Best Online Flower Delivery Svices

Best Online Flower Delivery Services of 2018

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This might surprise you, but reviewing flower delivery services is no walk in the park. In order to compare all sites fairly, we ordered either a dozen or two dozen red roses from each delivery service. Then we spent 12 days unboxing, watering, monitoring and sniffing the 10 bouquets. Eleven reviewers analyzed and graded each arrangement, and compared each delivery services product offerings and website, to determine the best company. We was the best overall option. It offers several gifts in addition to flowers, and the roses we received from m had large, beautiful blooms that smelled great.

The rose bouquet we ordered from ProFlowers was the least expensive we ordered, but they arrived fresh and beautiful.

This bouquet of 12 roses arrived prearranged and beautiful with lots of greenery, large blossoms and vibrant coloring, and the website is really easy to use.

Filled Our Order Correctly & On Time

If youre looking for more than just the typical roses and lilies, m is the place to shop. This delivery service has one of the largest selections of flowers out there, and the bouquet we ordered arrived with massive red rose blooms. But wait. Theres more. Jewelry, wreaths, chocolates, stuffed animals and dont even begin to list the things you can find. You can also buy unique flower designs for special occasions, such as the Fabulous Feline Get Well, which is shaped like a tiny kitty and is sure to make anyone feel a little bit better. outsources its arrangements to local florists, so we ordered the Rose Elegance bouquet, which arrived prearranged with 12 red roses, babys breath and some greenery. It stuck out from the rest of the bunch for its height and spry arrangement, and our reviewers gave it a B+ for its freshness and appearance. This was partially because the roses had some of the biggest blooms we had ever seen, which lasted for an impressive 11 days. This flower service has a huge selection and delivered a bouquet of roses that would have done the trick on Valentines Day, an anniversary or simply just because. For these reasons, this is our best overall pick.

You can buy much more than just flowers.

Our reviewers gave the roses we got a B+ for presentation and freshness.

Our roses lasted for about 10 days before wilting.

The outsourced bouquet arrangement wasnt as pictured online.

Shipping costs are hard to find on the website.

The bouquet didnt come with instructions or plant food.

Flowers are expensive, arent they? We ordered the One Dozen Red Roses bouquet from ProFlowers at a shockingly reasonable price, and it was very well-liked by our team of reviewers.

ProFlowers sends a delivery confirmation email so you dont have to wonder whether your surprise has arrived. It also provides online order tracking if you want to see where your order is. Extra gifts including stuffed animals, food, dcor and jewelry are also available, so you can pretty much get everything with one visit. ProFlowers allows you to customize your order with different vases, or you can choose not to include a vase at all. Our order came in a box, which meant it was hard to unpackage. It wasnt fun for us to struggle in the lab with the zip ties that secured the roses, and we imagine it would be less fun doing so at your desk. We understand secure packaging is important in keeping your blooms beautiful, but youll want to make sure that special someone has access to scissors if you send them boxed flowers. Our 11 reviewers rated bouquets based on appearance, smell, whether they would recommend the company to someone else, and whether they thought the flowers were worth the price. The ProFlower bouquet received a B for overall freshness and quality and lasted for an impressive 11 days.

The flowers we ordered lasted for about 11 days before wilting.

Our order was filled correctly and on time.

It comes with a moisture sponge to ensure your flowers are fresh.

The recipient has to assemble the bouquet.

The moisture sponge included with your roses makes a mess when you take it apart.

The flowers we ordered stayed closed for about three days before fully blooming.

Teleflora stood out because of its large selection of bouquets and the stunning beauty of the dozen red roses we ordered and received. The website is easy to navigate and the company also offers a handful of other gifts to choose from if youre really looking to impress.

With Teleflora you can choose between a standard, deluxe or premium bouquet in a huge variety of flowers. You can also buy other gifts such as balloons and chocolates, but the best part about shopping here is being able to search by flower color, type or deal of the day. With the latter option, you simply enter the occasion, recipient and price range and the website will generate a beautiful arrangement for you. One downside though is you cant access your total shipping and handling costs until you have entered information about who is sending and receiving the flowers. These costs can vary by where you live but can sometimes cost $15 or more, drastically increasing how much you spend. The My True Love Bouquet with Long Stemmed Roses was outsourced to a local florist, so your own flower quality might vary. The arrangement we received had large deep-red blossoms that were already open, paired with several varieties of flat-leafed greenery that added just the right amount of contrast. Averaging data on appearance, smell and cost, our 11 reviewers gave this bouquets overall freshness and appearance an A+.

