Update Promotion Regulation

The Army has updated its AR 600-8-19, Enlisted Promotions and Reductions. Here are some major changes that affect the Army Reserve:

1. Command List Integration (CLI) for E-4s and E-5s. This policy allows Soldiers (specialists, corporals and sergeants) who meet specified time-in-grade, time-in-service criteria and who are otherwise eligible for promotion consideration to sergeant and staff sergeant, who for some reason have not been recommended for promotion by a promotion board, to be automatically integrated onto the Permanent Promotion Recommended List (PPRL). This will increase the number of Soldiers on the PPRL and in turn translate to an increase in promotions to sergeant and staff sergeant. Commanders, of course, will be able to identify Soldiers that should not be promoted, even though they are administratively eligible.

2. Integration of Active Component (AC) promotable Soldiers (E-4s and E-5s) onto the Army Reserve PPRL. This provision allows active component Soldiers to retain promotable status if they transfer to the Army Reserve while on a promotion list.

3. Cumulative vacancy reporting procedures. This revision allows the Army Reserve to promote towards requirements across the Army Reserve, rather than limiting promotions based on cumulative vacancies within a specific unit, battalion or region.

4. Change in promotion procedures for Army Reserve Military Technicians (MilTech). Based on the Chief, Army Reserve Oct. 31, 2014, policy change, which allows CONUS based MilTechs to be assigned to any troop program unit (TPU) within CONUS, 7th Civil Support Command (CSC) within 7th CSC region, and 9th Mission Support Command (MSC) within 9th MSC region. Consequently, this revision removes special promotion provisions which gave military technicians priority for positions within their unit of assignment.

These are just a few of the major changes. Again, I encourage you to review the regulation and changes and share it with your subordinates and downtrace units. Twice the Citizen! Army Strong!


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