upsell and cross-sell revenue by 40%

KR: Increase customer retention to 98%

KR: Have regular weekly alignment meetings with Customer Success

Sales Enablement OKR Goals Examples

OBJECTIVE: Enable Our Sales to Be More Successful

KR: Ensure we update our new sales technology stack

KR: Implement the new process for measuring Outbound vs. Inbound

KR: Revise all the email sequences and upload it into the new sales messaging tool

KR: Update the CRM based on the new sales pipeline review process

KR: Help the VP of Sales with the new data to finalize the new compensation plan

OBJECTIVE: Improve our Sales Analytics Process

KR: Implement a sales analytics and Business Intelligence platform

KR: Set up sales cycle and average deal size triggers to email our VP of Sales

KR: Review Sales Activity metrics and send a weekly summary to the team

KR: Review Sales Pipeline metrics and send a weekly summary to the team

KR: Review retrospective Sales Results metrics and send a weekly summary to the team

Channel Partner Sales OKR Goals Examples

OBJECTIVE: Grow Sales Through our Channel Partner

KR: Recruit 30 new channel partners in Eastern, Central and Western geographies

KR: Finalize the new 20% channel sales promotion for Q3

KR: Implement the new channel partner website section

KR: Improve the channel partner onboarding process and documents

Know more about Atiim OKR management software to track Sales Goals:

Human Resources OKR Goals Examples

VP of HR / People Ops OKR Goals Examples

OBJECTIVE: Create an Exceptional Corporate Culture / Delight Our Employees

KR: Launch an ongoing 2-way closed-loop feedback process

KR: Create clarity of all departments and teams via clear OKR goals

KR: Achieve a weekly Employee Satisfaction / Pulse Score of 8+

KR: Celebrate small wins and any type of progress every single week

KR: CEO and SVPs to launch a monthly Town Hall with Open Q&A

OBJECTIVE: Improve Our Employee Retention

KR: Improve our 2-way closed-loop feedback and ongoing performance management process

KR: Improve our employee engagement score and employee satisfaction to 8 or above

KR: Survey employees monthly on how to make our company an even better place to work

KR: Assess if we are paying salaries and benefits at market rates

OBJECTIVE: Grow Our Team With A-Players

KR: Offer our employees a $500 reward for referrals of A-Players whom we hire

KR: Hire 25 new employees this quarter for the 5 requesting departments

KR: Survey interviewees after each interview process and get feedback

KR: Maintain a 4:1 Interview-to-hire ratio

OBJECTIVE: Improve Our Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Score

KR: Ensure every manager company-wide is doing an ongoing, 2-way feedback loop

KR: Survey employees with using a Pulse (Employee Satisfaction Index) weekly

KR: Ensure we are setting clarity of work with goals to boost engagement

OBJECTIVE: Make All of Our Managers More Effective and Successful

KR: Provide consistent training to managers on how to manage effectively

KR: Ensure every manager is doing regular 1-on-1 meetings with 2-way feedback

KR: Do monthly anonymous employee surveys to get feedback on managerial effectiveness

OBJECTIVE: Complete Our Employee Reviews Efficiently and on Time

KR: Get free gym membership for employees

KR: Survey our employees on how they like our new ongoing performance process

KR: Collect all performance review notes from our 30 front-line managers

OBJECTIVE: Transition to Ongoing Performance Management

KR: Announce the transition from outdated annual performance review process

KR: Implement the ongoing 2-way closed-loop feedback with lite check-ins

KR: Institute quarterly performance reviews

KR: Announce new annual reviews to serve as a summary for the ongoing process

Know more about Atiim OKR management software to track Human Resources(HR) Goals:

Engineering OKR Goals Examples

VP of Engineering OKR Goals Examples

OBJECTIVE: Launch the New Product Architecture

KR: Have engineering team contribute X story points

KR: Upgrade our database and complete data migration

OBJECTIVE: Build a World-Class Engineering Team

KR: Offer a $500 reward for referrals to A-Players

KR: Hire 5 referred engineers with exceptional references by end of Q2

KR: Maintain a 4:1 onsite Interview : Hire ratio

QA Engineer OKR Goals Examples

OBJECTIVE: Drive Quality for Features in Our New Release

KR: Implement the new QA automation tool and process

KR: Ensure no more than 1 critical bug reported in Q3

OBJECTIVE: Maintain an Agile Process

KR: Create and implement workflow graph

KR: Create Knowledge Base documentation

Software Engineer OKR Goals Examples

OBJECTIVE: Improve the Email Delivery Architecture

KR: Ship the new architecture docs to all internal teams

OBJECTIVE: Launch a high quality Product Beta

KR: 10% of our existing customers try it

Know more about Atiim OKR management software to track Engineering Goals:

Product Management OKR Goals Examples

OBJECTIVE: Launch the New Product Successfully

KR: Conduct 30 customer development interviews

KR: Review 10 usage videos via and summarize it internally

KR: Do 2 training sessions on the new product for Marketing and Sales teams

KR: Help Product Marketing by reviewing their technical spec documents

OBJECTIVE: Develop a New Product Vision for 2018

KR: Interview 50 prospective customers and get their initial feedback

KR: Get usability score above 8/10 on UX mockups from 20 prospective customers

KR: Specify 5 elements in UX mockups to increase products usage engagement

KR: Get internal feedback score of 10/10 from the sales team

Know more about Atiim OKR management software to track Product Management Goals:

Customer Success OKR Goals Examples

KR: Increase the adoption of our new product

KR: Be proactive in assessing our drops in account usage or at-risk usage

KR: Apply Best Practices to ensure we have NPS score of 8 and above

OBJECTIVE: Be Proactive With Customer Success

KR: Implement a Customer Success platform to track customer health

KR: Actively monitor customer health

KR: Reach out to customers who appear to be at-risk

Know more about Atiim OKR management software to track Customer Success Goals:

Customer Support OKR Goals Examples

OBJECTIVE: Deliver a World-Class Customer Support Experience

KR: Achieve a CSAT of 90%+ for all Tier-1 tickets

KR: Troubleshoot Tier-1 issues within 1 hour

KR: Resolve 95% of Tier-2 support tickets in under 24 hours

KR: Each support rep to maintain a personal CSAT of 95% or more

OBJECTIVE: Ensure Customer Support is a High-Performance Team

KR: Maintain a weekly Support group ESI/Pulse score of 8 or greater

KR: Finalize resource allocation with the VP of Support

KR: Promote 2 customer support reps to managers

KR: Recruit 6 more customer support reps

OBJECTIVE: Implement a Scalable Customer Support Process

KR: Implement our new customer support platform

KR: Implement our new customer support platform

KR: Updated 30 How-To articles on the Knowledge Base

OBJECTIVE: Track All Critical Support Metrics

KR: Track and report on Number of New Tickets to Resolved Tickets

KR: Track and report on Average Resolution Time

KR: Track and report on Top 10 Customers by Active Tickets

Know more about Atiim OKR management software to track Customer Support Goals:

OBJECTIVE: Improve our Annual Budgeting Process

KR: Have a meeting with every VP about the new process

KR: Review everyones budget proposals before mid-Q3

KR: finalize the final budget by Sep 15

OBJECTIVE: Improve our Financial Reporting Process

KR: Implement the cloud-based version of QuickBooks

KR: Ensure we close our financials within 2 weeks of a quarter

Operations OKR Goals Examples

OBJECTIVE: Improve our IT and Infrastructure

KR: Eliminate systems downtime in Q2

KR: Implement the new cloud backup system and process

KR: Improve internal IT satisfaction and response time

Know more about Atiim OKR management software to track Finance Goals:

Download OKR Goals Examples eBook

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Trade promotion (marketing

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Inbusinessandmarketing, trade refers to the relationship betweenmanufacturersandretailers.1Trade Promotionrefers to marketing activities that are executed inretailbetween these two partners. Trade Promotion is a marketing technique aimed at increasing demand for products inretail storesbased on special pricing, display fixtures, demonstrations, value-added bonuses, no-obligation gifts, and more.2

Trade Promotions can offer several benefits to businesses. Retail stores can be an extremely competitive environment; trade promotions can help companies differentiate their products from the competition. Companies can utilize Trade Promotions to increase product visibility andbrand awarenesswithconsumers. Trade Promotions can also increase a products consumption rate, or the average quantity of a product used by consumers in a given time period. Furthermore, effective Trade Promotions can enlarge a productsmarket segmentpenetration, or the products total sales in proportion to the categoryscompetition. Moreover, companies use Trade Promotions to improve distribution of their product(s) at retailers and strengthen relationships with retailers. Lastly, Trade Promotions can be leveraged to introduce new product launches into retail stores.3