Our reviewers gave the flowers we ordered an A+ for freshness and appearance.

The bouquet we ordered came already assembled.

Telefloras website is well-designed and easy to use.

The flowers we ordered lacked any instructions or plant food.

Our roses wilted badly after about six days.

The additional gifts are limited to stuffed animals and tasty treats.

Online flower delivery services offer a wide range of flowers for literally any occasion. Whether youre looking for a happy bundle of daisies or a romantic bouquet of roses, you can find them online. One thing to keep in mind, however, is whether an online company sends flowers from its own warehouse or outsources to local florists. Companies that assemble their own bouquets are more likely to match the photo online, so you know exactly what youre getting. When a local florist is contracted to fill an order, flowers can show up looking a little different because of artistic interpretation of a bouquet or sometimes even a shortage of a certain type of flower.

The sticker price of any given bouquet from an online flower delivery service can increase considerably with a delivery charge. In our experience, delivery or shipping and handling can cost anywhere between $10 and $20 depending on what you purchase and where you live, so even an inexpensive bouquets price an end up almost doubling. Shipping costs vary depending on where youre shipping the flowers. Most of the websites in our lineup didnt list their delivery charges up front at all until we entered our order information, including where we wanted the bouquet to go. On the upside, some websites do offer free shipping if you purchase a more expensive bouquet, usually over $50.

If youve just remembered your significant others birthday is this weekend, a lot of online flower delivery services also offer other gifts. These extras, such as jewelry, gourmet food baskets or stuffed animals, can really add that extra oomph to your gift. The companies that offer these extras really streamline your shopping experience. That way, you dont have to search a local boutique for that little extra something.

Sadly, we at Top Ten Reviews dont get flowers delivered every day, but we do have a smattering of people with a wide range of flower experience and preferences. Some of us like big bouquets with lots of greenery, while others like a simple peace lily. Whether its for an anniversary or an attempt to make up for a very, very big oops like forgetting your anniversary we know its important that the flowers you order arrive beautiful and on time.

One of the biggest takeaways from this experience: Some of the companies we ordered from got it wrong. Some bouquets we received were short a flower or two, while others sent us 12 even though we had ordered 18. One bouquet came a day late because two websites contracted with the same local florist who in turn only sent us one because in reality, how often do two orders come in to a flower shop on the same day for the same person? The florist corrected the situation, but it gave us a really good handle of how customer service works and sometimes doesnt work when it comes to online flower delivery.

We thought the best way to compare online flower delivery websites fairly would be to order the same thing from each one. So, we ordered either a dozen or two dozen red roses from each website and scheduled them for delivery on the same day. When they arrived we either left them in their respective vases or unpackaged them from their boxes, noting how they looked and following the instructions that came with each bouquet. All of the boxed flowers came with at least one packet of plant food and instructions to clip about an inch or two off the bottom of the stems before putting them in a vase. The pre-arranged bouquets came with no instructions and no plant food, so we left them alone.

We let the bouquets sit overnight before having 11 reviewers visit our lab to literally stop and smell the roses. They took surveys rating the look and smell of each bouquet, as well as whether they appeared to be worth the price, including shipping and handling. The flowers remained in our lab in the following days as we kept their water fresh and collected data on how quickly their blooms opened. We also waited for how long it took them to die, which to us was when the majority of the blooms were droopy, falling apart and no longer visually appealing.

When it came to filling our orders, we discovered national companies that outsource to local florists often dont arrive as they look on the website. We lowered scores for companies that sent us too few roses but didnt hold it against companies that sent us more than the order called for.

Send Flowers

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Thank You Book a Flower for your great service and delivering my feeling and expression to my love at doorstep smile emoticon smile emoticon great work keep it up

Thanks a lot for your efficient and satisfactory services. You helped me make my best friends birthday so very special. Grateful.

