Types of Healthy Settings

The Health Promoting Hospitals (HPH) project and network began in 1988 and 1993, respectively, to promote the total quality management of hospitals. The project also aims at addressing the health of staff and the link of the hospital to its community. The programme objectives are:

To improve the inter-disciplinary nature and transparency of decision-making in hospital care;

To evaluate and compile evidence on healthy promotion activities in the health care setting;

To better incorporate health promotion into quality management systems at the hospitals and nationally.

More than 650 member hospitals and 34 National/Regional Networks are established over 30 states in Europe. Yet, the majority of available literature demonstrates a more limited impact than anticipated.

Many of the European HPH initiatives have struggled to move beyond the project phases. Main dilemmas faced in implementing HPH are the lack of government-related policy support, the lack of individual organizational management commitment, the lack of resources set aside for health promotion, and other problems related to the level and degree of organizational change that occurs in hospitals. Eventually, a more concerted evaluation of European HPH progress is needed to accurately measure its impact and progress.

WHO Regional Office for Europe Health Promoting Hospitals

WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Promotion in Hospitals

WHO Collaborating Centre – Secretariat for Health Promoting Hospitals

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