Lack of accurate and timely information

Inability to plan promotions based on analytics

Ineffective organization and partner integration

Lack of appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Types of Trade Promotions include:4

In-store displays are promotional fixtures in retail stores. Variations of in-store displays includePoint-of-Sale Displays, which are located nearcash registersto encourageimpulse buying; Floor Stickers, oradvertisementsfor products on the aisle of a store; Feature Displays, which can be located at the end of an aisle to draw attention to a product; and Special Racks, or manipulation of a store shelf to make more space available for a product or bring attention to the promoted product. In-store Displays can be perceived as more visually appealing to consumers than product alone on a retail shelf.

(TPR) are either directly or indirectly lower the cost per unit of a product. Examples include cents off promotions, where manufactures or retailers temporarily reduce the price of a product, and Bonus Pack promotions which offer extra product for free. Consumers benefit from either paying a lower price on a product or getting more of a product for less money.

Couponsoffer instantly redeemable savings on certain products. Coupons can be featured on In-Store Displays, on their own, or on the product. Coupons instantly reduce the price of a product, making it more desirable to consumers.

Coupons can have both advantages and disadvantages. Coupons create brand awareness. The consumer sees thebrand nameon the coupon even when the coupon is not redeemed. Coupons, also, encourage consumers to purchase brands on the next trip to the store.5The disadvantages that come along with using a coupon are:

Contestsnormally require the participant to perform some type of activity. The winner is selected based on who performs best or provides the most correct answers. No purchase is required to enter asweepstakes. Consumers can enter as many times as they wish, although it is permissible for firms to restrict customers to one entry per visit to the store or some other location. The problems with Contest and es are the cost, consumer indifference and clutter.7

Rebatesoffer money back to the consumer. Unlike coupons, rebates cannot be used immediately, but instead must be mailed to the products manufacturer. Consumers benefit from the lower price, while companies benefit because not every consumer will redeem the offer.

Premiumsincentivize consumers to purchase a product with a tangible benefit, such as a no-obligations gift. Premiums make the product offer more valuable to consumers by including a related product for no additional cost.

Sampling allows consumers to try the product either in-store or viafree samplesbefore buying it. This can reduce consumers apprehension about buying a new product or introduce them to a product they were unfamiliar with before.

In 2004, less than 30% of Trade Promotions in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry were profitable.4Several issues cause such lack ofprofitability. Some potential problems associated with trade promotions programs are costs, the potential impact on small manufacturers, and the tendency to rely too much on trade promotions to move merchandise.8

Trade promotion decisions are often rushed and based on sub-par data. While Sales and Marketing managers are surrounded by promotion information, questions on retail commitment and product forecast accuracy can hinder the process. Multiple data sources and conflicting needs from various departments further complicate the issue.Kurt Jetta, aconsumer researcher, has challenged the existing industry baseline sales forecasting methodologies and has developed the Dynamic Linear Model, which he states is able to capture structural changes that could be present in certain products after controlling for seasonality and other predictable patterns.910

Historical trade promotion data should be analyzed in order to continually improve trade promotions. If a company does not utilize processes and systems that measure trade promotion performance, future trade promotion executions could be less effective than if theyd been planned using past analytical information.

Lack of integration both internally and with external partners can hinder trade promotion success. Key elements of organizational integration include standardized metrics, regular information sharing, cross-functional department collaboration, and collaborative processes. Integration with retail partners is important to executing promotions successfully, as well as maintain strong relationships with retailers over time.

KPIstell manufacturers and retailers how trade promotions performed relative to their pre-determined objectives. A lack of understanding on what trade promotion data to measure and how to measure performance can hinder the overall process. Manufacturers and retailers will not know what made a promotion effective or ineffective unless they have predetermined data points to measure and analyze.

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Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Communications.

Integrated Advertising , Promotion, and Marketing Communications

Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Communications.

Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Communications

Jetta, Kurt; Erick Williams Rengifo (11 April 2011). A Model to Improve the Estimation of Baseline Retail Sales.

Kurt Jetta, Erick W. Rengifo (February 2009).Improved Baseline Sales

Promotion and marketing communications

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