Dear BAF, I have never ever experienced such an amazing quality of service until this day. Thank you is the least i can say. You did not only deliver flowers, you delivered my feelings….Well wrapped. Thanks a million. 🙂

Thanks a lot for your super prompt services. You guys helped me shorten the long distance between me and my lovely sister (staying out station) on her birthday and made it super special for us on such a short notice. I highly appreciate your services and would like to recommend everyone like emoticon

Book a flower has proved their quality of service and really committed to time.They are really concerned about their customer satisfaction and i am highly recommending this website to all … emoticon

Send Bouquet of Good Wishes and Bliss with Book A Flower

Book a flower delivers flowers in all occasion, spreads happiness, love and warmth with beautiful blossoms since decades. We hold experience in choosing the appropriate blossoms and pair it with the perfect add-on to create a great gift for our customers. Years back, our establishment started withflower delivery in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and other metro cities. With time, we extended our business to different parts of India and received immense support as well as appreciation from our clients.

Today, we stand as one of the largest florist chain with physical stores spreading all over India and a strong presence on the internet too. Anyone canorder flowers onlinewith just a click! We are proud to speak about our distribution network that is very organized and prompt with delivery service. Initially, we started as a company only for the clients in India but now, we are glad to have extended our service all over the world!

Each of our delivery desires to reach with only one aspiration, to spread joy and bliss on the face of our customers. The sparkle to receive a beautiful bouquet of flower never fails to lighten up everyones mood.

If you were thinking of sending wishes and love to your loved ones, we are all set to fulfill your desire.

We care for your need, hence cater you with the best!

Book a flower has a dedicated team to design all the bouquets and pair appropriate gifts with it. They are proficient in this field and have experience in customizing perfect combinations with accurate colours to fit every occasion.

Along with blossoms, they also add dcor items like glitter sticks, ferns, ribbons and other adornments. All these makes are of high quality and lasts longer than ususal. The best part about these adornments is that you can use it later as room decor.

With Book a flower, send flowers online for all occasion and make your loved ones day special!

We pay heed to every detail and arrange the bouquets in different designs like heart, exotic love, truly fabulous, made for each other, always on my mind and more. You can surely guess by the name that each of our designs is dedicated to a theme. We dont want you to miss the chance of making the special ones feel more special. Be it for family, friends, colleagues or partner; we have something for everyone.

Book a Flower cares for your emotion. We take every step in building a bond with our customer and not just take things formally. Our team would be glad to let you know all about the flowers we send.

We offer a wide range of variety for our clients to select from and place an online order and send flowers to Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon and other places in India. Some of the A listed flowers that we offer include Orchids, Carnations, Tulips, Roses, Tube Roses, Lilies, Daisies, Chrysanthemum, Gardenia,Gerberas,etc.

Apart from these known names, you can also choose andorder flowers onlinefrom our collection which are rare in market. Some of those are Delphinium, Blue Thistle, Muscari, Tweedia, Clematis, Lilac, Sharry Baby Orchid, Anthurium, Agapanthus, Stephanotis, Veronica and so much more to choose.These are the most sort-after flowers all around the globe, and we promise to bring the best of them to you.

This is best for people who want tosend flowers to Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, other parts of India. Also, these are available forInternational flower delivery.

There is alimit to beauty and flowers in the world. We vouch for bringing the best of floras for you from any corner.

**If you are looking for something in particular, feel free to let us know and we will bring thedelight wrapped in a bouquet.

We dont limit our service till delivery. We take one more step to help you. All the fresh flowers that we deliver can stay fresh up to a week. Know the useful tips that our expert florists have to share. Among the many ways, there are some easy ways to keep flower fresh.

Book a Flowerwont let the emotions of yours streaming in the flowers droop easily!

First, once you get the flowers, you can keep it like that for at least 2 days without doing anything. After that, you can take them out and angularly cut the stem and put the flowers in water. Our florists strictly recommend keeping these flowers away from direct sunlight. Also, avoid adding any sort of chemicals in water. It will make the flowers droop and can rot them easily. Do not dip any foliage or flowers part apart from the stem in water.This increase the chance for the flower to rot. Always get a clean vase to keep the flower. Another important point to note, dont change the water of the flower daily, go it once in 2-3 days.

Something interesting about flowers – We would like to share a strange yet effective tip with you. Add around 1/4thcup of sugared soda (cold drink, the clear ones), and it keeps the blossoms fresh for longer period of time.

We value your emotions and would love to assist in keeping the good vibes live for longer. This is why; we always advise every client in keeping these excellent buds blooming for longer rounds of the ticker!

Now, you can be surer and order flowers online for your loved ones more confidently.

Giving perfect presents for any occasion is a matter of good manners.

Can you think of an occasion without gifts? No. It is an unsaid truth that talks about sending gifts to close ones. Even though people are accustomed to giving gifts, selecting the appropriate flower as a gift is always a confusing deal. Hence, we are here for you. All the florals we provide are fresh and of the best quality. You can check out our exclusive range of seasonal as well as occasional gifts and choose from the option of many.

In case you have some extra in mind, we make sure to do it for you. To us, what matters the most is to deliver the bond of strength and pleasure to our clients.

Reaching to the third milestone – Last month, we received our 3 millionth order tosend bouquet online.It would have never been possible without YOU!

We have a huge collection of bouquets along with several gift items for festivals, corporate events, and birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Valentines Day, sending greetings or wishing for good health; we have it all.

Celebration is a splendid word. Life itself is a matter of celebration. So, enrich it with love, emotions, flowers, and gifts.

Diwali, Holi, Makar Sankranti,Durga puja, Onam,Rakhi, Dhanteras, Bhaidooj,Christmas, Thanksgiving and the list continues.

For these festivals, well pack – Fruity delight, Power of pink, Infinite wishes, Surprise special, Eternal joy. Most of these goodie gift packs have dry fruits, fruits, nuts, sweets, teddy bears and for making the occasion even better, you cansend online cakes, chocolates, candies and more.

All around the globe, there is some or the other occasion going on daily! This is why we cant name them all, but we will be there for every occasion

For rose day, chocolate day,valentines daybirthdaymothers day, family day,New Year, you can get several gift combos from us. Some of the best include Happy Flourish, Blossoming love, Friends forever, Pink is on my mind, Treat time, happy bunch. We also have occasion goodies that include gift cards like Caf Coffee Day, Lakme salon, Crosswords and more vouchers.

You can also write a quote to us which well put on a card and send it. For the special ones, you can order wine online, and well deliver it with the other gifts.

In case you are not willing to choose from the pre-made hampers, there is more for you.

We maintain our niche as the best flower andgift delivery service in Indiaas well all over the globe.

Book a Flower experts will suggest the best gifts to choose and flowers. Here is what you can do

Check the available flowers or order for the ones that you want. Then customise the hamper with your choice of gift, cake, chocolates, sweets, wine, fruits, dry fruits, and nuts or anything you like from the large collection of our store. We will be glad to wrap it in the prettiest hamper and send it to your loved ones.

We also offermidnight flower deliveryalong with gifts on special occasions.

Book a Flower believes in making the entire process easy and convenient for our clients. To make the entire process easy for you, our website is designed in a very organized manner.

You can easily sign up and make your account in Book a Flower. You need to register with your working email-id and contact number so that we can keep you updated about the order and upcoming offers.

There is a wish list section in our website where you can choose the hampers, bouquets, gift items, etc. And later, you can add them to the cart for further usage. Once you have made the selection, payment procedure is equally easy and highly secured. It is a quick and instant payment system.

The other facilities we offer order tracking and customer care. You can easily check your order progress, dispatch and when the order was delivered.

So,send flowers to Delhi, Jaipur, Noida, Bangalore, Kolkata and other places in India or abroad, and easily track the order.

In case of any problem, you can contact our customer service, and we will be there for you. For any query, you can send an email too.

With years of experience, we have polished our skills to perform prompt delivery at different places. Moreover, we have a huge team supporting our delivery service all over India from metropolitan to interior cities too.

Send flowers to Mumbai, Delhi, Haryana, Gurgaon, Vishakapatyanam, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Lucknow, Gwalior, Nasik, Panaji and almost every nook and corner in India.

We caterInternational flower delivery servicestoo. Algeria, Australia, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Chile, Dominican Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Fiji Islands, Germany. On top of that, we also render our services in countries like Hong Kong, Italy, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Luxemburg, Morocco, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Qatar, Russia, Romania, Spain, Singapore, Thailand, Tonga, Turkey, UAE, US, Venezuela, Virgin Islands, West Indies, Yugoslavia, Zimbabwe. These are some of the international countries. Book a Flower has the entire world covered for you!

We believe in maintaining good quality service and enhance thebond with our clients. Our service includes

We care about bringing smiles to peoples face!

Let us use our magic wand and sprinkle some joy in your life. Give us the honour to make a day of your loved ones special, and we assure not to let you down. So, place an order tosend flowers onlineand see how it spreads the spell of bliss.

We would love to be a part of your life and a medium to deliver contentment. We are eagerly waiting for you to call Book a Flower soon.

Put the bouquet on the table, pour the bottle of wine in theglass and pop a chocolate mouth!

Send flowers to Faridabad – the industrial hub of Haryana

Send flowers to Ambala – the twin city in Haryana

Flower bouquets that can be sent to Aligarh for any occasion

Send flowers to Kolhapur a historical city in Maharashtra

Send flowers to Allahabad – a city with a vast history

Send flowers and gifts to Patna one of the oldest inhabited cities

Flower Delivery

This luscious flower is known for honor and good fortune.

Not sure what to send? Shop our most popular products.

With over a century of helping customers say more with flowers, you can trust our florists. Theyll ensure your bouquet says just the right thing.

Our florists are fluent in the language of flowers. Let them send a message that transcends words.

With over a century of experience, FTD delivers more than bouquets. We deliver moments to remember.

When flowers are delivered, they create a special moment. So, we strive for perfection with every bouquet.

Pay $30 once and standard shipping and service fees are on us for a year*


are a thoughtful and personal way to convey your love, friendship, appreciation, or support — an ageless expression of caring. And, sending flowers on line is so easy with 1-800-FLORALS. Send your love with romantic. Youre sure to make quite an impression. You can also select from our year-roundwith the click of a mouse, and be sure to check out our. Youll find lots of other great gift ideas, too, including blooming and greenselections. Most of our flowers, plants, andare individually made by our network of florists and available for same-day and next-day delivery throughout the USA and Canada. We also offer a wonderful selectionat discount prices shipped direct by overnight courier for delivery Tues. through Fri. in the Continental USA. So, brighten someones day with the morale boosting power of flowers delivered just for them. Order online, or call us toll-free, for beautiful floral gifts and professional. Our network of approximately 20,000 professional florists makes it easy to send flowers and plants delivered almost anywhere in the U.S., Canada, or worldwide.

Same-day florist deliveryis normally availableMonday – Saturdaythroughout the50 USA states and Canadaon orders received by1:00 pm weekdays, and 12:00 noon Saturdays, in the recipients time zone (excluding Sundays, holidays, and peak floral periods). At peak delivery periods, such as Christmas, Valentines, andMothers Dayweeks, please order at least one day in advance, if possible. To send flowers online for international florist delivery outside the USA and Canada, see ourInternational Flowers.

Direct-Ship Bouquets!Save money with ourNext Day Flowersby overnight courier. Youll find beautiful roses, bouquets, and plant gifts at bargain prices — all shipped fresh and direct for deliveryTues. through the Continental U.S.A. just for you.

Direct-Ship Gifts!Check out our newDirect-Ship Giftsincluding exclusive items from Starbucks, Mrs. Fields, and others. Theyll all available for delivery in the 48 Continental U.S. states by standard ground delivery (allow 3 to 7 business days).

Say it with style.Want to make someone feel extra special? Surprise them with fresh flowers and your personal note of love, appreciation, or gratitude. Nothing says I Love You like flowers. You can even order on your Web enabled Cell phone or mobile device.

Love Flowers?Check out our free printable2018 Monthly Wall Calendar. Its a great way to decorate your home or office with beautiful bouquets all year long and remember important occasions, too!

Make every occasion special.Whether for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, new baby, get well wishes, congratulations, thanks, or just because, flowers and plants are a wonderful way to show you care, and sending fowers for no special reason, may be the most special of all.

About 800Florals.There are roughly 25,000 professional florists in North America that design and deliver fresh flowers on a daily basis. Most have one or more websites, but they are much more than just Internet companies. Theyre real florists with years of design and delivery experience, and their reputations have been built on their performance. Some have been in business for generations, with thousands of loyal customers. Phillips 1-800-FLORALS is one of those. And, of the 25,000 or so total florists, less than one half of 1% (0.5%) consistently handle the most computerized nationwide and worldwide florist deliveries. Phillips is one of those, as well, and has been for more than 20 consecutive years. So, if youre looking for a real florist who is small enough to care yet large enough to take good care of you, too, youve come to the right place. We think youll notice the difference. And, were committed to showing you over and over again.

Shopping.You can shop byProductsandOccasionsor check outFlower Delivery. You can even arrange a thoughtful gift ofMonthly Flowersfor someone special. Dont see what youre looking for? Call us toll-free. And, when you need to send an expression of sympathy, ourFuneral Flowers,Family Funeral TributesandSympathy Gifts for Homecan help you make the right choice.

Free Services.Send freeVirtual Flowersand eCards by email to anyone with Web access. Theyre a great way to keep in touch. Need help keeping track of birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates? Try our freeReminder Service. Looking for a particular bloom? Visit ourFlowers Glossaryfor popular pictures and names. Our overseas customers find thisCurrency Converterhelpful, too.

Information.Youll find everything from flower design and decorating tips to important holidays and floral care atFlowers Information. Some of the more popular pages include theMeanings of Flowers, theMeanings of Rosesand aGuys Guide To Giving Flowers. Other great resources includeFlorists Online,Flowers By WireandAbout Sympathy Flowers.

We deliver to virtually every hospital and funeral home in the United States and Canada. If youre looking for a particular one, you can find names, addresses and phone numbers at

. Still cant find what youre looking for? See

or call us today. Were real florists with more than 90 years of experience, and we look forward to serving you in any way that we can.

Phone: Fax: EmailYour Online Flowers Delivery Headquarters

1995-2018 All America-Phillips Flower Shops, Americas Online Florist

Images 1995-2018 FTD, Teleflora, Phillips Flowers, SAF, CCFC, Eyewire, or PhotoDisc

Send Flowers to India

Select Recipients Location for City Specific Collection

Heart Shaped Basket of 25 Exotic Red Roses

Bunch of 10 Mix Roses with Black Forest Cake (Half Kg)

Bunch of 10 Red Roses with Teddy Bear & Assorted Chocolates

Bunch Of 10 Yellow Roses Wrapped in Tissue With Cadbury Celebrations

Bunch of Mix Flowers in Tissue Wrapping

Glass Vase of 15 Red Roses with 2 Bars of Cadbury Temptation

Bunch of 10 Red Roses with 5 Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates

Glass Vase of 7 Pink & 8 White Roses

Bunch Of 10 Red Carnations With 5 Bars Of Cadbury Dairy Milk

Arrangement of 10 Blue & Purple Orchids in a Basket

Basket Full of Red Roses (20 Stems) for your Loved Ones

Bunch of 6 Assorted Gerberas in a Round Basket

Bunch Of 25 Mix Roses With 16pc Ferrero Rocher

Round Handle Basket of 35 Mixed Roses

Arrangement of 15 Mix Roses with a 12 inch Teddy

Mixed Orchids in Round Handle Basket

Bunch of 15 Pink Roses with Strawberry Cake (Half Kg)

Bunch of 12 Mix Roses with Munch & Black Forest Cake (Half Kg)

Beautiful Basket of Red Gerberas & Pink Roses

If there is one gift option, which you can present to your loved ones to express any emotion, it is flowers orflower bouquets. Flowers help express your every emotion perfectly. You can send orchids to your loved ones on office inaugurations as orchids represent love, strength, and luxury. Or, you can give your dear ones lilies at funeral services, as lilies symbolize grief and mourning. Flowers are the most failsafe gift option, irrespective of what the occasion is, flowers definitely, enlighten the cheerful spirit in people. At IGP, you can explore our diverse collection ofbest flower gifts onlinefor every occasion, which will definitely be appreciated. We house gorgeous, and most appreciate flowers as gifts. Some of theIGP Flowersinclude stunning roses, carnations, gerberas, orchids and lilies.

The mesmerizing beauty and enchanting fragrance of flowers surely delight people enormously and resonate with any joyous occasions vibe. Whether the flowers you gift are appropriate to the occasion and the message you want to convey, depends upon their colour(s), and type. E.g. red roses symbolize romantic love and can be given to your partner on Valentines Day, to make her feel tremendously special. Since white is a symbol of spiritualism and peace, so any white flowers can be given to your loved ones, to express condolences or apologies.

IGP has a varied collection of flower gifts for you to choose from for your loved ones. We have multiple flowers, whose beauty will beguile their undivided attention. So, send aromatic flowers to your dear one on his birthday online from IGP, and let their appeal and fragrance leave him awestruck. You can also wish dear ones a happy new year with flowers.

Fresh Flowers with Thoughtful Gifts Enliven the Vibe of Any Occasion

No doubt that flowers are the most failsafe gifts for every special occasion. But if you team your flower gifts with other presents like cakes, chocolates, teddies or personalized gifts then your gifts become unique and memorable. For example, if you send flowers and cake to India for a dear ones birthday then your gifts are sure to add sparkle to the celebrations of your dear one. You can also buy flowers and chocolate online for your friend on any normal and express your emotions perfectly. Try sending fresh flowers along with personalised gifts from IGP; your gift is sure to make a perfect keepsake for the receiver. Orsend flowers to Indiaalong with teddies to your girlfriend and keep that romance alive in your relationship. We also have multiple combinations of different flowers, which will spark happy emotions, and induce sheer bliss in your loved ones.

Types of Flowers for Valentines Day 2018

Though roses are prominent romantic flowers for girlfriend and boyfriends for Valentines Day celebrations, they are not the only flowers used on this occasion. There are many other flowers that you can present it to your beloved on this occasion. Flowers like lilies, orchids, gerberas, carnations, pink roses, white roses, etc. can also be presented based on the relationship you share with the recipient. Giving flowers to a female friend like red roses convey a romantic affection. While lilies, pink roses, orchids, etc. convey your deep friendship and non-romantic love. So, you can send flowers for valentines day based on what emotion you want to convey to the recipient.

If you are in the hunt for the best valentines flowers, then IGP must be your gifting destination. We house fresh Valentine Flowers Online. This includes not only red roses but also several types of flowers that you can present to express your platonic bond. You can shop for lilies which can be presented to your friends and relatives. You can send white roses online to elderly as a sign of love and respect. You can present pink roses, orchids, and carnations to relatives, family members, best friends, a colleague you admire or even your boss. Ourflower arrangementsfor Valentines Day is sure to make your beloved feel special.

Valentines Day Flower Delivery at your Doorstep

Valentines Day is a special occasion. And, we believe that you would not want to spend it on streets searching for a right set of Valentine flower. At IGP, you can order Valentine flowers online from any part of the country and send it to your beloveds doorstep. We have a wideValentines Day flowers onlinedelivery network in India to make sure that your celebrations are not hampered. For this occasion, red roses are in demand. We at IGP have special Valentines Day red roses delivery which guarantees you doorstep delivery of your order in the least time possible.

Online Flower Delivery in India Same Day with IGP

If you are wondering how tosend flowers online to India, then do not worry. We, at IGP, strive to make your loved ones celebration more exciting and memorable, so we ensure that you find appropriate flowers for them, which reciprocate the occasions vibe. We offer same day delivery and midnight delivery of flowers and cakes in India. So send flowers in India to any city and be a part of your dear ones celebrations even when you are away.Send flowers to India same daywith simple clicks on our website if you are running short on time. Or choose midnight delivery of flowers in India if you wish to surprise a dear one on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries right at the stroke of the midnight. We deliver in over 350 cities in India so if you wish to send flowers in India thenbuy birthday flowers onlinefrom our website and express your best wishes for a dear one on this special occasion. You can also send cake and flowers to India for anniversary celebrations of your parents, siblings and other important people in your life. We also offer free shipping in any corner of the country. Hence you can send flowers to India from USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Australia or any other corner of the globe without any inconvenient.

So make your dear ones occasions more special withfresh flowersfrom IGP. Buy flowers for your dear ones whom you admire and keep that bond as fresh as our handpicked fresh flowers.

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